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Now that I'm officially old this would be a good investment, I guess. #blessedmas?


So, was Cyberpunk delayed so that it would miss the nominations for The Game Award to not have to compete with TLOU2 and get GotY next year after a few patches and DLC? Because it doesn't seem they delayed it to fix the game.


I'm slightly concerned...


I had a bird in my kitchen ... which is strange considering that all windows were closed.


Hm... that's something that exists.


HeroQuest Remaster, now with 30% more boobs.


So ... I was visiting amazon to look for some varnish to seal some paint... didn't expect to find bras and pvc body suits on the first few rows but that was okay I guess? The full nudity, definitly nsfw, image for "orgy-sheets" was a surprise though.


Every few months this man puts a smile on my face... it'S that time again.


You may think I would throw Black Lagoon in to the #OPtoic mix but instead you got this.


When you are so lazy that you risk your livelihood just because you don't want to make a simple phone call.


I love you but...


I like some things and my lack of creativity is not one of them. That is all.


Time to celebrate Torch's birth with a PiƱata.


Warning: Comments may contain puns...


#MyFirstQPost After scrolling for like 10 minutes I finally reached it... Guess this place confused me from the very beginning.


So, it's special day for two people? Sorry but I have only one image as a gift so you have to share. So leave something for Matt Occams.


All those recent qpost reminded me that I actually like cats. I like white cats, black cats, Spanish cats, yellow cats, hot cats, cold cats, wet cats, tight cats, big cats, bloody cats, fat cats, hairy cats, smelly cats, velvet cats, silk cats...


I was so bored I finally finished the player 2 portrait...


Oh, it April again, no wonder I see so many...


Burning Finger Take: a few takes here aren't wrong.


Take cover from all those birthday wishes dude and stay save.


Something something...


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