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Nintendo needs to make a direct sequel to Link's Awakening and the Oracle Games, because the ending to Link's Awakening sucks.


I have donated to The Good Life Kickstarter, out of pity.


I'm playing Forza Horizon 3, and I still don't get why so many custom decal designs are based on Monster energy drink. Of all the ways to design your car, why make it look like crap by way of a terrible energy drink?


Okay what about this: a video game with weather patterns that match the weather going on outside your house, or does the opposite of what is going on outside your house?


Maybe modding Morrowind will get me interested in playing it again.


I can't believe I had to buy an external hard drive for my Xbox One already. In my day one terabyte would have covered everything. I haven't even downloaded any movies or music onto it, and most of my games are on disc.


I finished Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, and I'm going to give the highest compliment I can think of: it was the least frustrating Assassin's Creed game since II.


If they're going to release a Rampage movie, the least they could do is re-release the Rampage games for publicity. I want to play Rampage: World Tour again!


I have unsubscribed from every Let's Play channel I subscribed to on YouTube, including Two Best Friends Play which was the first one I subscribed to. I was tired of my subscription feed being filled with videos for stuff I didn't care about.


I never understood the game mechanics of NiGHTS into Dreams. Still fun though.


I got the Persona 4: Dancing All Night music stuck in my head and I haven't even played the damn game.


I went to PAX East and once again I had the most fun in the classic console room. Does that mean there's something wrong with the games previewed there, or with me?


I believe the Virtua Fighter 2 soundtrack is underrated!


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the gameplay is solid (except for parry which never works), but I'm tired of once again the male lead being a "lovable" rogue and the female lead having a stick up her butt. It wouldn't kill Ubisoft to switch that dynamic.


I don't know why no one talks about Assassins' Creed: Syndicate, even disparagingly, it's a perfectly serviceable Assassin's Creed game, even if it still has too much pointless side crap.


While it was nostalgic fun to play The Curse of Monkey Island again I may have built it up a little too much in my mind. Also I think the puzzles may have been not as intuitive as before, it would be interesting to see someone play it for the first time.


This shitty cold weather makes me want to play a game that's in the tropics, like Endless Ocean or Wave Race 64.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the best Terminator game ever made. Shame it only lasts one and a half levels.


I tried playing Yoshi's Woolly World again, but I couldn't stand it. I hate collectibles, and I really collectibles that you can easily miss and have to go through the entire level again to reach.


I don't understand why GOG's The Curse of Monkey Island is 1 gig. It couldn't have been that big originally.


I wonder if I should give Yoshi's Woolly World a second chance. I played it once and got bored a half hour in. But I don't care about yarn. It's why Kirby's Epic Yarn was so boring.


The Curse of Monkey Island has been re-released on Steam and GOG. I feel like this should be bigger news.


Someday I'm going to make a serious attempt at building a successful city in SimCity 2000 instead of just giving up on it after a half-hour when it doesn't make a profit. I think the trick is to not give every department a 100% budget.


Normally I don't think much of Call of Duty games, but I do appreciate that Black Ops III allows some main character customization and gave them some personality. It's nice to play something beside Generic Action Marine.


I am sick of my Xbox One games ending on a glitch. First it was Just Cause 3, then Doom, and now Dead Rising 3. It's bullshit is what it is.


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