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Now I know I'm a jaded gamer. I'm happy Samus Returns is 2.5D and not sprites. I don't know why, but from a company like Nintendo sprite work would seem a little lazy to me? Don't get me wrong, AM2R's art style is fantastic but more as an indie production


What is your dumbest gamer moment, be it caused by you or another person? Was it in an actual game or just talking about one? Mine would probably be having Assassin Creed 3's ending spoiled for me literally seconds after I said I had not finished the game


What is the best video game memory you shared with a close friend or a loved one? Why will this moment be special to you, even now?


What's your favorite hardware feature in your favorite console? Or what's your favorite new piece of equipment for your gaming rig? Right now I'm very much enjoying the video editing/sharing options in both PS4 and Xb1.


What's your least favorite modern video game trend? Mine is being forced to walk, like when you talk to allies over comms in Gears of War or when you follow Ratbag in Shadow of Mordor. Can't stand it!


New question fellows! What is the most satisfying accomplishment in any game that you have completed, be it because it was difficult and you glad to beat it or perhaps it was just something you figured out before everyone else? In-game or an achievement


Question for you my fellow 'Toiders; what is the most emotional you have ever felt when experiencing a dramatic narrative scene in a game? What was the moment and why did it touch your heart the way it did?


Speaking of Shantae in Blaster Master... happy fireworks day dudes!


Perhaps I'm just jaded with realistic art styles as a gamer. Games like Mario Odyssey and Crash Nsane Trilogy are the only games that visually appeal to me at present. Today I got Snake Pass on sale and even that is carrying my attention a lot.


The Galactic Federation is hugely contradictory in the Metroid Timeline. In the Prime games, they revere Samus the way the player does and fight with her. In Other M, they treat Samus like a liability and apparently are dumb bad guys. What the fuck.


Today my dear old dad told me something rather quaint; I'll never be happy if I don't love what I do in regards to art and animation. It's been a bit of an eye opener; I don't hate my work. And I'm glad you guys have been so supportive. Thank you so much!


Yo, N'Sane Trilogy is out in roughly a week. You as excited as I am?


One reason why I'm happy Samus Returns is a remake and not a new game is that it will give Sakamoto a crash course on how to make a Metroid game with actual exploration and Metroidvania gameplay again. Of all of Other M's problems, this was a big one.


Doodled some fun Samus stuff in light of the Metroid announcements. Pardon my deprecation, but for once even my doodles look not-quite-shit.


Nintendo should find a way to penalize ARMS players who double team a third combatant. Really takes the fun out of the game if you need to deal with two people who refuse to fight each other until you're down. Count on shitty people to ruin something fun.


I'm really happy with Nintendo's choice of Prime music for the Prime 4 trailer. So eerie and dark, it's like nothing you would ever expect from Nintendo. I'm unsure of what this new team will do but if they can nail this atmosphere, I'm down with anything


The one year, THE ONE YEAR, I chose not to take off for E3 and I miss Nintendo drop not one, but TWO Metroid announcements? Fuck me sideways, I'm so fucking hyped!!


So anyone going to Anime Expo this year? I will PAY you to get one of these beautiful things for me. I have a very mighty need.


After years of crap and mediocrity, I am filled with so much admiration and happiness for the folks on board with Sonic Mania. The fella who designed the game and the fella who drew the animated trailer; they're really going places and it's incredible!


I was just told I was being insulting by asking someone to "explain their pain" rather than research what a culture vulture is. If that sentence seems confusing, I'm confused too for the record. I think this is what it is like to argue with a crazy SJW.


Money's a little tight (and I should have posted this a while ago) so here are the Metroid figures I'd like to sell. Let me know if any of y'all are interested.


I haven't loved anything official from Sonic/Sega this much in a very long time. This trailer was just wonderful.


Work perk: Manager's out sick so I've got reign of the store and am fully allowed to do my homework during slow work hours. Take that, corporate!


Can Nintendo please update Mario Kart 8 and make its online exactly like ARMS? My experiences between the two are completely polarizing in quality thus far. The former has some lag and connection issues, the latter seemed completely flawless.


I very much enjoyed my first Testpunch go. Ended at 100pts. My party and I managed to stretch our ARMS matches ten minutes passed the end time. It was awesome. B) How are you guys feeling about it? What are your thoughts?


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