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Seeing Guybrush Threepwood in Uncharted 4 made me a bit melancholic.


I wonder if The Tetris Effect people are upset with all the attention Tetris 99 is getting.


I wonder if Indie Game: The Movie is any good.


Uncharted 4 is okay so far, but it is taking forever to get to the shooty bang bang parts.


I wish there was a demo for Dark Souls on the PS4 so I could see if I like it.


Boy that last Forza Horizon 4 expansion sure is taking it's sweet time coming out.


What I'm doing to get through Kingdom Hearts III is play one level of KHIII, then play a different game. That way I don't get too bored with KHIII.


I must have really liked Gravity Rush Remastered, because it's the only PlayStation game I got all the trophies for.


I wonder if anyone has shown DMX all the mashups with RE2 and what his reaction to them was.


I bought Dragon Quest on my phone so I'd know the backstory to Dragon Quest Builders, and boy does it control like ass on a phone.


Alright alright, I'll buy Titanfall 2. Sheesh.


Crap, I think I just read a spoiler for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel concerning Handsome Jack's face.


I finally beat Borderlands 2. Now I'm going to take a little break, and then find out why no one talks about the Pre-Sequel.


Does Starfox 64 count as a shmup?


This year I'd like to go to PAX East without being in a bad mood when I go.


I got so bored with Kingdom Hearts III that I quit and started Gravity Rush Remastered, which I'm enjoying a lot more. I don't get it, if III had come out right after Dream Drop Distance I would have been all over that shit.


I'm playing Kingdom Hearts III, but I'm thinking about Borderlands 2.


Now that I'm playing Borderlands 2 for the first time and only knew about the series from memes and jokes and references, I am surprised at how popular Handsome Jack is, since he comes off as such thoroughly horrible person.


So far Borderlands 2 has addressed most of the problems I had with Borderlands 1 and I'm enjoying it a lot more.


I don't seem to be in a real rush to play Kingdom Hearts III now that I own it.


I suppose I have to avoid most of the internet for a while for fear of Kingdom Hearts III spoilers.


Someone should make a top 10 list of the trippiest final dungeons in JRPGs.


Okay, now I'm done with Tales of Berseria, for real this time. I beat all the bonus bosses and completed the bonus dungeon. Very unusual for me, I don't normally bother with those.


It ends up I'm not as done with Tales of Berseria as I thought I was, I was lured into completing the bonus dungeons ant bosses by the desire for more lore.


I finished Tales of Berseria, and I did it without understanding the combat system at all. Go me. But that ending was sad, it makes me want to get into Tales of Zestria immediately to see how the world is doing.


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