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I wonder if Parkasaurus could fill the DinoPark Tycoon-shaped hole in my heart.


The platinum points rewards from Nintendo are so worthless that it's rather insulting when Nintendo gives you platinum points.


I think the music in Tropico 6 was designed to get stuck in your head so you couldn't stop thinking about the game and never leave no matter how much you want to.


Does the internet seem dumber today or am I just imagining it?


Now that I've finished Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night I can't believe people actually like Zangetsu. He's such a stereotypical edgy anti-hero fan character cliche. He even sounds like a knockoff Wolverine.


I am definitely procrastinating on finished Bloodstained Ritual of the Night by going after every last stupid item on the list.


Holy shit they're remaking Startopia. I loved Startopia when I was a kid, I hope this version is good too. This should be bigger news around the internet.


I didn't quit playing Tropico 6, I couldn't get away it's too addictive. I'm sorry I lied.


Why was collecting the gemstones in Spyro the Dragon 1 so satisfying?


I was going to buy Kingdom Hearts III re Mind, but I read the story synopsis and reconsidered. Why do those writers have such contempt for Kairi?


I finished the original Mega Man on the Mega Man Legacy Collection. I'm glad that was not my first experience with video games, it was so frustrating I wouldn't have played any more. Also Yellow Devil is a fucking shit.


I get this feeling that if Beyond Good & Evil 2 ever comes out it's not going to be very good.


I'm seriously considering selling all the games I bought because of hype or series loyalty that are now sitting in my backlog like a fucking obligation.


I've given up playing Control. It was bad enough that the load times were so long and boring that I resorted to looking at Youtube videos on my phone to pass the time, but it crashed twice. I don't remember the last time I saw a console game crash.


Grim Dawn really is the sequel to Diablo II I've been waiting for years for.


That's it, I'm done with Tropico 6. I spent two nights trying to finish the second level, and I'm trying to break the habit and playing games that are just a grind that I'm not enjoying anymore.


Control is a trip, not that I'm complaining. What I will complain about is how my Xbox One seems to be struggling to run it and I don't know if that's because I bought a used copy.


While I'm having fun with Hitman 2, but I don't like the story. I hate stories where the villain is some ultra powerful ultra secret conspiracy guy whom the heroes have never heard of before because they're so powerful and secret. It's lazy.


I still have to get around to playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, but it sounds like it's a real slog.


Wasn't there going to be a sequel to Psychonauts in addition to that VR game?


Time to find out why nobody talks about Hitman 2, even though I remember Hitman getting a lot of coverage when it came out.


I'll say this about Titanfall 2: the Call of Duty people could learn about interesting single-player levels from Titanfall 2.


I deleted Wargroove from my Switch. I wasted all afternoon on one level I couldn't beat, I forgot about dinner, and I wasn't even having any fun. It was like chipping away at a stone.


If I didn't know any better I'd say the makeup of those nasty-ass hot dogs my dad made is affecting my brain chemistry in a way that's making all the games I could play feel boring.


I decided to see what all the hubbub for Titanfall 2 was all about. Years ago I read on the internet that the robot was voiced by Peter Cullen, so I'm already disappointed.


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