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Catching bugs on the side of trees for the Critterpedia in Animal Crossing is an internal nightmare from which I cannot escape.


So if someone was to start playing the Yakuza series, what game should they start with? I saw that 0 is a prequel made after 5, so does that mean you should start from Kiwami?


To anyone with Covid, are you doing ok? This thing hits people different so I just want to make sure everyone is ok.


With Cyberpunk on base PS4, as blurry and choppy as it is, I'm amazed it looks as good as it does. Definitely not how you'd want to play it, but I'm impressed at how much of the visuals are kept intact from that 2018 demo and running on this system.


A new patch came out today for the PS4 version of Cyberpunk and it's 17.6GB. This is going to be a download hog of a game isn't it? I suppose on the plus side they are fixing things quickly.


Grabbing the Master Chief skin on a Playstation is a pretty surreal experience. The times, they are-a- changin.


Looking back on this information from March, it seems CD Project Red were a little overconfident.


I know people like to dunk on Fortnite but look at him, he looks so cool in this game. I'll share more pictures in the comments.


A question for people who beat Miles Morales, do you need to play the original game to fully understand and enjoy the story of this one? Or does it stand on it's own for the most part?


What's that? Watch the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy again? Well I guess my hands are tied on this one.


I guess in a way, I'm grateful Bloodborne isn't 60fps at 4K because if it was, the PS5 preorders would be backed up until 2022.


I really want a Killzone trilogy remaster.


You know when you're watching a video and an ad pops up so you click on it because you like what it's trying to sell you? Yeah me neither.


Could you imagine swearing allegiance to one console and then not getting to enjoy any of the other system's games because your pride won't allow it. Sounds like a nightmare.


I have all these PS3 games just sitting on a shelf and I can't play a single one of them. While I'm glad my PS4 games won't share the same fate, I wish Sony tried a bit harder.


I usually buy both consoles anyway so I'm not too fussed about the recent news, but I'm sure it's upsetting to hear if you only played their games on Playstation, assuming they're planning on going all exclusive.


You ever think about how we're all in different parts of the world, and yet we can communicate with each other like we're in the same room? The future is pretty cool sometimes.


Damn, anything From Software makes now is going to look old compared to what Bluepoint is doing for Demons Souls, it looks incredible.


Before I head to bed, I'll still say for the PS5 that I expect it to be $499 Disc and $399 Discless. Anything under that would surprise me, but I'd love to see it.


I have finally overcome Resident Evil 7. What an awesome game, really excited to play through it a second time with cleaner pants and just wrecking shop.


I downloaded Resident Evil 7 thanks to Gamepass but I'm too scared to play it. I know I can do it, I just really hate jump scares.


Going through Horizon on PS4 since the PC port has been letting me down lately and I love it too much to stop. Haven't played The Frozen Wilds yet so I'm excited to finally get to it.


So Fortnite just added Wolverine into the game which now makes it the greatest game ever, but not only that, they pretty much gave me my own personal glider as well. I'm shocked.


You know what, Darksiders 3 was pretty damn good.


There's so many people streaming these days and I can't keep up with any of it so I'm sorry to any of you who stream here and I'm never around.


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