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If you want to go on a journey in less than 10 minutes, give this doozie a try. Let no one tell you that classical music is lame.


One day I'll give up hope on MOTHER 3. Today wasn't that day.


The Messenger's free Picnic Panic DLC is coming in July

The Messenger which some of our very own staff declared was the best Switch indie to date is getting a free DLC pack next month. The vacation themed pack of levels and extra bosses to fight. On top of playable content, there will be 18 new ...


*Bethesda representative breaths on stage* Crowd:


I have returned from a weekend away just in time to not miss anything from E3.


God damn, Chernobyl put the boot on my throat and didn't let me go for its entire run. I'll be writing something about it for Flixist over the next few days but in the meantime do yourself a favor and watch what may be the best miniseries I've ever seen.


Are you happy now? Good, because I won't be when I'm done with this.


Picked up Minit in the Switch Devolver Digital sale. Liking it so far but it feels like a pure distilled Gamemaker game.


GOG summer sale kicks off with Obduction giveaway

It's not even meteorological summer and yet GOG.com is kicking off its summer sale with a free giveaway. From now through Saturday at 09:00 EST, you can grab a DRM-free copy of Rand Miller's Myst spiritual successor, Obduction. Free is a pr...


On my first run after reaching 100 hours of playtime in Nuclear Throne, I looped for the first time. Nevermind that I died instantly afterwards, I've been trying to do this for 30 hours and this feels like an actual accomplishment. The Throne exists!


Paradox is announcing a new Grand Strategy at PDX Con in October...


Testing something out. Pay me no mind. Have a meme. @#$%'-)(*//\\


I've said it before and I'll say it again. We need more storytellers like Taro who know how to play with our emotions like cats with string. Source in the comments.


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