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Why are people okay with graphical update remakes of video games but hate colorization of films?


Seeing Guybrush Threepwood in Uncharted 4 made me a bit melancholic.


I wonder if The Tetris Effect people are upset with all the attention Tetris 99 is getting.


I wonder if Indie Game: The Movie is any good.


Uncharted 4 is okay so far, but it is taking forever to get to the shooty bang bang parts.


I wish there was a demo for Dark Souls on the PS4 so I could see if I like it.


Boy that last Forza Horizon 4 expansion sure is taking it's sweet time coming out.


What I'm doing to get through Kingdom Hearts III is play one level of KHIII, then play a different game. That way I don't get too bored with KHIII.


I must have really liked Gravity Rush Remastered, because it's the only PlayStation game I got all the trophies for.


I wonder if anyone has shown DMX all the mashups with RE2 and what his reaction to them was.


I bought Dragon Quest on my phone so I'd know the backstory to Dragon Quest Builders, and boy does it control like ass on a phone.


Alright alright, I'll buy Titanfall 2. Sheesh.


Crap, I think I just read a spoiler for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel concerning Handsome Jack's face.


I finally beat Borderlands 2. Now I'm going to take a little break, and then find out why no one talks about the Pre-Sequel.


Does Starfox 64 count as a shmup?


This year I'd like to go to PAX East without being in a bad mood when I go.


I got so bored with Kingdom Hearts III that I quit and started Gravity Rush Remastered, which I'm enjoying a lot more. I don't get it, if III had come out right after Dream Drop Distance I would have been all over that shit.


I'm playing Kingdom Hearts III, but I'm thinking about Borderlands 2.


Now that I'm playing Borderlands 2 for the first time and only knew about the series from memes and jokes and references, I am surprised at how popular Handsome Jack is, since he comes off as such thoroughly horrible person.


So far Borderlands 2 has addressed most of the problems I had with Borderlands 1 and I'm enjoying it a lot more.


I don't seem to be in a real rush to play Kingdom Hearts III now that I own it.


I suppose I have to avoid most of the internet for a while for fear of Kingdom Hearts III spoilers.


Someone should make a top 10 list of the trippiest final dungeons in JRPGs.


Okay, now I'm done with Tales of Berseria, for real this time. I beat all the bonus bosses and completed the bonus dungeon. Very unusual for me, I don't normally bother with those.


It ends up I'm not as done with Tales of Berseria as I thought I was, I was lured into completing the bonus dungeons ant bosses by the desire for more lore.


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