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Happy Birthday to Matt I Guess and Occams. I hope you both have had great birthdays. Love you guys <3.


Happy late Birthday to Goofierbrute and Happy Birthday to Shinkz! <3


Look at what I got in the mail yesterday :D. Open to any recommendations for games to get on it. Also expandable storage. (Many thanks to Wes and DTOID contests. I definitely wasn’t expecting to win one. It pays to try!)


I’ve posted an article worth reading in the comments attached to this post if you’re super worried about the current pandemic. Please continue practicing good hygiene and stay safe. Love to you all <3.


I had a great bday with my family on Friday and a nice homemade dinner with them on Saturday. Thanks to all of you who sent me bday wishes. Also happy bday to Limo and Jetter Mars <3.


Happy New Year to you all :D. Any new year resolutions, gaming or otherwise? One of mine is to pop in here more often <3.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and have a wonderful Christmas <3




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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day :D


Guys, I’ve finally found a picture of GameManiac3434 :O


To be filed under "No shit": https://www.pcgamer.com/blizzard-has-completely-changed-say-diablos-original-creators/


Finally got my wisdom teeth removed. So far so good. Hopefully everything heals up without complications. Hope you're all doing well, you lovely bastards <3. Here's a pic of something I can't eat right now lol


Finally beat RDR2. Enjoyed it but damn it's a big game lol. Video not related but I like it so fuck it.


Hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing well today :)


Happy Mutation Day to FrostyFlakes and Ninjaspeed. You're both cool dudes :)


This is funny lol. (Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well today <3)


Quick question guys: Have any of you ever used CD keys dot com for PS Plus subs or anything else? I'm thinking of grabbing a subscription but I want to know if they're reliable or not.


I like this image lol. I hope you all have a great April 1st :).


Happy International Women's Day, Bayonetta. You wonderful librarian witch goddess <3. Also to you nice people :).


Happy birthday to my good friend TheBlondeBass. Have a pic of Kat, you lovely French Canadian <3


I had a good birthday with my family yesterday. I hope you all have a lovely day today <3


Current Status: (Hey guys. I haven't been here in a while. I hope that you're all doing well. I doubt anyone remembers me)


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