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If anyone has a complete list of bugs and fish leaving in March in Animal Crossing, I'd love to check it out. All the sites I've checked either have missing creatures from other lists or are giving inconsistent times to catch them.


Jedi Academy on Switch! The time is finally here aaand it's 30 bucks.. hmm I have some decisions to make.


I'm not sure how people are making good custom designs in Animal Crossing. I try to make the design and it looks alright in the template, but on the canvas it looks bad, I don't understand.


Iron Nuggets are quite the pain in Animal Crossing, I only have 5 at the moment and I got rid of the rocks that I can get to at the moment in my village so I'm in quite the dilemma.


Are you using your real names on Animal Crossing or your online name? Didn't really think about it until now.


Happy Birthday CJ! Hope you are having an awesome day today.


I'm having a hard time getting past the main menu of Ori and the Will of the Wisps because the theme is just so beautiful.


Happy Birthday Nekro! even though it's a Tuesday over here. I guess with timezones you can have two birthdays so I hope both of them were awesome.


Happy Birthday Bass! Hope I'm not too late, but I hope you have an incredible birthday.


While listening to the FFVII menu theme in the demo, I noticed a part of it sounded similar to an older movie. I'll say the movie in the comments but be warned, it's unexpected, and what is known cannot be unknown.


Me after the FFVII Demo having not played the original:


Happy Birthday Vxxy! Hope you had an incredible day with lots of food and gifts.


To the Animal Crossing people, is the game sort of like Stardew Valley? I'm considering picking it up but I'm not sure I'll be into it. I liked Stardew though.


Happy Birthday Xeo! Hope you have, or are having, the best possible day today.


Just curious, but was the Spiderman Season Pass any good? I didn't get around to it but I really enjoyed the main game.


Happy Birthday Shoggoth! Hope it was an awesome one.


What happened to the framerate in the Master Chief Collection? Started up Halo 1 again but it's running so poorly. It never used to run this bad before.


Happy Birthday Panda! hopefully it's been a great one and you got some cool stuff.


Happy Birthday Wes! Hope it's been an awesome day so far.


One thing I don't like about new Smash Bros. character reveals is that even if it's someone they wanted, or didn't want, most people only care about the next character reveal. I just want Sakurai to sleep and not have to stress ever again.


"Oh no, it's not that bad. Look, I have my own bucket!"


I might be a bit late (Timezones!) but Soulbow, I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with all the things you enjoy. Also wishing you and everyone here a Happy New Year as well.


Happy Birthday RiffRaff! hope it's been an incredible day with neat gifts, good food and even gooder vibes. Yes gooder is a word.


Anyone here still playing EA's Battlefront 2? I'm curious to know how it got better and what were the changes that made it better.


Been having those dreams where it's only that one game you've been playing way too much of in the real world, so yeah, I think I love Death Stranding.


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