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Starting work in the pathology department of a hospital after a week of playing RE2 Remake is an unfortunate coincidence.


I wish Slime Rancher would get more content.


I guess I don't need to buy the first two Arkham games for Xbox One since I already own them for 360, but if I want to play them again do I really want to go all the way down to storage and dig them out when I can buy them on sale on the Xbox store?


As the twilight of my free times gets ready to disappear down the employment hole I feel less motivated than usual to do anything besides watch people complain about specific pop culture on YouTube.


Ghost Survivors in RE2 Remake is really really tough.


For all the hype Mr. X got in the lead up and during the release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake he sure shows up late and goes out like a punk.


The RE2 remake is fun so far, but I'm a little disappointed they got rid of some of the cheesier parts.


Base building simulators/management simulators are too addictive to be played at night.


I guess I better see what's so great about this Resident Evil 2 remake.


I want a game that plays like Skyrim, but is set in the Redwall world.


How is everyone feeling about Evil Genius 2? I played it for a couple of hours and enjoyed and was surprised to see it getting mixed reviews, and unfortunately I'm suggestible.


I should do one of those "What in the box?" posts someday.


Sunday night on Destructoid is like Sunday night in Boston.


I've gone through Disco Elysium again on Hardcore Mode, and now I think I'm truly done with this game for a while.


I was thinking of buying the new Pokemon Snap because I enjoyed the first one so much as a kid, but then I remembered that I haven't been involved in Pokemon for years so now I'm on the fence about buying it.


I wonder whatever happened to Katia Managan.


Oh, that's why people didn't like the ending to River City Girls. It didn't bother me though, it thought the end was decently set up earlier in the game.


I want to play a game that has the aesthetic of the first world in The Journeyman Project 2.


I finally started playing River City Girls, and there's something off about Misako's voice actor. I can't quite put my finger on the problem though.


Tropico 6 keeps pulling me back in.


Will we ever learn the secret of upvotebot?


You know what I'm about.


I don't get the appeal of Friday Night Funkin'.


I guess I'll just play Disco Elysium again. But on Hardcore Mode this time. And maybe max out Inland Empire and Shivers.


Why aren't you doing drugs RIGHT NOW?


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