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I want to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on my laptop, but I'm afraid it will make my laptop catch on fire.


Man, the selection of games at my Best Buy was sad.


Everyone tune into Jeopardy right now, I want LeVar Burton to get all the ratings.


Time to get that S ranking in RE2 Remake Hardcore Mode Leon 2nd run.


I don't care what the internet says, Weyland-Yutani is dumber than the Umbrella Corporation. At least Umbrella has made useful products.


What hits harder: "Abercrombie & Fuckface" or "Abercrombie & Fuckhead"?


I made a thing, I need it spread around the internet as much as possible.


How is Satellite Reign?


Anyone know what's the current state of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines fan patches?


What's the best Switch game for a six hour plane ride?


Okay how about this: a game based on the original Shaft, with gameplay like the original Max Payne.


How guilty will I feel about the animals if I play Planet Zoo?


Let me get this straight: there's a sexy green-haired big-tittied goddess lady in Kid Icarus, and a different sexy green-haired big-tittied goddess lady in Fire Emblem?


I'd buy all the Dying Light DLC weapon and costume and vehicle packs if they just sold them together as one big pack.


I'm trying to remember the name of that guy on YouTube who makes these long videos about why a particular video game or other pop culture thing is terrible, and has a British accent. You know the one.


I need a game to get rid of that pain that develops between your eyebrows when you're angry at your recently former employers.


I may have had a revelation. Maybe the reason I cannot get into JRPGs anymore is the same reason I cannot get into most manga anymore: I am sick of boilerplate shonen anime hero guys. I look at the Xenoblade 2 or Grandia guys and my interest evaporates.


I miss Dead Space. I was really into Dead Space when the games were coming out.


If I want to try out Sniper Elite which Sniper Elite game should I play first?


I really need a new console game to sink my teeth into, I had this horrible moment of boredom where for a brief second I looked forward to my tedious job tomorrow.


Oh boy, I've always wanted to buy Real Gamer Clothes.


Having completed Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I can't quite put my finger on it, but something felt off about the two main villains being a guy who was trying to sell a clean form of energy and a group of young people who do not like his evil business.


Once again a Nintendo console's small storage space has screwed me over. Why is A Hat in Time so big, it's bigger than Breath of the Wild.


Wait, E3 started already?


I thought I could post blacked out stuff for spoilers in Qtoid.


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