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Why did Bulletstorm get an almost 10 gig update? Who still plays Bulletstorm?


I wonder if people living in Mexico like Guacamelee. I hope they do.


The internet art community is going nuts over these two new Pokemon ladies, a swimmer lady and a sweater lady.


The Gamestop I went to didn't have Tales of Vesperia in stock. That's the second game I wanted that they didn't have.


I'm starting to regret replaying Borderlands 2 on True Vault Hunter mode, it just goes on forever.


I wanted to have Robot Unicorn Attack on my Android, but all the latest reviews said it didn't have the music, which is half the point.


Could Essie Davis play Bayonetta if there was ever a Bayonetta movie?


I can't beat the last level in The Tetris Effect.


I'm disappointed to read the negative reviews for Trials Rising, I wanted a good new Trials game.


If Ubisoft is going to roll out some DRM crap maybe I should buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey now instead of waiting to see of they release a Gold edition.


I wanted Persona Q2, and Gamestop was on the way home so I thought I'd just but it there and give them some patronage. They didn't have any copies, they didn't get any copies. The only Gamestop that had copies was in the next state.


And now that I've finally beaten Horizon Zero Dawn I feel like I can safely say Ted Faro is the dumbest motherfucker in science fiction, even dumber than the humans in the Animatrix, and that's saying something.


I'm glad I'm almost done with Horizon Zero Dawn because the backstory has gotten too depressing to be entertaining.


I finally beat Dragon Quest IV on my phone. It took forever, but I did it.


I want Sega to have a press conference at E3, and I want them to announce the Dreamcast 2, just to see the reaction.


Dragon Quest IV never ends, it just goes on and on. Now I have to spend at least a day grinding to beat the post final boss. I have books I want to read.


I wonder which video game characters would be in a top 10 bandit killers list. Geralt definitely, probably someone from Assassin's Creed, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.


I'm tired of hearing podcasts shit on Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness, especially when they then talk about Lament of Innocence and give it a pass.


I need to learn to be more patient when playing Cities Skylines and other city building games.


I don't get why I'm having such a hard time finding a PC game that really grabs me.


Mark my words, once the final Shovel Knight thing comes out we're going to get a bunch of stories about mismanagement and questionable business practices coming out of Yacht Club.


Every time I watch the Indiana Jones movies it makes me want to replay Fate of Atlantis, but it's never the same as when I played it as a kid.


The next Animal Crossing should ask you what your work hours are and alter the game accordingly.


I wonder if the Mario movie would have been better received if it didn't have amy of the Mario names attached and it was just a weird sci-fi movie.


According to the internet The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky picks up in chapter 1 or 2, which is good because right now it's a real slog.


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