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Getting a Megaman 11 ad in my animu is a sign.


1994. Trying to tend my retro gaming fix. Reality caught up to me.


Okay ... so I found this little Easter egg just now. A minute into a new run. Then something happened and I ended up with some sou... I mean cells. I love this game.


So I played a bit of Spelunky and it gave me the idea to finally tackle this beast...


So, Bethesda killed my bit of interest I had for Fallout 76 by using their own launcher instead of steam. Well, at least I don't need an excuse for owning it anymore.


So, the new Humble Monthy has Tales of Breasteria in it? Guess I'll pay early for once...


I know I found something worth giving a watch when this scene is part of the opening... Edit: The CG art style needs some getting used to but I learned some things about Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight so it's fine.


Another game died a horrible death...


Oh, look, It's this time of the year again. Happy Explosion Day to the folks in Freedom Land.


Man, I sure have missed some interesting series in the last few months. Fuck my backlog this has now priority.


The next explosion will be in movie form, it's about time!


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