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Hello Neighbor is out? When did it come out? Why did no one talk about it? It feels like there's been previews of it for months and all of a sudden it's out and no one cares.


I had to delete a bunch of games on my Wii U which I hope will be on sale for the Switch to make room for the Champions Ballad DLC.


It looks like I'm not the only one having trouble with the Champions Ballad downloading onto my Wii U, if their support forum is anything to go by. Maybe I don't need to buy an external hard drive, maybe it really is something on their end.


I got this bad feeling I'm going to have to get an external hard drive if I want to play The Champion's Ballad on my Wii U.


My Wii U keeps saying it needs more space for The Champions Ballad but it won't how much space it needs.


There wasn't enough space on my Wii U for the Breath of the Wild DLC, I had to delete those Pikmin shorts, which will hopefully show up somewhere else down the line so they're not lost forever.


That latest Subnautica update seems to have fixed whatever was causing it to run incredibly slowly.


New Wadjet Eye game looks good. Glad it isn't in another horrific future dystopia. I wish Wadjet would get a new color palette though.


Remember those GameFAQS character battle polls people use to care too much about? Whatever happened to those?


CJ Andriessen's article about snow levels made me realize I only seem to like snow levels if they have good music. I like Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3, Festival Village from Mystical Ninja 64, and the ice cave music from DKC2.


Continuing my journey through old Xbox One games, I've started Assassin's Creed: Unity. Hopefully enough time has passed that all the problems people had with it have been patched.


I changed my mind and bought Forza Horizon 3.


The Steam Store should just be able to tell me what first-person shooters they have for sale. They should have there own tab or something.


Ordered my PAX East badge. I remembered to do it early this time so I actually got one. Got the Sunday only badge so there will be less people there.


I don't think I'll be buying Forza Horizon 3, or getting the Forza Horizon 2 DLC. It's too repetitive, and the side missions where you try to rack up enough points by doing tricks are awful.


I wonder if I should just throw away all my old PC game CDs. I doubt they would work on any newer computers.


Forza Horizon 2's making me think it needs a driver health bar, because I'm winning a lot of races by doing things that should give me severe whiplash at least.


I've run into two problems with Forza Horizon 2: I don't know anything about cars, and I don't like tons serious racing as much as I thought I would.


I have finally bought an Xbox One. Stay tuned for opinions about games everyone has long since stopped caring about. So far I don't like the interface. It is ugly, and I miss my 360 avatar.


The only non-Mario and Luigi video game costumes I saw this year were one Master Chief and one that lady from Horizon Zero Dawn. It's a bit disappointing.


Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is on sale and apparently it's been patched. Someone needs to play it and see if it's still a buggy mess. EDIT: On sale on GOG, I mean.


Whenever I see a list of "Best video game soundtracks" they always look like a list of popular games the author likes and the quality of their soundtracks is irrelevant. Destructoid should make a master list of the best video game music, non-licensed.


Once you get use to them Gold Lynels are not that much harder to kill than Silver Lynels.


I played the second Before the Storm episode, and the audio was always off. Sentences kept ending abruptly and sound effects were off.


Mustache Girl did nothing wrong!


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