DeS: Why Destiny 2 is failing as an esport
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Man, I love Fillion.


I know I found something worth giving a watch when this scene is part of the opening... Edit: The CG art style needs some getting used to but I learned some things about Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight so it's fine.


Another game died a horrible death...


I would watch this...


Hm... well, why not.


#ChoiceToid Should I buy Trails in the Sky OR Trails of Cold Steel


Oh, look, It's this time of the year again. Happy Explosion Day to the folks in Freedom Land.


Man, I sure have missed some interesting series in the last few months. Fuck my backlog this has now priority.


Current mood...


The next explosion will be in movie form, it's about time!


So, I actually won one of those games from the Steam Sale event minigame... too bad it's the shit one...


Right now I wish I could take screenshots in my PS3 game... guess I'll have to wait till emulation works better.


Thinking about getting Far Cry 4 or Far Cry 5 while others have lound se... hug sessions.#MyBattlefield


So I heard Mike is designing a Boss for Megaman 11?


HM... keay, that's a thing. Video Games are strange.


So ... I have this one frickin fly in my apartment/flat right now...


Well ... now a Wolfenstein game where you don't want to play BJ but want one from the protagonist... progress \o/


Skimming through the qposts I guess the EA press conference should have been called "EAs Waste of Time". Luckily I stayed a safe distance away wasting time with actual video games.


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