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I literally got Camilla on the spirit board once all weekend for the Smash Bros. Fire Emblem event and got her circle down to almost nothing and she never showed up again. Is this what gacha pain feels like?


What is mid January when the stars align to create great community managers or something? Happy birthday Panda! May the winds guide your ships to the best lands to conquer.


Pokemon developer announces console port of Giga Wrecker

I never like it when developers get pigeonholed into doing only one series their entire life before dropping out of popularity, so I'll always champion when developers try something new. On that note, did anyone remember that the developer...


There's a gun in SYNTHETIK that gives you bonus damage for 360-no-scoping called "420 Sniperdragon." This game is a treasure and I don't know what we did to deserve it.


Slay the Spire adds mod support in Early Access

Modding is one of those beautiful parts of playing games on PC. It allows fans to implement little (or big) changes that can be just what a game needs to elevate it from great to truly wonderful. The best thing about it is that modding leav...


If I could get this injected straight into my brain that'd be lovely.


If I start 2019 on the lowest note possible, the rest of the year can only be seen as an improvement right? You can thank me for making the rest of your year great telling me what you're looking forward to in 2019 that isn't this image in the comments.


Review: X4: Foundations

The X series has a storied history of being the top in the space trading and combat simulation genre. It has also been one of the harder series to get into with previous iterations offering little to no introduction. With X4: Foundations, i...


Bawled my way through Won't You Be My Neighbor yesterday, it's going to be a weird debate in my head as to whether it or Mandy is going to be my top movie of the year.


#Rushtoid I've always been drawn to Lee's bass work and this is one of my favorite songs that highlights him. So glad I got see them on their farewell tour.


Review: Everspace Stellar Edition (Switch)

Prior to the Nindies showcase where Everspace was announced for Switch, I had never heard of the game, which is surprising as I love both space simulators and roguelikes. The ability to play a combo of these two genres on the go is somethin...


Just tried for almost an hour to get the Jeff sprite in the Smash event. I now hate the Inklings and their stupid glasses. Edit: FINALLY BEAT IT! IT WASN'T WORTH IT!


2B to be released for Soulcalibur VI next week

It's shaping up to be a big two weeks for NieR: Automata despite being over a year since it released. We already got a weird as hell quote from director Yoko Taro confirming the game of the year edition this week. Next week, the depression-...


Unless it has to do with Smash, I just don't care right now. Ultimate feels like the culmination of the entire series and it finally reaching its true potential. I love it dearly and I feel like a kid again.


I have to be responsible and work at 4 AM on release day so I won't be able to go to a midnight release. My 3-day countdown starts now.


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