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I'm annoyed Steam sent me an email to tell me that Fallout 76 updated because I've played New Vegas in the past. Did they email me when Black Mesa finished? When Borderlands 3 showed up? Those games were actually good.


Ape Out is too short.


I tried to find Let's Players on YouTube in other countries and other languages that had English subtitles in their videos because I wanted to see what other cultures thought about games, especially games that take place in the US. I couldn't find any.


Help will Come Tomorrow looks like it's going to be the most depressing video game ever made.


I wonder if it's going to be weird to play Infamous: Second Son after I finish Spider-Man.


I want to make sure I got this right: there was Bonk, Chuck Rock, Joe & Mac, and Tamba?


As I get closer to the end of Spider-Man I cannot stop wishing Otto Octavius was played by Jason Alexander.


I swear the farther Ingo into PS4 Spider-Man's main story the more unintentionally uncomfortable it becomes.


Uh oh, I left my PS4 in sleep mode instead of turning it off all night, and when I tried to play Spider-Man there was an error. I hope I didn't bust my PS4, because that's how I busted my original Xbox.


Playing through Spider-Man PS4, I wonder what are the best boss battles in Spider-Man games of all time.


I started playing Spider-Man and it's so fun swinging around. It's almost as fun as I remember Spider-Man 2 swinging was.


Donut County makes me want to wander around the American southwest, but all I know about the American southwest comes from Breaking Bad and old monster movies, which I assume are accurate.


I finished Black Mesa, and while it wasn't perfect, the Crowbar Collective's Xen levels were much better than the originals. They should be the ones handling Half-Life 3.


Is Divinity: Original Sin 2 worth 22 bucks?


I'd never heard of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, so I looked it up on YouTube, and there's all these videos of unboxings and toy reviews and LPer's I recognize playing it. How are there so many videos for a game I've never heard of that nobody talks about?


Maybe I should just stop playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. All I'm doing now is building bedrooms for people but I don't get any rewards for it, I even already got the platinum trophy.


If Squeenix makes another Dragon Quest Builders game they better get their social crap in order. I wanted to show everyone the house I made in 2 with the pictures I took in game but there's no way to get at the pictures.


While I'm not normally one to question a good deal, there's something weird about Steam selling Civ 6 for a whopping 75% off.


There's never enough time to play video games on the weekend. I need to retire.


I want to play Pikmin again.


Looking around the internet I'm surprised there weren't more comparisons between Super Mario Odyssey and Being John Malkovich.


I think my favorite game at PAX East was Kosmonauts.


I'm having a lot more fun with Dragon Quest Builders 2 now that I've finished the main quest and all the side islands and I'm just working on my seaside mansion. And once that's down I can get to work building everyone nice houses.


Having now played through Oxenfree three times in a row I suspect there's one last secret in there that the internet still hasn't discovered yet, a secret ending or something.


Dammit, I was hoping the new Subnautica: Below Zero update would fix the bug where the water doesn't work. But it didn't and I still can't play the game because of it.


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