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I'm having fun with Beholder, but I think I'm burning out on Trolley Problem games like Beholder.


I finally found a new PC game that can hold my attention for longer than ten minutes that isn't Bejeweled: Beholder.


When are they going to port Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch already?


I started Paradise Killer and I'm in love with the asthetic.


I don't get it, I don't remember the final mission in GTA III being that difficult the first time I played it, but this time it took an hour. How did I deal with those machine guns the first time?


Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions better be worth this long ass tutorial.


CD Projekt Red's been quiet lately.


I finally tried Bejewelled. It feels like your success in that game is largely dependent on luck since you don't control what gems fall into the grid.


Is Superliminal just "Change the size of things because perspective" puzzles?


I'm afraid to know what 7gb thing Gearbox is doing to my copy of Tales from the Borderlands on Steam.


Today would have been a good day to try Metal Wolf Chaos.


I one-hundred-percented Journey to the Savage Planet and it's DLC, but at what cost?


Should I play Yakuza 4 or Persona 5 next, keeping in mind that I have to play them inbetween a regular fulltime 8-to-5 job?


I just wanted to show off more things I made when I was playing Opus Magnum.


I think I understand the food at home meme after playing Journey to the Savage Planet for three hours.


I'm having fun replaying GTA III for the first time in twenty years, but it's largely from nostalgia and "what's changed and what stayed the same in society" observations. I wonder what it would be like if someone played III today as their first GTA.


Someone make a racing game based on penny-farthing bicycles and call it Extreme Penny-Farthing Racing.


I miss the golden age of Phoenix Wright hype.


I've now triple-dipped on Cultist Simulator and I say that the Switch version is the best, because I can't read the text on the PC version and the touch controls on the mobile version are uncomfortable. Maybe now I can finally beat it.


I would like Terminator Resistance a lot more if it would just let me fight Terminators.


Do I...do I miss Darkest Dungeon?


I disagree with your incorrect opinion about that video game you like.


Carrion reminds me of Prototype.


Well, at least The Last Door was good in atmosphere, though not in story, gameplay, or appearance. Maybe the second game will be better.


I finished Ghost of Tsushima and now I am sad.


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