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After watching Master of the Universe yesterday and getting a good nights sleep I'm finally ready to rate it. It's okay at best. I liked some things but the writing was meh. Many things just didn't make sense to me. Mer-Man part, I'm looking at you.


Finally a game where I can play myself...


Does this new Steam Deck thingy also have backwards compatibility? Because my backlog would need that for the next two decades.


Now I know how bong feels some times.


Another package arrived... Somebody should stop me from wasting money on stupid board games while I have no friends to play with.


Luke Warm Take: Pixels was a good movie.


Well, seems like I got a package. Probably some sort of man-children bullshit nobody really needs.


Being poor makes you creative some times...


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I remembered this after there was a follow up posted today. Interesting stuff. Reminded me of all the talk about cinematic experiences in video games some time back.


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Anyone interested in Secret Neighbor? Key in the comments. Be decent enough to leave a note of you grabbed it so others don't waste their time trying to redeem it.


Current status...


A surprisingly interesting video for people with interest in sprite art and animations. Hour well spent.


So, a playmobil version of Dino Riders is a thing now? That's 35 years too late.


I don't use my phone enough to warrant a home screen image anymore...


Suddenly I remembered that the epic game store exists. Totally forgot about it because I haven't seen any articles anywhere on the next great free game. Did they stop with that or did people stop giving a shit about this marketing stuff?


Searching games by Steam tags is fun...


If you want me to even consider buying a PS5 you would have to AT LEAST remake this forgotten gem from my younger days.


Rewatching a few scenes from the JL Snyder Cut to see if I missed something due to tiredness I still feel like Flash is being pretty creepy during the car accident scene. But maybe it's just me.


Finally got the map filled achievement ... what a pain it was.


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