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Fallen Legion"A Divided War"


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil"Seeds of Tedium"


Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!"Never too late to get lewd in North Korea"


Splatoon 2"Stay just as fresh"


Early Access Fire Pro Wrestling World"Training to become King of the Ring"


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Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, Splatoon 2s first official US Splatfest theme has been announced,


Today should be a good day!

16Bit Blast Processing

The Blackwater Ledger newspaper in Red Dead Redemption is the gift that doesnt stop giving through out the course of this

On Air Fish

Does anyone have a super-handy link to where I can watch the Splatoon Squid Sisters drama between Callie and Marie? Nintendos YouTube channel a pain in which to find


I encountered this character on WoW She wields a spear and defeats a foe with a jump attack when you first meet Seems like a FFIX reference, which I thought was


I dont care if the pros says that their later albums are the worse tunes they ever made, what they made are still more interesting than anything else that was on local airwaves Will get into One More Light

Dante Kinkade

So this is how someone gets lots of jobs? right? Oh

Dr Mel

PC jargon time! So apparently you CAN run a PCI-e and IGPU output at the same Just enabled something in BIOS and it worked through the MoBo VGA while a GPU DVI output was also Neat!


Who is the worst movie princess? My vote is Buttercup from The Princess That chick does nothing of value,


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