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Man it hurts to see your comment downvoted.


Someone remind me later to check that internet archive thing to see if there's any games from my childhood that I can recapture.


I am impressed with how little discussion I can find about River City: Knights of Justice on the internet.


I've put more hours into American Truck Simulator than I should have.


What about a first person shooter based on the Spanish-American War?


Goodbye, Rarity.


I should just make my own video game podcast. Every video game podcast I listen always talk about things five to ten years before my sphere of interest. I just need the time, the equipment, the money, and someone to talk to.


I spent months going through VGMpire only for it to go on indefinite hiatus when I finally catch up.


I finished Wandersong. While I thought the actual game play was boring, I loved the stories and characters and setting, and I want more of that.


I wonder if I would have understood what I was looking at when I played Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon more if I had played Ritual of the Night first.


I've been playing Wandersong, and lots of parts I've found to be boring. But that scene in The Crater was one of the sweetest things I've seen in a video game in a while.


Okay, now I get why the internet's been making fun of Shenmue's forklift segments for two decades.


I was getting into Wandersong, but that update that installed today for someone reason made it glitchy and unplayable.


I know if I buy any games on PSN they'll just go on sale after I buy them, but they won't go on sale if I never buy them, but I still want to buy them.


I was hoping there would be an online multiplayer trivia or game show game on Steam, but all I can find is shovelware and local co-op games.


I don't get Bendy and the Ink Machine. I see it everywhere but I never see anyone talk about it.


Okay how about this: a Breath of the Wild that puts Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 into it and chase Link nonstop across the map?


I wonder if there's any secrets or Easter eggs left to find in Breath of the Wild.


I finished Wolfenstein New Order on the Wyatt timeline. I guess I'll play through it again on a harder difficulty through the Fergus timeline.


What the Hell was the flying robot thing on the cover of SimCity 2000?


Wolfenstein: The New Order has been okay so far, but I don't like how many stealth sections there are, and how many walking around not shooting sections there are. I wanted a shooter like Doom.


I could go for another Resident Evil 7 style game.


I wish I had known about these Tetris Effect events sooner, I would have been all over that shit.


I wish someone had told me the PS4 version of Not a Hero was the worst version to buy before I bought it.


After playing Deadly Premonition and The Missing I think SWERY is the only Japanese developer who gets Western culture in more than just an over-the-top parody way.


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