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I want a new Endless Ocean game so badly. Walking by the ocean is driving me crazy. I tried watching LP's of the first game but they all suck.


I keep starting city-building games and losing interest less than five minutes in. I must want to play city-building games, but want something different out of them.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All was the first video game I ever reviewed, I did it for my school newspaper. When I wrote it I didn't think about how someday I'd get to the day when the game really happens!


I need a phone app that has all of GTA Radio on it.


I finished reading Masters of Doom. I didn't know before how much of an asshole John Romero was, or how much of a sociopath John Carjack was. Dammit, lousy phone autocorrect.


I think I found a way to get over my urge to replay VtM - Bloodlines for the millionth time. I watched a blind Let's Play of the game, then got through about a fifth of a second blind Let's Play before I got so sick of it that I stopped watching.


I realized what was wrong with this year's E3: no memes came out of it.


I finally played Gone Home. I liked how exploring the home added dimension to the family, but I thought the story and characters themselves were cliche, and it felt like it ended abruptly with a bunch of unsolved questions. I'm glad I bought it on sale.


I keep starting Star Wars Dark Forces and getting bored and abandoning it. I think I just get bored with the levels.


Wadjet Eye Games needs to make another adventure game already.


I think I have figured out how to watch E3 on my TV. Now I just need to know what stream the entire internet will be watching and if my TV can get it.


My current dream lineup for Poker Night at the Inventory 3 that I think they could actually pull off is: Princess Carolyn, Catwoman, Sette Frummagem, and because I think it would be weird, Max Caulfield. I can't decide who I want as the host.


I realized Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is never going to be re-released on the Wii U. That's unfortunate, it's the only Advance Wars game I haven't played on my Wii U.


I'm hoping American Truck Simulator was some sort of way to test things and someday they'll make an American Truck Simulator 2 with the results of those tests that really does cover all of America.


Whoever owns the Rampage license needs to re-release Rampage World Tour.


Listening to last week's Super Best Friendcast makes me want to watch a Let's Play of GTA III or IV done by someone in Japan. I don't know how that would work, there would have to be two subtitles and a facecam.


Problems with Outlast II

I just finished Outlast II and I don't want to write a full review of it, I just want to rant about problems I had with it, especially compared to Outlast. Spoilers obviously. My biggest problem is the outdoor areas compared to the hal...


Outlast 2 feels less like a game and more like a series of scripted events strung together.


I realized all of Outlast's gameplay is just an attempt to top the "Escape the hotel" sequence from Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.


Getting real sick of PC games assuming I have a mouse wheel.


I'm getting addicted to reaction videos to that "Why GTA IV is better than GTA V" video.


I think I'm going to give up on The Plutonia Experiment. I heard it was hard but I'm having trouble getting past the second level, and I'm not having fun anymore. But I wanted to finish all the Doom stuff on GOG on Ultra-Violence and that's the last game.


Outlast 2 took forever to download and install.


After thinking about the problems I had with Breath of the Wild I've decided what I really want is the Majora's Mask to Breath of the Wild's Ocarina of Time, something that builds on the first with a more interesting world and characters.


After finishing Lady of the Lake I'm glad the first Witcher game retconned that ending somewhat. That ending was terrible, and lazy.


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