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I know all Monopoly is the same, but there was something special about the 1995 PC game. Seeing the nice-for-their-time pictures of the properties made the game more addictive.


Where's my Elite Beat Agents sequel!?


I don't mind sprite art, but I hate the kind of sprite art where the faces are completely blank.


At this rate I'm going to buy a Switch just to find out what happened to Callie.


Crap I'm repeating old posts.


I want to experience playing Persona 3 and Persona 4 for the first time again.


I want to know why Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder was never ported to anything, since it was my favorite Golden Axe.


I know I've said it before, but I mean it this time, I am done with Tropico 5. I've uninstalled it from Steam. I just couldn't build my eco-tropical utopia, something always went wrong and it was getting frustratingly sisyphean.


I want to give The Sims 4 a shot but I really don't want to sign up for Origin.


I've been watching "Mostly Walking" because I wanted to watch Let's Plays of people playing adventure games blind. I like Day9's enthusiasm, but I can't stand how they forget everything and blame the game for not explaining things it does explain.


GOG needs to release a game that is good and old again. It's been too long.


I want a fighting game stage, preferably Street Fighter, to be based on Nighthawks.


The second BOTW DLC better have lots of tough enemies to fight because I got this glowing blue Master Sword and nothing worthwhile to stab with it.


I think I'm going to give up on Tropico 5 altogether. I got all these businesses that need employees but no one will take them and it's keeping my job rating permanently down.


I finally saw who is replacing the Squid Sisters and boy do I feel bad for Pearl.


I am not seeing a lot of anger over Tron Bonne not being in the new MvC roster, which is my personal pet peeve with it.


Someone needs to adapt Stephen King's The Long Walk into a Switch game. With no pausing, no saves, nonstop moving the Switch controls up and down, and don't use up your stamina bar.


I may have fallen out of love with Tropico 5 and the series as a whole because the DLC campaign is too difficult.


I beat Tropico 5! I'm the best dictator ever!


I'm really enjoying Tropico 5. I've had trouble getting into Tropico in the past but I wish I played this one sooner.


Since the Steam summer sale is going on I wonder if it's time to buy another Tropico game that I will never get around to playing.


If only the Breath of the Wild DLC came out this week. I'm visiting family and going to a wedding on the 30th and won't be able to play during the July 4th week. Here's where Switch users tell me I could take it with me if I bought it on the Switch.


I want a new Endless Ocean game so badly. Walking by the ocean is driving me crazy. I tried watching LP's of the first game but they all suck.


I keep starting city-building games and losing interest less than five minutes in. I must want to play city-building games, but want something different out of them.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All was the first video game I ever reviewed, I did it for my school newspaper. When I wrote it I didn't think about how someday I'd get to the day when the game really happens!


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