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It's a real 180 no scope spin to go from the hellscape community that inhabits Siege into the welcoming and helpful Hell Let Loose community. Had a nice conversation with some guy while sharing a pillbox with him and shooting Nazis who crossed our paths.


Bless this game, it's such a joy to play and experience.


A merry Jacket-sets-terrible-things-in-motion Day to you all!


Frosty sent this to me after we played some Hell Let Loose this weekend and I love it. It rivals the DPRK military parade redubbed with Spongebob Music as near perfect for my comedic sentiments.


Sunk my teeth into a little bit of Hell Let Loose tonight. It has some issues but I'm enjoying the communities commitment to realism. Though it is funny to hear "On your feet Drunken Nixon Style, move up!"


This is the kinda Thursday feeling I can get behind.


Happy birthday Lily, this community wouldn't be the same without the devotion and care that you have put into it over the years. May no one ever challenge your throne as Queen.


Hands down one of my favorite characters in gaming ever. The entirety of the MGS universe is built upon her legacy and vision for the world. Sure some of it is retroactively so but I will always stan The Boss.


I believe this is up there with the Evangelion Chernobyl crossover as S-tier content.


Metal Gear Revengeance is done. I'll throw my quick thoughts in the comments.


Me when I see all this love for MGS, five years after the series ended.


Getting into Metal Gear: Revengence, my god I don't miss the aesthetics of the seventh gen. Brown and grey everywhere.


Siege is getting a board game. Somebody hold me.


Someone convince me that the sword in Hades isn't crap. I'll hear all arguments.


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