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It's uncanny how Nintendo can go years and years making linear Mario games for literally two generations in a row and then all of sudden bang out Odyssey like it was no big deal. Post script, instead of #CatGirlFriday I'm instead going with #CapBoyFriday.


There is only one way Nintendo can outdo themselves after Mario Odyssey: 3D Mario Maker. Make 3D Mario levels in 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and Odyssey style. Use the Odyssey engine and physics, similar to NSMBU being the template for OG Mario maker.


My poor figure collection has reached an all time low. Boxes are piling up as a Tetris fixture around my 12" Reaper and half my amiibo are not on proper display due to a lack of space. this simply will not do. I need more shelves... any suggestions?


So now that an HD Ace Attorney is all but guaranteed, how about we get one with full voice acting? Hell, why not add that feature to the original trilogy and the new games if those are ported to Switch? Let's just imagine a world where Capcom isn't cheap.


Yo Capcom says Ace Attorney is coming to Switch. I'm a happy knick knack. http://nintendoeverything.com/capcom-making-switch-games-targeted-for-next-fiscal-year-includes-ace-attorney/


I'm sure this opinion will be unpopular, but I'd really like a DLC expansion for Mario Odyssey. More worlds and moons and outfits to collect please. I still have not gotten my fill.


I really hope VGChartz is way off, because these Samus Returns sales numbers are abysmal. The only saving grace is that hopefully Prime 4 will have the graphics to be an eye-catcher. Edit: I forgot, here's some #MagicalGirlMonday stuff!


At this point I really don't care if I get fired. I am NOT spending my Thanksgiving in a game store. No way, no how, not ever.


I'm sure only a small handful of you remember the old unfinished version of this guy. But here it is, mostly if not entirely finished. I know it's not for everyone, but BotW to me is the best, definitive 3D Zelda yet. Happy Linktober everyone. :)


Odyssey has officially been beaten. What a great game!


Welp, seems I've been exposed to a mild Super Mario Odyssey spoiler and I ain't gonna take it lightly. Rejoice my fellow DToiders, I take my leave until I've beaten the game. Love y'all!


Are people who buy Xboxes or Playstations only for sports or simulator games considered gamers? If yes then shouldn't mobile players also fit the label? If not, why?


Normally I believe DMCA stuff is justified, but the online multiplayer mod for SM64 is not one of them. Nintendo should have made that themselves, or at least hired the modders to put it on Switch. Having played it, it's an absolute blast with friends.


Ladies and gentlemen, here comes a new challenger!


#Linktober challenges 2 + 3. I'd love for the BotW sequel to be a sequel to Majora's Mask and have the open world be the massive inner workings of the Lost Forest. The Hero of Time deserves a true end to his story, damn it! Hero's Shade doesn't count!


A quick thing I doodled for the first Linktober challenge. I hope BotW doesn't grow to be like Skyward Sword in time in that it's loved and then almost universally hated. Even now, I still think it is the best game in the franchise, even better than OoT.


I like OG Star Fox (never played it before) but the framerate drives me insane sometimes. Can't wait to try Star Fox 2!


I very much appreciate that we can have very passionate views on very opposite sides of the spectrum on a given topic and it can still lead to threads ending in a way that is this cool.


You know what I find weird about the "being offended" debate? People often acknowledge the offensive comments ARE bad but take more issue with the folks responding to the bad comment in question regardless.


I'm pretty hyped for Super Mario Odyssey. How about you?


You encounter crappy people working retail semi-frequently, but I'd say someone who gets angry and yells at you for asking if they want to donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation is a special kind of scum. Kids with cancer can't work, you insufferable prick.


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