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After my graphic card died earlier today and I found a temporary replacement in a VERY old PC in my basement I used the time to watch Castlevania season 2 because 256mb vram doesn't allow for much. Episode 7 was worth the previous 6 exposition episodes.


And look who's back.


Well ... it fits the season, I guess.


So, I followed the strange oversea trend of changing my profile to a horror version because two weeks from now stupid brats will throw eggs at storefronts and this is somehow celebrated... ah, whatever, I follow like the sheep I am.


Playing the new DLC for XCOM2 reminded me how much fun I had playing XCOM in the first place. Still miss Vahlen though...


Well ... now I also own Hollow Knight. Time to see what this fuss was all about being so good. Also, hope the rest of the Humble Monthly will be less duplicates...


Next time I want to get rid of a woman I'll use this line. Should work most of the time.


New content coming for XCOM - WotC ... for free, next week. Now I need some new pants. But instead of changing I will put more time into VC4 to finish it before the 9th.


Even with all that Halloween craze in the qposts I'm getting some mixed signals here...


So I read somewhere that Valve changed the name of a card in their upcoming card game because certain words were used. Will Bandai follow suit when people notice Ivy fighting Zazalamel with her snake sword in SoulCalibur 6?


Well, chapter 4 of VC4 tried to kick me in the balls hard. But ma boy Aulard saved the day with the last CP and is now corporal. And for some reason his rifle now has the same camo as his headband.


There is literally no shop in town or around that sells resistors and capacitors ... wtf. What a sad world we live in.


Thinking about the last few days I came to the conclusion that we need to include Torch into our fetish outbursts so I created this... Dozette.


Seems like my half broken TV finally reached its limit. I should buy a new one but for some reason I have this urge to repair it myself. First I have to figure out if there is a electronic stuff store in town to get some parts. They became pretty rare.


The last time I was this early ... well, I would rather forget.


I think we should send Mike on vacation to Haesindang Park in South Korea. Maybe some others here too. This would solve so many problems. While it's art and/or culture I'll post an impression in the comments for safety reasons.


So I just noticed that comments are disabled on Steam user reviews. How will I now know when someone is telling stupid stuff in their review?


Trying to not click the buy button for 20% off Valkyria Chronicles 4 ... damn, that's hard... I don't think I can resist much longer. Send help! Or Boobs!


Time to go back to Heroes for a bit. Don't judge me.


So, after my physiotherapy I went to a store for household goods to buy a new egg cooker. While paying the guy at the cash register asked me "So did you actually play Metal Gear or is this just a fashion statement." That confused me.


So I finally started watching Dragon Prince. I'm only halfway through the first episode but saying that the animations are choppy is a big understatement. Hope I'll get used to that.


Because I'm still too young for a midlife crisis.


Hm... I just remembered ... shouldn't there be a Gundam game on steam by now? Guess it got erased from history for it's crime against humanity.


So that's it for DBZA for the foreseeable future. It was a fun ride. Now to wait for Hellsing finale and season 3 of FF7A.


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