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I finished Halo Wars 2, and now I really wish whoever did the writing for that did the writing for the main games, because the story was so much better.


I'm still waiting on a re-release of Dishonored 2 with all the DLC and stuff.


I thought I would give Blast Corps another shot on Rare Replay, but I got to the first Backlash level and quickly changed my mind.


Unlike Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini still holds up today. As long as you use the modern controls on Rare Replay.


Except for graphics, A Link to the Past does not deserve the high praise it gets, because every subsequent 2D Zelda game has surpassed it, from story, to characters, to less obtuse puzzles, to bosses who don't need finite items to beat.


I'm replaying Conker's Bad Fur Day for the first time in a while, and I suspect the game is just a mashup of Rare's leftover ideas from other games. Everything feels half done, and there's a lot of tedious busywork.


I beat Halo 5 on Legendary. But because my internet wasn't working when I beat a couple of levels I don't get the achievement for beating it on Legendary, even though it says I beat the levels in the game itself, because the Xbox One is a piece of shit.


The problem with Halo games, especially on Legendary, is the arbitrary checkpoint system. Spend ten minutes clearing out a room? Well too bad the next bad guy filled room is the one with the checkpoint.


I'm playing Halo 5 on Legendary. Boy do I hate fighting Forerunners, and boy do I hate the stupidity of my AI teammates.


I like Myst III and IV and want to own them again, but is just charging too much for them. I'm gonna wait for a sale.


My problem with the Halo games is that way back in Halo 1 I heard about the hidden video you get if you completed it on Legendary, and I saw how the emblem changes depending on what difficulty you play, so now I have to play every game on Legendary.


There should be a Let's Play YouTube channel done by two guys in prison. Not a maximum security prison, it would be something to do for their rehab. I would watch that.


Reading the Halo comics in preparation for playing Halo 5 was a mistake, because they are extremely boring. I should have learned my lesson from Halo 4.


I played Dead Rising 4, and I liked it. It was a step down in several regards, but it was still less annoying that Dead Rising 1. The ending sucked though, and I don't think Capcom Vancouver realized what a thoroughly awful human being Vick Chu was.


I watched the two Mortal Kombat movies. They were both pretty good, Annihilation wasn't as bad as the internet led me to believe, especially when compared to the first one which wasn't perfect either. Rayden getting recast sucked though.


I finally figured out how to get Metal Slug XX on Xbox One. Boy do I suck at Metal Slug. I thought I was good at Metal Slug because I beat Metal Slug 3 years ago, and I was terribly wrong.


I was going to write a long, ranting blog post about the terrible plot of Infinite Warfare, I got a couple of paragraphs in, but I've already forgotten most of the story and all the energy for writing it is gone, so that was a waste of effort.


I wish the later Metal Slug games were available on the Xbox Store.


Halo Wars was surprisingly fun. I didn't have a lot of faith in a console RTS, but the single player campaign was enjoyable, even if the controls felt weird at times.


Wasn't Destructoid reviewing Agony? Where did that go?


I finished Infinite Warfare's story mode, and I couldn't help but notice how most of the good guys had American names and all the bad guys had ethnic sounding names, even though the game takes place way in the future and all the bad guys are from Mars.


I'm playing through Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's single player mode. While I like the part about commanding your own spaceship and choosing which levels to play, I miss the character customization from Black Ops III.


Class was canceled, I'll be able to watch the Square-Enix conference after all. Though the more I think about it the more upset I get because I'll have to wait another week to find out what the class thought of my story and I was looking forward to tha


I won't be able to watch the Square-Enix conference, so someone make sure they announce a proper Sleeping Dogs sequel.


I thought I could play the original Tomb Raider games and the original Rayman on the PS4 once I got one, but according to their website I cannot. So I'll have to get them off of GOG and play them on PC, which will feel weird.


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