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Review: RUINER

In recent years there has been an uptick in the number of games that wear their difficulty on their sleeves. Countless games on Steam right now talk about how hardcore they are and how they will beat you down to the point of quitting and cr...


Paging Doctor Ms. Larx, paging Doctor Ms. Larx. You're needed in the meme room.


I don't know if I'll ever get over the fact that Kojima is done with Metal Gear Solid. The series was with me for almost half my life and was profoundly influential on my love of games and storytelling.


We doing 2012 hot takes? Finally. Soul Calibur V was an abomination to the series and I regret ever buying it.

 from  flixist

Review: Preacher (Season 2)

When AMC announced they were going to be working with Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin to adapt the beloved 90's comic Preacher a lot of people started wondering whether or not the cable network could pull it off. Fan fears were rightfully warr...


Did they really just use the words "exclusive" and "Skyrim" in the same sentence?


ESPN thirsty for that copyright infringement lawsuit.


Look who I found in Absolver! Edit: Forgot Qposts aren't expandable. It's Kerrik52!


Sunless Sea creative director launches first solo Kickstarter

Sunless Sea and its predecessor Fallen London were very niche games that fit right into all my little nooks and crannies so nicely. The world was creepy, the writing dark but humorous, and most of all for me it was immensely original. So wh...


FIFA 18 does its best Mass Effect impression in career mode

In an ongoing bid to continue to homogenize the industry even more by pushing story modes into sports games, EA Sports has revealed that FIFA 18 will have not one but two modes that utilize a conversation wheel mechanic. The conversati...


Kentucky Route Zero finishing on consoles

Yesterday, new and upcoming game publisher Annapurna Interactive announced on Twitter it would have a reveal for today. Never in my wildest imaginations did I think it would mean that we would finally be getting a conclusion to the four-yea...


Target cancels Canadian SNES Classic pre-orders

Just what everyone wants, another installment in the ever-unfolding debacle that is the SNES Classic rollout. While rumored on Reddit earlier this week that Canadian SNES Classic pre-orders would be cancelled if details about the order were...


So I'm playing KOTOR for the first time and I'm stuck on Kashyyyk trying to defeat the Mandalorian Commander and his crew... EDIT: The Force (dice rolls) was strong with me and I finally beat him on my first try tonight. Every stasis roll connected!


Rocket League 2v2 Championships being advertised during the Premier League matches this weekend. I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. I definitely don't need it.


I am so glad that AMC took a chance on the Preacher adaptation. Just an absolute joy to watch with believable characters thrown into an unbelievable world.


Nekkid neglected to mention that we share a birthday today when he wished me one, so let's give the sous-vide master some love today as well. As a lover of cooking it's awesome to see his work and on top of that he's a fun dude. Happy birthday eclipse bro


Not too late to get in my #cinephilefriday. I consider The Shining to be the pinnacle of horror film with which we are we still awaiting a usurper. This scene is where it all starts to come apart at the seams for Jack and it's just perfectly unsettling.


What the hell, how am I only just seeing this now? This is the new Flixist El Chapo/Sean Penn picture for me.


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