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I remembered this after there was a follow up posted today. Interesting stuff. Reminded me of all the talk about cinematic experiences in video games some time back.


Current Status


Anyone interested in Secret Neighbor? Key in the comments. Be decent enough to leave a note of you grabbed it so others don't waste their time trying to redeem it.


Current status...


A surprisingly interesting video for people with interest in sprite art and animations. Hour well spent.


So, a playmobil version of Dino Riders is a thing now? That's 35 years too late.


I don't use my phone enough to warrant a home screen image anymore...


Suddenly I remembered that the epic game store exists. Totally forgot about it because I haven't seen any articles anywhere on the next great free game. Did they stop with that or did people stop giving a shit about this marketing stuff?


Searching games by Steam tags is fun...


If you want me to even consider buying a PS5 you would have to AT LEAST remake this forgotten gem from my younger days.


Rewatching a few scenes from the JL Snyder Cut to see if I missed something due to tiredness I still feel like Flash is being pretty creepy during the car accident scene. But maybe it's just me.


Finally got the map filled achievement ... what a pain it was.


Today we have a new episode of "Guess the Game" I was locking mods for for another playthrough by looking at the recommended mods.


I do stupid things when I'm bored and hear words like spider-dwarf in some random youtube video #mashuptoid


Need to get rid of some keys from old bundles. The "Hello Neighbor Collection" to be exact. Key as image in the comments to keep the bots away. Be kind enough to respond if you claimed it to safe other peoples time.


I'm not good at lists. I could probably break it down a bit more. Also a bunch of games I liked at some point but don't care about anymore. Disliked games usually rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. "Didn't play" doesn't mean I don't have an opinion.


Seeing all those game collections got me thinking. The fuck was wrong with the person allowing 5% of games using a different font on the spine. Also, why are some peoples game titles aligned left and some centered? I guess it's some region thing but, why


Guess I have to jump in on posting owned Switch games.


A post here reminded me of a cartoon I grew up with so I wasted an hour watching openings from my childhood... #cartoontoid


So #indietoid is the flavor of the week? Then I'll throw Iji into the mix. Such a fine little gem. Oh, and it's free so no excuses.


A bit older from when I still had work as my current state is not presentable. #selfietoid


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