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Guys, I've found Torch in Comic Strip form.


The feels when there is no new episode of Dragon Ball Super to watch this week:


This video made me laugh way more than it probably should've:


Spam spam spam spam spam spam...


Here's a song befitting the current status of the Cblogs and Qtoid:


So Black Panther is coming out this weekend. I want to see that at some point. But in the meantime...I'm going to list all my favorite MCU movies. See the list in the comments :).


I’ve found a good picture of Wes, guys:


This teaser is just...no. You don’t tease a movie called “Venom” by showing us no Venom. That’s stupid. That’s just poor marketing.


I've found Torch's One True God, guys: Mecha Jesus!


#Shoutouttoid to the whole community. You guys are awesome :D. (Except for that one person. They really suck!)


Wes loves only one bunny.


Hey guys. No I'm not dead. Just sleepy. I'm here to say that I hope you're all doing well and I'm glad that the site seems to be functioning slightly better these days. Have a good weekend :D


PSA: Holmes, I love you. But you look like a David Cross impersonator. Please shave that damn beard. #ShaveItOff <3


I know others have already talked about it. But I'm happy that this is finally happening. Capcom is making a new Megaman game :D


http://www.capcom-unity.com/capkel/blog/2017/11/30/tune-in-to-the-mega-man-30th-anniversary-livestream-on-december-4th Ok... If they don’t announce something new and worthwhile, please feel free to kill me. Just send me to wherever Megaman is now.


It’s 2 days late (damn servers), but it’s now been over 7 yrs since I created this account. I had an account before that so it’s actually been over 10 yrs now, but still. I hope you all enjoyed your Turkey Day. And here’s to more years to come :).


Happy late birthdays to Deadmoon and Flanx and whoever the fuck else had a birthday recently or is about to have one. Love you guys :).


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