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This comes from July of 2015 and is from God of War 3 Remastered. This game had one of the strongest and best openings I've ever experienced, and still holds up incredibly well today. Hope everyone is enjoying the new one. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from April of 2014 and is from MGS V: Ground Zeroes. A memorable game for me in the early PS4 days, it had a ton of variety in the way you approached missions, and served as a great opener for The Phantom Pain. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from August of 2014 and is from Infamous: First Light. I'm not sure what it is about Infamous games, but I just can't get into them. Picked this one up since I heard it was short and enjoyed it for what it was. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from January of 2014 and is from Star Wars: Jedi Academy. This and Jedi Outcast had some of the best Lighsaber combat in any game and I'm still holding out hope for a sequel. Jedi Knight III at E3? #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from January of 2013 and is from Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. One of the most beautiful games ever made, it was hard not to love this game immediately. It's animations, music, and world are all incredible. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from June of 2011 and is from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This game got me into the Elder Scrolls series so naturally it's my favorite. the setting is great, the music is fantastic and overall, it was a blast to play. #ScreenshotSaturday


I've been active in this community for a little over a year now and I just want to take this time to say thanks for being some of the nicest people on the internet, Dtoid.


Finally got around to watching Thor: Ragnarok. Funniest and best Marvel movie so far. Unbelievably good.


Just need a clarification. If I buy Final Fantasy XV on GMG, I also get access to the Gordon Freeman suit, right? I know it's listed on there, I just want to be sure.


This comes from March of 2017 and is from Breath of the Wild. To celebrate the 1 Year anniversary of the Switch and Zelda, I've started playing this game again and it's still just as amazing. I've really missed the climbing feature. #ScreenshotSaturday


I'm liking what I've played of Sea of Thieves, but the players in the world have been making it a horrible experience for me, and I'm not sure I want to continue playing. Such a shame.


Did anyone know there was a Final Fantasy XV playable demo on PC? Just came out apparently. I had no idea.


This comes from July of 2015 and is from Rocket League, a game I would not have played if it wasn't free on PS Plus. It's really incredible to see how it's evolved over the years, and it only continues to get better. #ScreenshotSaturday


Bayonetta 2 is fantastic. Also there is a song and area in Chapter 8 that I absolutely love. Gave me this feeling I had when I played Kingdom Hearts 1 as a kid. Honestly, the whole game feels like a nostalgia trip and it wasn't even around back then.


When you're playing a game and it presents you with 2 paths, and you hope the path you chose is a side path so you can get the extra stuff before you progress, but then the cut scene triggers and you realise it is not. I love that.


This comes from October of 2017 and is from Stardew Valley. I didn't really expect to like this game, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It's just so calm and relaxing when you've set everything up for the season. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from April of 2017 and is from Kingdom Hearts 1.5HD. I was about 13-14 when I played the original, and instantly loved it. The worlds, music and characters were all fantastic, and it was great to re-live it all again on PS4. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from March of 2014 and is from Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Skipped this one for the PS3, but later picked it up on PS4 and enjoyed it quite a bit. Still have yet to play the sequel, but I'm sure it's just as good. #ScreenshotSaturday


When Nintendo released The Champions Ballad, they made a slight nod in the News tab that I feel went unappreciated. So I'd like to share it.


This comes from July of 2015 and is from God of War 3 remastered. With stunning locations and amazing boss fights, this game was truly ahead of it's time when it came out on the PS3, and still looks gorgeous today. #ScreenshotSaturday


This comes from April of 2017 and is from Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5HD. This collection brought me back to my childhood and I love everything about it, and now at 60fps, it's better than ever. Give it a chance if you haven't already. #ScreenshotSaturday


I love Dragon Ball FighterZ. It's exactly the kind of fighter I'm into. I couldn't find an Online match though, something wrong with the servers I think? but the bot matches and training stuff were great.


This comes from March of 2014 and is from Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Since the Switch announcement, I feel this game needs some love this week so here we are. An absolutely must play platformer that brings back the old school feels. #ScreenshotSaturday


If anyone here wants some games from the recent Humble Bundle I'll put the codes in the comments. Just let people know you took the code.


Despite the amount of hate No Man's Sky gets these days, flying up into space for the first time is a moment I will never forget.


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