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So ... Nindendo is back into the "look like an idiot while gaming" business? Great.


Worst part of Christmas is finally over ... time to relax.


I missed this part in the movie ... it would have been a great addition.


So, a friend visited me for a few beer to celebrate me getting old and he found me a little something. Good timing considering that I just re-started New Vegas yesterday.


Now I'm older than I ever expected to be one day ... still feels the same as yesterday.


I'm in a strange mood today ...


Well, this should count as #Musictoid ... I guess?


Time for some fast dinner. Pic highly related.


Tell me why I don't like Mondays ... and ponies.


Wait, the Star Ocean PC port will have Denuvo? For real now? I... what... äh...


Hm.. after buying Witcher 3 yesterday I somehow ended up buying Shadow Tactics today before the other one even finished downloading. I can't control myself.


Damn ... I was weak and couldn't resist ... got Witcher 3 GotY. Now I just hope it's not as bad as I imagined.


Shit thing about having two jobs is when a college from job1 ends up in the hospital and you feel bad about not being able to jump in to replace him for the day because you have a shift in job2.


First I was like "hm ... maybe I should just buy Shadow of War or even AssCreed Orgy" but now there is Witcher 3 GotY for 20 bucks on steam ... gnaaaaa


So, I guess this is some new trend or something?


Going to work but coming back from the hospital is not the best start to a weekend. Fuck getting old.


I'm not even at the opening and already dying from laughter... This is just too stupid.


So, finally finished Rise of the Tomb Raider yesterday. Today I wanted to do this expedition and endurance stuff but ... SquareEnix sever down. Great.


Damn, loot boxes are everywhere, even in anime.


My new spirit animal.


Well ... seems like Spider-Man isn't the only one with sticky hands after using the web...


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