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Review: Everspace Stellar Edition (Switch)

Prior to the Nindies showcase where Everspace was announced for Switch, I had never heard of the game, which is surprising as I love both space simulators and roguelikes. The ability to play a combo of these two genres on the go is somethin...


Just tried for almost an hour to get the Jeff sprite in the Smash event. I now hate the Inklings and their stupid glasses. Edit: FINALLY BEAT IT! IT WASN'T WORTH IT!


2B to be released for Soulcalibur VI next week

It's shaping up to be a big two weeks for NieR: Automata despite being over a year since it released. We already got a weird as hell quote from director Yoko Taro confirming the game of the year edition this week. Next week, the depression-...


Unless it has to do with Smash, I just don't care right now. Ultimate feels like the culmination of the entire series and it finally reaching its true potential. I love it dearly and I feel like a kid again.


I have to be responsible and work at 4 AM on release day so I won't be able to go to a midnight release. My 3-day countdown starts now.


Every Nintendo console I tell myself "I'm not going to buy it for a while" and every time Smash is about to come out I buy it. Add me to your friends lists so I can show you what true pain is through Isabelle stompings.


Obsidian to reveal new game next week at The Game Awards

I have my personal issues with The Game Awards. To me, it's nothing but a glorified advertisement with some awards thrown in to pad the time. There is more emphasis put on the announcements than the awards, and even then, the awards are pre...


Sneak preview of the hurt I'm going to lay down on people as Isabelle in 10 days time.



 from  flixist

The Lion King remake just got its first trailer

It's Thanksgiving, time for board games, booze, American football, and gluttony. While everyone in America is sitting on the couch processing their gigantic meal, the first trailer for Disney's CGI remake of The Lion King dropped during the...


Just got out of a late night shower and didn't even think of having a shower beer until I sat down. I feel like I'll regret this until the day I die.

 from  flixist

Disney+ adds a show about Cassian Andor to its future lineup

Disney is wasting no time with announcing shows for their streaming service that is slated to launch next year. While confirming the rumors that a show based around everyone's favorite bad boy Loki were indeed true, Disney CEO Bob Iger anno...

 from  flixist

Not ordinarily a sweets person but to celebrate Moyse's birthday I went out to get a lemon bar to have with my coffee. You're a beacon of light to us all and one hell of an editor for putting up with my writing mistakes. Happy Birthday Chris!


*Heavy breathing* Edit: For context, this is an out of print board game that is currently going for 140 dollars online, that I found at a used book store for 50 dollars in near mint condition. Also, it allows me to be Nixon and beat those dirty hippies!


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