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I have plunged deeper into becoming a living meme. I do not seek forgiveness, only a good radio stream and the European countryside.


As is tradition on this stupid corpo "holiday."


I want to thank Dan for reminding me that the internet peaked last year.


Joe Pera Talks with You is the best thing Adult Swim has put out in years and I love it so very much.


Wes and Panda are shining beacons of light for this community, who I don't get to talk to that often anymore but I think of them often. Happy birthday to you both! For Bass' sake I won't post the Chum bucket meme this year.


[Title guessing game from the quote so I don't have to download the image] "When had I ever needed to invite trouble in? It always found me, no matter where I hid."


Was running low on ingredients so I put smoked string cheese and flaming hot white cheddar popcorn on my chili and it's still better than Skylines abomination of cuisine that only Britain could top.


Happy Chrimbus, keep that Chrimbus bush trimmed and wet.


This shouldn't be surprising to any of you.


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