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Quantic Dream says that their games will be coming to Steam in June, Steam promptly goes down. Coincidence or seppuku?


It's been 10 years since LOST ended and I still enjoy the ending. Don't @ me.


My contribution to #90stoid is one of my favorite albums of all time. Apparently because reviews of the personal lyrics were so scathing, Cuomo decided to pare back future albums to be more generic and poppy. I now know who to blame for Weezers downfall.


The flag for the great state of Waaaashington


That Ghost of Tsushima state of play got me hot under the collar. Hoowee.


A massive shoutout to ScionVyse who graciously opened their Animal Crossing gates yesterday for hours so a bevy of people could sell their turnips at premium prices. Thanks for indulging all of our inner Gordie Gecko.


I give Torch a lot of crap for being a weeb but he does so much behind the scenes to make sure that this place remains one of the best communities on the web and it's a joy to see how dedicated he is to mecha. So, Happy Birthday to the original Soulbow!


I usually like to make my own with a mix of sweet and spicy with some good fresh spices mixed in, but lately this has been the #saucetoid in our house. Got a small kick so it can go on anything and make it better without taking it over like Franks does.


Happy Monday everyone, have a meme that goes straight for my heart.


A gift to myself came in the mail today and I nearly cried reading the liner notes talking about how the music was a snapshot of a place and time in '90s San Francisco. Newer and sometimes better games may come but Grim Fandango will always be dear to me.


I watched The Lighthouse again today and that movie slaps completely differently when you've been working from home for almost two months.


This and much of Dankmus' Simpsons remixes are my brand of stupid. It belongs here.


To the workers in the Agave Fields. May the Mexican Socialist Republic live 10,000 years.


It's Friday, you know what that means...time to hydrate with lots of water so that our bodies can stay healthy in this time.


Muscled through My Friend Pedro, don't feel like I will regret my time but definitely won't be returning. Story took a really bad turn though. Moved onto Football Drama, now this is something unique and a love letter to fans of the beautiful game.


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Maneater"Ooooo here she comes (totally original subheader, do not steal)"


Signs of the Sojourner"Finding the Truth"


Minecraft Dungeons"Bring the family"


Fury Unleashed"Rage Unbridled"


Huntdown"Dying ain't much of a living"


Gorn (PlayStation VR)"Are you not entertained?"


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Electric Reaper

Seems like Icarus has been on a cartoon-themed Doom mod streak The weapons in this mod are kinda weird, but do look quite fun to


Family is currently in the process of tearing itself apart, again, could use some lovely cute animal pictures to help distract me/not get Edit: Bump as it has gotten worse within the span of 15


Frosty gifted me AI: Somnium Files on PS4 and Im lovin But the terrible idea bird that lives between my ears wants me to get No Mans Sky on double

Dennis Carden

I still cant get over just how much better side questing is in the Xenoblade Im far more motivated to actually get them done Monolith could have gotten away with a straight port, but Im glad they went above and beyond and improved


Played my first five hours of I gotta say, I wasnt really expecting Devil May Monster Hunt out of the gameplay! I can definitely see why so many still love it after all these Willing to give it another five hours!

Dusk Actual

Current events and the internet have my blood pressure way the fuck Going dark for a few Be well everyone


I should be fine, sure Im in the DC area but whos going to protest in Germantown? AM fine and Im not noticing any signs of armed occupation in my My energy levels are low, but thats mostly because of the time of Be well <3

able to think

Was going to stay up late and play Xenoblade but Im taking the game freezing on the opening cutscene as a sign I need to go to


With everything going on here in the good ole US of A, and everyone is on edge, with no end in sight, I just want you all to know one simple truth:


Hi, all! Havent been in the Qposts in a long Still alive, I Figured itd be good to come back with something to show, so heres my cover of my favorite Metallica song (with an original intro)! Feedback is



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