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Problems with Outlast II

I just finished Outlast II and I don't want to write a full review of it, I just want to rant about problems I had with it, especially compared to Outlast. Spoilers obviously. My biggest problem is the outdoor areas compared to the hal...


Outlast 2 feels less like a game and more like a series of scripted events strung together.


I realized all of Outlast's gameplay is just an attempt to top the "Escape the hotel" sequence from Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.


Getting real sick of PC games assuming I have a mouse wheel.


I'm getting addicted to reaction videos to that "Why GTA IV is better than GTA V" video.


I think I'm going to give up on The Plutonia Experiment. I heard it was hard but I'm having trouble getting past the second level, and I'm not having fun anymore. But I wanted to finish all the Doom stuff on GOG on Ultra-Violence and that's the last game.


Outlast 2 took forever to download and install.


After thinking about the problems I had with Breath of the Wild I've decided what I really want is the Majora's Mask to Breath of the Wild's Ocarina of Time, something that builds on the first with a more interesting world and characters.


After finishing Lady of the Lake I'm glad the first Witcher game retconned that ending somewhat. That ending was terrible, and lazy.


Rewatching Tenchi Muyo for the first time in years, forgot how cool Kagato...looked.


Book Ciri really sucks compared to game Ciri.


I can't decide whether or not to buy block'hood.


I wonder if Crysis 3 will ever be on Steam.


I miss GTA IV, but I don't want to dig my 360 out of storage. Did I remember to save my games to cloud storage for when I get an Xbox One someday? Probably not.


I watched Kindred: The Embraced to try and fill in the hole left by VtM - Bloodlines. It wasn't good. It was just sanitized mob wars with people who happen to be vampires. The vampires had no real problems, they could walk in the daylight and eat food.


Nightdive Studios should port Doom 64 like they did Turok. I know there's a fan port already, but I bet they could make some money off of it.


Why did nobody remind me that the GTA III theme music was so catchy?


I had hoped that the second to last Witcher book, The Lady of the Lake, would be a short wrap up of the saga. It is not, it is huge and is probably going to drag on and on.


No matter how many times I try I can't get into The Binding of Isaac.


I finished Ultimate Doom on Ultra-Violence for the first time. That was hard, I kept running out of ammo, and there were Barons of Hell everywhere.


I did it, I beat the challenge tower in Specter of Torment! I also beat Specter of Torment.


I wonder why Doom hasn't been ported to smartphones yet. Not that I want to play Doom on my smartphone, but I would think someone would do that by now.


Okay GOG and Steam, it would really help if you put The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and/or Gone Home on sale tomorrow.


Given how short Full Throttle was, and how long its cutscenes were, I feel like Full Throttle should have been a movie instead, even more so than other adventure games.


Why is Full Throttle Remastered over four gigs? I know its a remaster, but it was made in 1995.


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