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Knew this would come in handy somewhere along the line when I saved it back in 2018, never thought it would be so soon.


Happy Monday. Hope everyone has a good and hopefully short week.


Ugh, I forgot how utterly amazing the Watchmen miniseries was. Just an absolutely wonderful follow-up to the graphic novel in tone and theme.


Well...alright then. Currently ranked around 150th in the world in Classic Score Attack.


Alright, let's effing go. I'm on a quest to be in the top 1% of Classic Score Mode and it's not going to be easy but damn I am hungry for it.


Tetris Effect's Classic Score Multiplayer mode is so beautiful in its simplicity that I can't believe it took this long for it to happen. I'm in heaven.


Played through the Tetris Effect campaign again, only this time on my PC monitor and not on my tiny (comparatively) old TV screen. Definitely benefits from an HD setup and while I still prefer non-LSD Tetris, it was definitely a better experience.


Anyone have any good PC controller recommendations? With Tetris Effect adding a new multiplayer mode I need one with a good D-pad. I love my 360 controller but the D-pad on it is garbo and constantly misdrops.


It felt appropriate to play what I've realized is my favorite board game of all time on this momentous night with a nice bottle of Ginjo sake. Peep the comments for the results.


Happy birthday to Scruff and Chris. Per the request of our own Moyse I tried to find a doughnut to celebrate his birthday with. Alas nothing great was within biking distance so I went with a Pan au Chocolat.


Halfway through my replay of Hyper Light Drifter and I forgot how absolutely beautiful this game is. Not just in an art sense but also the subtlety of the tragic storytelling. Simply wonderful and heartbreaking.


Review: Ghostrunner

As I sat down to begin playing Ghostrunner for review, I started explaining the basics of the game to my significant other. When I got to the point about it featuring a one-hit kill mechanic, I was questioned why I would play a game that ha...


A haunting recreation of the Frost/Nixon interviews so perfectly captured by TheBlondeBass.


The Outer Worlds and its expansions arrive on Steam and GOG

From the moment the initial trailer of The Outer Worlds dropped, where it brazenly declared that it was from the developers of "The original" Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas, it was a game that I knew I needed in my life. Then the inevitable...


The deed is done. Get out there and vote fellow Americans.


Gamemaniac took a lot of hits today, he's a good guy and a dear friend. I raise my beer in his direction. #beertoid


Gonna post this while it's still valid for a few more hours because it genuinely was the funniest thing I've seen all month.


I played a bit of Fights in Tight Spaces today thanks to the Steam Autumn Game Festival. The elevator indie pitch is Slay the Spire meets Into the Breach with a spy martial arts skin thrown over it. To quote the poet duo of our time, SCHWING!


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