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I suppose I should stop holding out for Shantae Half-Genie Hero to be ported to the 3DS.


I can't decide if I should buy Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, or wait until it's on sale, or not bother and tick with my old GOG version.


I played through the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Lots of people complained the first episode of the original Life is Strange was too slow but I thought it was fine. But this one really dragged.


I am so glad I just watched longplays of Shadow of the Comet and Prisoner of Ice. I just couldn't get into playing them on my own.


I don't think I can play Subnautica anymore, not until Unknown Worlds fixes it. My base has gotten so big and full of filled alien containments it slows the game down to a crawl and has trouble loading everything.


I really wanted news about the Breath of the Wild DLC, not just the amiibo crap.


Welcome back.


I've decided to call it quits on Star Trek Online. When I'm looking up a walkthrough to see how close I am to the end something has gone wrong. Maybe I'll give the Star Trek books a shot instead, and hope something comes along to render STO non-canon.


I've got a problem with Star Trek Online, I like knowing what's the latest going on in the Trek canon universe, but I find the actual gameplay boring and repetitive.


My Star Trek Online ship uniform policy.


I finally caved and am giving Star Trek Online a shot. As usual I've spent more time on the character creation menus than the game, and of course since it's free to play all the outfits that don't look like shit cost real money. Combat could use work too.


Yesterday the Gamestop employee said they'd give my seventy dollars in store credit for my old 3DS, today they gave me twenty five dollars in store credit because some of the paint peeled off.


I'm going to wait until I get a new computer to replay modded Skyrim. If I'm going to replay modded Skyrim I want to be able to do more things to it than ever before, like one of those ENBs that make everything pretty.


I'm interested in learning about making my own worlds in Skyrim, but I don't want to do anything with the Creation Club.


I can probably assume Mankind Divided won't get a re-release with all the DLC on it and I should just buy it now. But can I assume the same thing about Resident Evil 7?


I don't get why everyone shits on Sonic 4 like it's as bad as Sonic '06 or the werehog stages, it's only crime was the episodic bullshit.


I keep looking for a Youtube Let's Play channel of young people trying out old video games for the first time, but it's all old people playing old games that they've played before. I want to see a young person's first reaction to something like Myst.


I guess I'm done with Subnautica for now, since I got as far as I can get in the main quest and built a base with everything in it, and I'm not interested in base building that much. I'll just pop in whenever there's an update to add whatever's new.


Why is Terminator: Salvation the latest surviving arcade game, of all games? I see it everywhere. I see older arcade games too, but Salvation seems to be the newest arcade game to come out.


I'm waiting for Destructoid to put out "Top 5 Moon Levels" or "Top Five Moon Music".


Someone should take Dear Esther and add gameplay from original Doom to it. Imps running around the island that you have to kill as the story progresses.


I'm back into Subnautica and I'm having trouble powering my fancy base.


Maybe now that Sonic Mania is finished Taxman can make a port of Knuckles Chaotix. I know I'm the only who wants this, but I had fun with it as a kid, when I could get it to work.


I dreamt last night I was playing The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, and that version had cut content restored in my dream, so I was moving Guybrush around an abandoned mill basement where he found a LeChuck mask.


I fucked up uninstalling and reinstalling Steam by forgetting to back up my saves. Wait, apparently my saves were on a different drive. I was smarter in the past.


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