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Samus Returns feels a lot like Fusion or Zero Mission but with 3D models. Like, I'm getting serious deja vu playing this... I should draw more Samus stuff now.


I'm so happy it's done. Just in time for Waifu Wednesday! Went all out with the colors this time. Hope you dudes like 'em! :D


A birthday present for a friend that I dub "Electric Race." Shh, don't tell! Lately I've been streaming myself playing Super Mario 64 locally to my friends only. It's been fun, but it's hard to come up with interesting things to say while playing well.


This might be a dumb question, but has there ever been a game with two distinct components running on different engines? Was commenting with a fellow DToider about an F-Zero beat-em-up when the prospect crossed my mind.


As someone who detested Destiny, I have to say that Destiny 2 is pretty good so far.


Is tomorrow considered Waifu Friday? Either way, here's what I'm working on... Miku counts as a Sega character and Sailor Moon was in a SNES beat-em-up, so this should be appropriate, no?


My job gave me a free copy of Destiny 2's Digital Deluxe edition. Guess I have to play it now.


Welp, a Rockstar game is now coming to Switch. It's a port of LA Noire, but fuck it, I'll take it. I imagine as games and consoles sell, more classic 360-era games will get ported. I suppose that's better than nothing. #Inafune


Doodles with middling results. One is scribbly and the other has a misshapen hand. Phoo. I should play more Overwatch... but instead I'mma stream Super Mario 64 on Wii U.


Since Metroid Prime 4 is being developed in-house at Nintendo, I have to wonder if they will opt to make the controls handle like Splatoon, as in a combination of motion and stick controls. Hopefully it's optional, but I'd like motion controls to stay.


Mario + Rabbids is so much better and has so much more production value than it ever had any business being. You can tell a lot of passion went into this game out of sheer love for these characters. Ubi succeeded where Sega failed in Mario a crossover.


That moment when you're shocked your semi-political post gets a ton of comments and it's just people being nice and rationally discussing the topic together. Y'all are awesome!


So I never noticed that Laura Bailey is the voice and performance actor for Nadine in Uncharted. Can't wait for a white person to play a black CG character in a Hollywood movie and people lose their collective shit.


Got the N64 for a little under $60 after my discount and someone was wonderful enough to give me this white slim. Life is good. <3


It irritates me to no end that after all these years Telltale can't optimize their games worth a shit. They still look like PS2 remasters after all this time and run like ass to boot with awful character animation and lipsync. Goddamn, GoT deserved better


A new 3D Zelda, a new 3D Mario, a Crash remaster trilogy, a great Sonic game, a 2D Metroid, sequels to two newer Nintendo IPs, this is a great year for gaming. The only thing that could make it even better is if something beats CoD for most games sold.


So I bought a white PS4 slim today to replace the fat white slim that broke on me (context in comments) and did a double-take when I heard Undertale's Bonetrousle in the store's demo kiosk. Good day. <3


What can I say? I had to go fast... and get Sonic Mania! The reviews are right! It's great and I love it so much!! Directly referenced the intro video Tyson Hesse animated for this image. I'm super happy and proud all at once!


I managed to net myself two of the Metroid N3DSXLs, one online and one in a local store. Anyone want the online order before I hit the cancel button?


One of the most exhilarating feelings I have while playing Xenoblade is the feeling of unease when I'm not sure if I will win the current battle, but succeed in doing so. Especially while this incredible song is playing!


Be ready my friends, winter is coming... So is the TellTale GoT game any good? Is it spoilery? I'm up to season 4 of the show right and I'm pretty hooked. Is the TT game connected to the show? The book? How far into the story should I be for the game?


So I drew another thing. It's a cute thing, I think. And this particular thing is a thing I've wanted to draw for quite a while, but only now did I get this thing to look somewhat nicely. Thoughts?


Finally got my New 2DS XL but I have to wait a week to transfer the old one to my friend's 3DS. The new one is very lightweight, I must say. Much better design, especially when concerning the microSD card placement. Not a bad a device at all!


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