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Time to find out why everyone hated Just Cause 3. As a fan of Just Cause 2 I am curious to know why.


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was boring! Fighting a few gimmick enemies in RE4 style combat is boring compared to lots of normal enemies, and run down Russian places are only interesting in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And Moira is the female Steve Burnside.


Someone should have told me beforehand Resident Evil Revelations 2 had multiple endings, because I didn't enjoy playing through it once and I'm really not enjoying playing through parts of it a second time.


That last Shovel Knight DLC needs to come out already. It's holding up me putting away my Wii U.


A little while ago I read The Illuminatus Trilogy and it made it impossible for me to take Deus Ex and Assassin's Creed seriously because they all cribbed from Illuminatus which was a parody of giant complicated ancient conspiracies to begin with.


Making my ringtone the codec call noise years ago for a while was a huge mistake. Even now I still flinch at the sound.


Destructoid needs to explain to me what VRChat is and why the internet won't shut up about it.


I want my Xbox One to stop telling me about achievements I have yet to complete. I don't want to do every Forza Horizon 2 achievement, leave me alone.


My Xbox One controller is going through batteries like crazy. I don't remember my 360 controller being this bad.


Advanced Warfare has all these sections where you're not shooting guns at people and they're really boring and feel like padding. Why are there stealth sections, and why do they take so long?


All I remember about Black Ops II was that the villain was too intelligent to be believable, the Cuba mission, the mission at the resort, and something about a plot twist with a sniper rifle.


Next up on catching up on old Xbox One games, I'm playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Every time I play a new Call of Duty game I buy it as cheap as I possibly can, used, go through the single-player campaign, and move on with my life.


Where the Hell is the rest of the Batman Telltale game?


Final Thoughts on Batman: Arkham Knight

I finished Batman: Arkham Knight and I wanted to talk about it, but I didn't want to write a review because I wanted this to be more stream of thought. Contain unmarked spoilers for the Arkham Series. I played the first two games and l...


I think I'm going to skip the AR challenges in Arkham Knight and just finish up the side missions and the Riddler challenges and finish it. Because that fight combo system continues to suck.


I may have just accidentally seen a screenshot from the end of Arkham Knight I really hope I didn't.


I hate all the AR challenges in Arkham Knight. They are not fun, most of them are more difficult than fun. I don't care if they're optional, that doesn't matter to a completionist.


Sega needs to re-release all the old Phantasy Star games in a compilation game.


The lack of any evidence that anyone played Rise of the Triad 2013 is weird. There isn't even a walkthrough anywhere.


I wish Arkham Knight wouldn't reference Arkham Origins so much. I didn't play Arkham Origins because I heard it was a retread of Arkham City and they didn't get Mark Hamill, and I didn't think anyone would talk about it ever again.


So, Arkham Knight. So far I like the story more than Arkham City, but feel like the world is less thought out, but I like the variety of missions, but I think the game does not explain gameplay mechanics enough.


Next up on catching up on Xbox One games, it's Arkham Knight. I'm going to find out why it isn't as critically acclaimed as the first two games. So far all I think is that there's too much stuff on screen at once.


I've gotten into Contraption Maker.


Now that I'm done with Breath of the Wild, all I have left is to wait for the last Shovel Knight DLC, then replay Bayonetta 2 on Infinite Climax mode, and I can finally pack away my Wii U.


All I wanted the Champion's Ballad to do was change the ending so it would actually be satisfying. Instead I got a shitty bike that controls like ass that I am not going to use because I've done everything already except those stupid Korok seeds.


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