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Just got out of a late night shower and didn't even think of having a shower beer until I sat down. I feel like I'll regret this until the day I die.

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Disney+ adds a show about Cassian Andor to its future lineup

Disney is wasting no time with announcing shows for their streaming service that is slated to launch next year. While confirming the rumors that a show based around everyone's favorite bad boy Loki were indeed true, Disney CEO Bob Iger anno...

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Not ordinarily a sweets person but to celebrate Moyse's birthday I went out to get a lemon bar to have with my coffee. You're a beacon of light to us all and one hell of an editor for putting up with my writing mistakes. Happy Birthday Chris!


*Heavy breathing* Edit: For context, this is an out of print board game that is currently going for 140 dollars online, that I found at a used book store for 50 dollars in near mint condition. Also, it allows me to be Nixon and beat those dirty hippies!

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Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

I think I need to stop doing reviews of biopics for people I love and revere because I go in with too high of expectations for the movie to cover everything about the person and make it an enjoyable filmgoing experience, which is inherently...

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Halloween survives second week at the top of the box office

As expected, Halloween held onto the box office top spot for the last weekend before the holiday that it shares its name with, but it came with a price. With a take of 32 million, Halloween shed almost 60% of its take from last week. It was...


Review: Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk is no stranger to the video game world. It's had multiple iterations that have tried to capture the feeling of the classic Warhammer 40K board game, but most if not all have fallen short. To attempt to right the drifting mass of ...

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Yesterday I felt like straight ass so I spent most of the day laying in bed watching movies. Finally caught Green Room which was great, but I still like Blue Ruin more though. Then I watched The Holy Mountain by Jodorowsky...wtf?


Hellgate London returning to Steam under new publisher

After years of being dead in the west, Hellgate: London has risen from the underworld return to Steam. Originally released back in 2007, the online-focused post-apocalyptic fantasy action RPG botched the landing with a plethora of bugs and ...


In an age of fabricated positivity from corporations, it's comforting that Long John Silver's knows life has no meaning and doesn't try to hide that fact. The workers cry out "Order #258! Come and get your fried batter you decaying husk of flesh."

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Halloween slashes the competition with best franchise opening

While this is about as surprising as Michael Myers killing people, Halloween came in at the top of the box office, knocking off Venom which had held the top spot for the past two weeks. Coming in at $77.5 million, this is the best opening w...


You may not like it, but this is the peak of cross promotional advertising.


Only got one of my preferred mutations and none of my preferred weapons and was completely under leveled thanks to big Bandit glitching into 1-1 but somehow I beat Nuclear Throne for the second time?


If only we could all be so lucky to be ruled under a monotheistic monarchy by our Royal Deity Community Manager Panda. #Pandatoid

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Netflix Witcher adaptation casts Yennefer and Ciri

The pieces are starting to fall into place for Netflix's The Witcher adaptation. Today it was announced that Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra will portray the roles of Ciri and Yennefer respectively. This comes after it was announced a few wee...


Played two rounds of mahjong in Yakuza 0. Picture very much related.


Mandy was dandy, but acid would have been quicker.


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