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I'm close to wrapping up the post game stuff in FFXV. I'm not sure what I'll play after it. So many I have to return to. So many yet to be opened. Go back to Persona 5? Maybe going for a shorter game would be best? I still have to finish Sonic Mania. Hmm.


Happy Birthday Dere! Um...you talk about poop a lot. But we still love you! Have a wonderful day, buddy :).


I also just caught the Liege of The Lake. I'm the king of FFXV fishing!


I've finally caught The Devil of the Cygillan. Take that, Navyth!


I just got my platinum trophy in FFXV. Yessss.


Current status:


I watched the Samurai Jack series finale yesterday. It was so good. It kind of sucks that the series is truly over now. But it ended so well. Nice job, Genndy and crew.


Someone please explain what happened here today lol. This is me coming back to see all of this weird shit on the QPs:


Episode 8 of Samurai Jack Season 5...is not an episode I was expecting to see. But I liked it. It was special. (Vagueness!) I'm curious to see how they wrap everything up. (Image below does not come from latest episode. Watch the new season, damnit!)


Happy Star Wars Day (May The 4th), everybody :D! Here's a classic video to get you all in the mood:


Current Status:


Looking for a German who likes anime girl magicians and anime girls who work with tanks. He may be a clone of Hitler, but he's also funny and smells like cinnamon (???) . Likes Overwatch and a boy from Jersey. If you find him, pls tell him I miss him :(.


I watched the new episode of Samurai Jack. Season 5 premiere. It was freaking good, guys. I'm feeling great about the rest of the miniseries. I hope it delivers. Gets that balance between serious and the humorous, lighter moments right. So far so good :D.


Paging @Occams. Paging @Occams :D. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/168282293/lisa-frank-makeup-collaboration?ref=NewsACMar0217


I got Horizon Zero Dawn for my birthday. Spent the day with my family and had a great dinner. Damn good birthday :).


This has probably been posted here already, but I'm going to post it anyway. JACK IS BACKKKKKKKKK ON MARCH 11TH!


Oh man.. I've finally hit the halfway mark in my weight loss goal. I've lost 60 pounds so far and it's only been about 4 months. Yessssss.


Happy Birthday, Panda. I hope you have a wonderful day and lots of fun.


Happy Birthday, WesLikesTacos! May the taco gods favor you evermore :D. (<3)


The Nintendo presentation wasn't that great, but it had its moments. The highlights for me were the Mario trailer, the Zelda trailer, and the Octopath Traveler trailer. It was fun watching it with some of you guys (you know who you are...I hope lol.)


It's a bit late, but I don't care: Phil is a nice guy. One of the lewdest members on here, he's fun to have around. I loved watching movies with you on movie night, dude. We're lucky to have you here with us, Mikey! #PhilToid


Occams has been a voice of reason and a charming presence on Dtoid for years now. A lovable dude with some really weird interests. (<3) We're lucky to have him here with us. I wish I knew him better (god I suck at these.) #Occamstoid You rock, Occams!


So...sleep; I should be getting some but I just can't. Damnit :(. Maybe I'll play some FFXV..or something. Lol.


Happy New Year, guys! I hope you have a great new year. As for resolutions, I will continue being a part of this lovely community of people and get closer to you guys. I want to continue making progress with my weight loss. I've lost 53 Lb in 3 months!


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Really looking forward to Links Awakening It looks too fucking adorable! Really hope it scratches that top down Zelda itch that hasnt been scratched since A Between


Hey GM, I found a great shirt for you :)


Introducing Wes Montgomery and his bionic GIF


I listened to you guys and got resident evil Im a couple of hours into clairs campaign and its real fucking You guys did not lead me Tim summarised the game best in the

Riff Raff

Beat Astral Chain last night! While I think it was slightly overrated, I still had an absolute That Chapter 11 had one of the coolest looking environments of any P* game! I think Im going to enjoy my NG+ run more than my 4/5!


Apparently Hyper Light Drifter is getting a tabletop rpg Im

Kevin Mersereau

I just started watching My Hero Academia for the first I’m only five episodes deep, but this dude is 100% my favorite so far!


Damn, Im getting published left, right and center


Seriously Real Anybody else getting logged out every other day?


Tried to play the celeste Spent 6 hours finishing the summit b side I apparently was in the middle of the last time I played 😭



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