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Why is the Deus Ex Youtube channel uploading all their old Deus Ex development videos? Is it to clear up their something to make room for a new Deus Ex game!?


At first I thought Resident Evil 7 was a less scary Outlast knockoff, then I got into it when I realized it was a first person Resident Evil 1, then by the end I was disappointed when I realized there were only two enemies and how cliche the plot was.


I am sick of evil black goo being a thing. Resident Evil 7 was the last straw.


Okay how about this: a dating simulator where all the girls are mermaids and you are an ordinary human.


Okay how about this: Super Mario 64 Battle Royale?


I was checking my old Wii U games for updates before I disconnected it from the internet, looking around Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X is sad now.


I'm finally playing Resident Evil 7 after trying hard to avoid all spoilers, and boy does it feel like a first person Resdient Evil 1! It's odd, how many parts so far feel like they're a modern version of Resident Evil 1. Very, very, odd.


I'm curious about The Sexy Brutale.


I said I was going to replay most of the 2D Zelda games, but I burnt out on the Oracle Games.


I'm pretty sure I spent more time in the outfit customization for Saints Row 2-4 than the rest of those games. There should be a way to make a game based entirely around that, without it getting boring.


I also want a new Mighty Switch Force.


I want a new Saints Row game.


Someone make a horror walking simulator based on Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me".


I bet Jumping Flash would be fun in VR.


I should stop looking at The Good Life Kickstarter, it just makes me sad.


I tihnk I've done all I want to in Forza Horizon 3. Maybe someday I'll go back and do the championships but for I've thoroughly wrung out that game.


I'm developing an urge to replay most of the top-down Legend of Zelda games.


Does anyone remember anything from A Link Between Worlds?


Forza Horizon will never be a truly good series as long as it keeps shoving things like drift challenges, bucket lists, racing fake online avatars, and other crap that is not official races down our throats.


Nintendo needs to make a direct sequel to Link's Awakening and the Oracle Games, because the ending to Link's Awakening sucks.


I have donated to The Good Life Kickstarter, out of pity.


I'm playing Forza Horizon 3, and I still don't get why so many custom decal designs are based on Monster energy drink. Of all the ways to design your car, why make it look like crap by way of a terrible energy drink?


Okay what about this: a video game with weather patterns that match the weather going on outside your house, or does the opposite of what is going on outside your house?


Maybe modding Morrowind will get me interested in playing it again.


I can't believe I had to buy an external hard drive for my Xbox One already. In my day one terabyte would have covered everything. I haven't even downloaded any movies or music onto it, and most of my games are on disc.


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