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I believe this is up there with the Evangelion Chernobyl crossover as S-tier content.


Metal Gear Revengeance is done. I'll throw my quick thoughts in the comments.


Me when I see all this love for MGS, five years after the series ended.


Getting into Metal Gear: Revengence, my god I don't miss the aesthetics of the seventh gen. Brown and grey everywhere.


Siege is getting a board game. Somebody hold me.


Someone convince me that the sword in Hades isn't crap. I'll hear all arguments.


For once I'm not on the "noooooo" side of this meme and that's an odd victory, but I'll take it.


I'm hopped up on coffee and a two hour compilation of Vivaldi string quartets and I'm about to play Axis and Allies for the first time. LETS. EFFING. GO.


It's Wednesday. You're halfway through the week. Let the fact that the N64 Evangelion game used the Mario 64 soundfont glide you into a pleasant end of the work week.


Hey, you. Have you played Grim Fandango yet?


Wes, this cats name is Wes and he likes tacos as well. I'm onto you.


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