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Steam lets you rate user reviews as positive, negative or funny ... and every day I wish for a forth "stupid beyond believe" option.


A Gundam amusement park is not a bad idea but including a colony drop land? That only works in the far future where people will stop getting offended by every little BS :D


Something, something, ception. But it's something I asked myself more times than I probably should.


Fuck me for 100%ing Stories: Path of destiny... that last achievement was such a pain and just showed that the leveling system wasn't really balanced for the games length.


I kinda got hooked on Yakuza 6s story. It's basically a Yakuza Dad of Gang War with less talking heads and more talking evil eyebrows.


After two months I'm finally free of the splint on my arm \o/ Still can't really move my are with more than 15% range and have those wires in there that are trying to burst through my skin every movement I make but hey ... progress.


Han Solo was always kinda hot even from a dude perspective but now I'm confused and feel a different kind of hot. Next movie should have been "SOLO: A Disney Princess Story"


Just wasted four hours waiting in the hospital for some x-rays and a "everything seems fine so far, see you next time" and a "don't look so grumpy, you should smile more"...


Best thing about the final Deadpool 2 trailer is the description below the video. Oh, and Peter.


#selfitoid Just a few weeks more and I can game like a teenage god again \o/


So, do the new wires in my elbow make me a cyborg or just an enhanced human?


Why didn't someone tell me that the current hero brawl in heroes of the storm is a real coop mission and fun?


Being able to just use one arm gives a totally new perspective on game controls or the hardship of fapping as a one armed bandit.


So, who missed me? I'm back regardless. Some stupid surgery will not keep me away for long. What did I miss? (pic not all that unrelated...) https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragonball/images/c/c2/Android18DefeatsVegeta.png


#selfitoid I think I should prepare some ice right now...


Do you know what's better than Into the Breach? Into the Breach Gundam Edition \o/


Damn, I'm bored...


Hm... kay, I'm interested.


After 40 hours I got the last achievement for Into The Breach. Still missing two secret pilots though...but I need to play something else for a while.


Hm... seems legit.


So, I just saw the NoGameNoLife movie and now I need a Schwi in my life...


Hm... So Wakanda is real?


So, information about the first two DLC characters for DBFighterZ are out. The additions are not surprising. No date yet so ... hm ... still on the fence.


Oh, great. Steam updated the client wishlist ... and removed my sorting option of choice ... yay.


Started to watch a "new" mecha anime. It reminds me of my workplace ... full of idiots.


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