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If anyone is picking up Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam, it's 12% off on Green Man Gaming.


Since completing Death Stranding a second time and now being able to use the photo mode, I've rightly gone ahead and taken 206 photos. I will treasure them all.


If anyone's playing, or planning on playing Death Stranding on Steam with a controller, make sure to uncheck the controller boxes in Steam settings because for me with it checked, for some reason, I was losing 25fps. The weirdest bug I've ever seen.


No spoilers, but the Ghost of Tsushima's waypoint system is, dare I say, a breath of fresh air. Seriously though it's cool.


Wrapped up Season 3 of The Dragon Prince and I think it's my new favorite. I'll leave my spoiler thoughts in the comments as always.


Season 2 of The Dragon Prince is complete and I liked it better than the first. I'll leave my spoiler thoughts in the comments.


I never did find those Mountain Dew Doritos. Perhaps I was not meant to experience perfection.


Thanks to Morty's suggestion, I've now started watching The Dragon Prince and just finished Season 1. I'll leave my spoiler thoughts in the comments, but so far it's pretty good.


That's Voltron: Legendary Defender all wrapped up. It had it's highs and lows as all things do, but it's a damn good show. I'll leave some of my Season 8 spoiler thoughts in the comments, but for the series overall, I recommend it.


Wrapped up Season 7 of Voltron and it was awesome as well and I think it may overtake 6 as my favorite but I can't decide. I'll leave some thoughts in the comments.


Still going through Voltron. Wrapped up Seasons 3,4,5 and had to jump on here to say that Season 6 is incredible. It's the only season so far to give me chills watching it, specifically toward the end.


Now that a certain Naughty Dog game is out in some places, I want to remind everyone to please leave all thoughts about it in the comments as well as any screenshots. Some people can't play it yet and I want them to feel safe from spoilers here. [BUMP]


Finished Season 2 of Voltron and it's still really great. It felt like an extension to Season 1, but more of a good thing is still a good thing. Feel free to leave any questions about it in the comments if you'd like.


Thanks to Kevin's suggestion, I'm now starting Voltron and have just finished watching Season 1. It's pretty damn good so far. Some quick thoughts in the comments.


Just wrapped up Season 4 of The Legend of Korra which now means I've officially watched the entire series. My spoiler thoughts are in the comments as always.


Finished watching Season 3 of The Legend of Korra. I'll put my spoiler thoughts in the comments.


Wrapped up Season 2 of The Legend of Korra and I still like it very much. Spoiler thoughts as always are in the comments.


Finished watching the first season of The Legend of Korra and I enjoyed it quite a bit. full spoiler thoughts in the comments.


Curious, but if you could be a bender from Avatar, what element would you choose, Air, Water, Earth, or Fire?


I was about to start Legend of Korra but then I see The Last Airbender movie is on here too. I think Korra can wait a bit because I need to see just how bad this movie is. EDIT: It's not that bad, just incredibly rushed.


Season 3 of Avatar is complete. It's a damn good series overall and I really enjoyed it. Sadly Legend of Korra isn't on Netflix, but I'll get to that as soon as I can.


Saw the PS5 event...


That's Season 2 of Avatar wrapped up. I liked it more than the first which does makes sense. Might talk a bit more about it in the comments to avoid spoilers.


Finally got around to watching Avatar and just wrapped up Season 1. It's definitely a show people watched before or after school, has that sort of vibe.


Say what you want about the new Star Wars, but Rey's theme is absolutely beautiful.


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