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I’m actually really excited for Totaku. I love the concept and I love how nice looking they are. It’s like PlayStation Allstars but better than the thing it’s shamelessly copying.


The piece of shit who’s swatting antics led to an innocent man’s death is being charged for involuntary manslaughter and if convicted will get 11 years in prison. That is not nearly long enough, not by a long shot.


Nothing like working retail and then spending new year alone I guess. I don't necessarily feel badly about it, but I'd like it to be different you know? How are you spending your New Year? What's your resolution? I'd genuinely like to know.


Watching AVGN rip into Virtual Boy is interesting since he complains often about whether the games' existence on a VR system was necessary. I feel like this is pretty applicable to VR now considering not every game has 1st person POV. Should be required.


This year has been tough. Been single, almost jobless, broke and emotionally fucked. But this community, with the good and the bad, helped make it better. Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and everything in between. Love y'all.


One cool new mode I'd love to see in Splatoon is a Battlebots style deathmatch game where an NPC can come in and randomly fuck with both sides. The equalizer could be Mario with FLUDD and whichever side lands more damage gets points toward their KD score.


So a portion of Xbox Live went down and as a result, my brother's Xbox is online but can't sign into the account and therefor can't actually play any of his games. I'm nothing short of flabbergasted.


I'm really enjoying Azure Striker Gunvolt. My only gripe is the Japanese dialogue in the middle of the action. I can't read the subtitles and focus on what I'm doing at the same time, so it's difficult for me to follow what they're saying. #DubsOverSubs


Capcom's acting like Nintendo's abusive lover. Yesterday it's all "Look at all the Mega Man coming to Switch!" Then today it's Devil May Cry HD collection for anything that isn't Switch. Dafuq?


Resident Evil Revelations on Switch has some odd settings. You cannot play with gyro aiming when using the old school RE4 controls and when you do use the gyro, you cannot edit the sensitivity, only for the stick aiming. Not bad, but I hope they tweak it.


With all of the (well deserved) hullaballoo over lootboxes, I have a thought that you may find frightening; could you imagine if literally any Nintendo game, namely Smash, came out with a lootbox system like Star Wars BFII's? Hell would freeze over.


It's uncanny how Nintendo can go years and years making linear Mario games for literally two generations in a row and then all of sudden bang out Odyssey like it was no big deal. Post script, instead of #CatGirlFriday I'm instead going with #CapBoyFriday.


There is only one way Nintendo can outdo themselves after Mario Odyssey: 3D Mario Maker. Make 3D Mario levels in 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and Odyssey style. Use the Odyssey engine and physics, similar to NSMBU being the template for OG Mario maker.


My poor figure collection has reached an all time low. Boxes are piling up as a Tetris fixture around my 12" Reaper and half my amiibo are not on proper display due to a lack of space. this simply will not do. I need more shelves... any suggestions?


So now that an HD Ace Attorney is all but guaranteed, how about we get one with full voice acting? Hell, why not add that feature to the original trilogy and the new games if those are ported to Switch? Let's just imagine a world where Capcom isn't cheap.


Yo Capcom says Ace Attorney is coming to Switch. I'm a happy knick knack. http://nintendoeverything.com/capcom-making-switch-games-targeted-for-next-fiscal-year-includes-ace-attorney/


I'm sure this opinion will be unpopular, but I'd really like a DLC expansion for Mario Odyssey. More worlds and moons and outfits to collect please. I still have not gotten my fill.


I really hope VGChartz is way off, because these Samus Returns sales numbers are abysmal. The only saving grace is that hopefully Prime 4 will have the graphics to be an eye-catcher. Edit: I forgot, here's some #MagicalGirlMonday stuff!


At this point I really don't care if I get fired. I am NOT spending my Thanksgiving in a game store. No way, no how, not ever.


I'm sure only a small handful of you remember the old unfinished version of this guy. But here it is, mostly if not entirely finished. I know it's not for everyone, but BotW to me is the best, definitive 3D Zelda yet. Happy Linktober everyone. :)


Odyssey has officially been beaten. What a great game!


Welp, seems I've been exposed to a mild Super Mario Odyssey spoiler and I ain't gonna take it lightly. Rejoice my fellow DToiders, I take my leave until I've beaten the game. Love y'all!


Are people who buy Xboxes or Playstations only for sports or simulator games considered gamers? If yes then shouldn't mobile players also fit the label? If not, why?


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