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So... a follow up series to Gundam 00 is in the works it seems. It's called Gundam DD.


#OPToid hm? Well ... can't keep my waifu out of this now, can I?


And this is why Stellaris ended up on my wishlist...


I need a new girlfriend.


Started rewatching the very first season of Star Trek TNG for the first time in around 25 years. Tasha still activates my teenager boner. As does Doctor milf...


Well ... a new Konosuba episode is out so I made a trailer for you guys.


Sooo, no flat contract termination. My landlord is a much more understanding than expected and is surprisingly fond of me as a tenant. Now I can finally sleep again \o/


Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. II P.L.U.S. is seriously kicking me in the balls.


So... disqus replaced the stupid coffee ad in the comments with Gundam model ads ... can't really be mad at them now, can I?


Panic. Head spinning. Might loose my apartment and end up on the street because of some stupid bureaucracy error... wtf and everyone connected to this issue seems to have lost his/her fucking phone -.-


Hm... so Doom threw a 35GB update at me so I aborted it and uninstalled. Turns out after downloading and patching the game would have been 10GB smaller on my HDD. That's what you get for being impulsive...


I kinda need my Gundam fix today. Guess I'll play some Gundam vs Zeta Gundam or MS Saga now...


Cute zombies ... nothing wrong with that.


I guess it's about time to get a Vita. Hope I can find a rather cheap one. It's been a while since I got new hardware and this seems to be the best choice now.


I'm bored and don't know what to play or watch right now so I sorted some folders on my hard drive. Seems like I have a key for "Batman Arkham Asylum" flying around that's now for grabs. Comment and I'll throw a dice later to see who gets it. *bump*


Hm... and now guess what happend when I checked for comments on my post...


Friday again?


And my sandwich need was fulfilled for the day. Time to move on and do some shit.


I'm getting kind of hungry...


What is a man? ... I'm 6 minutes into the Castlevania series and already on Draculas side. Vlad did nothing wrong.


Just noticed the evolving price of Ark: Survival Evolved. 70 Euro for still being in EA? When Paradox did a price change everybody lost their mind and review bombed even titles that didn't change their price...


Sigh... Mod Description: "NOT compatible with mod xyz"; Comment on mod "mod broken, doesn work, btw i use those mods: "mod xyz" ... I ... ehhh


A new week started...


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