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This comes from July of 2015 and is from Trove. I haven't played this game since then, but I remember it being fun for what it was, and was a nice alternative to Cubeworld which seemed to be patched twice and then never again. #ScreenshotSaturday


I've never really seen any of the Mission Impossible movies besides the first one but I got invited to see Fallout. Would I need to see any of the previous films before this one or is it fairly standalone?


Ok, so Monster Hunter World is out in a few hours, I've never played a Monster Hunter before, only the demos which I found kinda frustrating mostly because of time limits, and understanding how to play properly. You think it's still worth trying?


This comes from April of 2011 and is from Portal 2. Back when Valve made games, they released an amazing sequel to the equally amazing Portal. It stepped it up in every way and helped in making 2011 an amazing year for gaming. #ScreenshotSaturday


I saw Tohsaka's post about replies not being visible to anyone, so I commented back telling him I had the same issue and it took me a solid 10 minutes before I realised he couldn't see it.


Day 6 of No Man's Sky. While taking a detour through one of the Red star systems in search of a much needed mineral, I ended up in this lovely Galaxy with one of the most unique and alien moons I've come across so far.


This comes from September of 2011 and is from Gears of War 3. It was cool seeing the story come to a close, but I probably enjoyed it the least out of the 3. I still had a lot of fun with it though, it just lacked something. #ScreenshotSaturday


Day 3 of No Man's Sky. Still enjoying it but I appear to be at a point in the main story where it's making me wait a long time before I can move on. Feels almost mobile which is a bit odd. Never used to be like this.


Had to share this, it's so gorgeous. It's a barren planet but the rings surrounding it makes for some beautiful screens.


You boot up Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch as you hop in to bed, the lights are off, the room is dark, and you cozy up as you load up your save. Just as your eyes settle in to the darkness...


Ok so I'm watching Doctor Who Season 10 finally, enjoying it so far, but I feel like I'm missing something. Was there a special episode between Season 9's Christmas special and Episode 1 of Season 10? I'll leave why I'm asking in the comments.


This comes from March of 2015 and is from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I know we're all tired of hearing about the series, but I thought Advanced Warfare was pretty good. Felt great to play, and featured a Sydney map in the dlc. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from November of 2008 and is from Gears of War 2, my favorite game in the series. it stepped it up in almost every way from the first, and I love going back to replay it every so often. Hope they remake it someday. #ScreenshotSaturday


HDR, does it truly matter for gaming? Specifically if you were thinking of getting a 4K TV, but HDR makes it more expensive.


Does anyone have those racing wheels for games like Forza Horizon? if so, any recommendations on a good one? Specifically for Forza Horizon 3 and potentially 4.


This comes from April of 2015 and is from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Can't believe it's been 3 years since I put it down. I'll have to finish it one of these days because what I played was really good. Looked beautiful too. #ScreenshotSaturday


Just curious, but do people actually play their Nintendo Switch at a cafe with friends? or is this a conspiracy they want us to believe?


I'm entirely convinced that there's a creature or entity that exists only to tangle my headphones when I leave the room. There is no other explanation for this.


This comes from June of 2016 and is from Overwatch. I use to main Reaper when I first started, but gravitated towards Mercy over time. Don't play it much anymore sadly, but I do remember it fondly. #ScreenshotSaturday


Silly observation, but I like how the new characters revealed for Smash are Daisy and Ridley.


I am absolutely blown away by the people that do the Body/Facial animations for the Kingdom Hearts series. Each world looks and feels exactly like their respective movies, and I couldn't be more happy or excited for KH3.


This comes from June of 2017 and is from Ori and the Blind Forest. I've probably talked about it twice now, but it's just so good. Also the Xbox conference is tomorrow and I'm hoping for some gameplay of Will of the Wisps. #ScreenshotSaturday


Bonus screenshot for Torchman. This comes from June of 2004 and is from Spiderman 2. Back then this game was awesome, and featured one of the best swinging mechanics to ever grace a Video game. #TorchmanTuesday #HappyBirthdaySpidey


As people get older, they tend to stop asking the important questions, so let's fix that. What is your favorite color?


This comes from October of 2014 and is from Transformers: Fall of Cyberton. Despite it's straightforward gameplay, this and War for Cybertron are still the best Transformers games ever made. #ScreenshotSaturday


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