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Do you know what's better than Into the Breach? Into the Breach Gundam Edition \o/


Damn, I'm bored...


Hm... kay, I'm interested.


After 40 hours I got the last achievement for Into The Breach. Still missing two secret pilots though...but I need to play something else for a while.


Hm... seems legit.


So, I just saw the NoGameNoLife movie and now I need a Schwi in my life...


Hm... So Wakanda is real?


So, information about the first two DLC characters for DBFighterZ are out. The additions are not surprising. No date yet so ... hm ... still on the fence.


Oh, great. Steam updated the client wishlist ... and removed my sorting option of choice ... yay.


Started to watch a "new" mecha anime. It reminds me of my workplace ... full of idiots.


Yeah, only one moth till Blowjob-and-Schnitzel-Day.


2T1L I have two job and hate both of them. I've a fear of women. I'm so lazy that it nearly killed me, literally.


Damn ... it's really hard to resist the temptation to just buy DBFighterZ and say "Fuck it"...


Wes created the Atari E.T. game. But anyway, what did I miss?


ProJared just convinced me to get Monster Hunter World at release instead of waiting for a price drop. Well, at least as long as the PC version will not turn out to be a giant monster turd.


Damn, guess I have to buy the game after all...


Man, I am surprised at how much fun I have playing the dragon bitch in Heroes.


Not sure what I think of this translation/localization... "Be yourself. Unless you can be a dragon, then always be the dragon."


Guess I will watch Your Name now. I heard it's a good way to find out if there are onion ninjas hiding in your closet.


So... Dragonball FighterZ will have loot boxes and two currencys but at the start no micro transactions ... yet. Is that about right?


Happy B-Day I guess?


So ... Nindendo is back into the "look like an idiot while gaming" business? Great.


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