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Review: Ghostrunner

As I sat down to begin playing Ghostrunner for review, I started explaining the basics of the game to my significant other. When I got to the point about it featuring a one-hit kill mechanic, I was questioned why I would play a game that ha...


The Outer Worlds and its expansions arrive on Steam and GOG

From the moment the initial trailer of The Outer Worlds dropped, where it brazenly declared that it was from the developers of "The original" Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas, it was a game that I knew I needed in my life. Then the inevitable...


The deed is done. Get out there and vote fellow Americans.


Gamemaniac took a lot of hits today, he's a good guy and a dear friend. I raise my beer in his direction. #beertoid


Gonna post this while it's still valid for a few more hours because it genuinely was the funniest thing I've seen all month.


I played a bit of Fights in Tight Spaces today thanks to the Steam Autumn Game Festival. The elevator indie pitch is Slay the Spire meets Into the Breach with a spy martial arts skin thrown over it. To quote the poet duo of our time, SCHWING!


Today I woke up and this song was playing in my head almost immediately and from this spot. My MGS obsession/delusions only grow stronger each day.


After playing my first few games of Mario 35 I now appreciate how much my lifetime of playing Tetris prepared for Tetris 99. I've also learned that I'm bad at Mario. Really fascinating to watch those that are better at it than I am though.


Mr. Destructoid may be the mascot of the site, but Mike Martin is the mascot of the community. He's a compassionate and thoughtful person and we're lucky to have him as one of our community managers. Happy birthday you wonderful creature.


PSA: Last day to register to vote if you live in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, or Texas.


Nvidia has delayed the RTX 3070 launch to avoid stock issues

After an overwhelmingly popular launch of its newest graphics cards, which saw people and possibly bots snapping up everything available, Nvidia has made the decision to delay the launch of the last card for its 3000 series in order to avoi...


I've seen it. You're fond of me all natural cure.


Wonder how Tim Sweeney feels about Yakuza 0 talking about him...


Getting cool enough where I need to start wearing a hat while biking. Perfect time to be sipping an espresso outside though. Hope everyone is staying as safe as possible.


Famous last words but I think I'm finally getting Mahjong in Yakuza 0. Went out 4 times last game and ended up making back all the money I lost.


From the man who saved Star Wars from JJ Abrams.


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross put out music that is ambient candy to my ears. I've yet to hear a soundtrack from them that doesn't give me comfort in quiet of the night. As someone who never got into NIN, their soundtrack work was a revelation to me.


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