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#shelftoid I guess. I'm to lazy to take a picture of a real one though.


The moment when you realize that instead of watching only 1-2 scenes on Youtube you ended up watching the whole series in one go...


This is no Zaku boy, #NoZaku!


And that was the last time I used a fandom wiki site ... an unskippable ad with no volume option firing up on every visit is a death sentence for every site.


Never change Dtoid, never change.


Wait, did Sega just add the two missing DLCs to my account for free? Is it just me or a general thing? Did I miss something? Is this an apology for the delay? Anyway, yay! Edit: Answer in the comments.


Ah, cute. I want her as a Season 2 character for FighterZ now...


Okay ... episode 12 of Young Justice S3 broke me.


Hope this one will be better than the last one. Also bring it to PC as an apology for New Gundam Breaker. I don't care for "no G Fighter" but "no X" is kinda a let down. Still kinda hyped.


Don't worry. There are a lot of people feeling that way...


As if I would forget you.


To honor this one, probably great, guys special day...


Great, now I have an urge to replay Blood Will Tell... Watching anime was indeed a mistake.


So, it seems Thursday is "best show of the season"-day. Good!


And against my better judgment I really went there... oh well...


I should go to bed but ... ah fuck it.


Hm... guess my interest in playing Pokemon is rising.


Hm... so I have a right for refund by law but I also have to promise not to use said law? Also 14 days/2 hours sounds familiar. And before someone asks ... I got this for claiming the free game.


And with that Obra Dinn was done. Great game, too bad there's zero replay value unless your memories reset every year.


So, last day of the Steam Winter Sale. I should probably get something. Somehow it's only one game so far and that feels like it's not enough.


I besiege you to bow your soul to this happy Birthday. Yes, I'm still drunk, I think, not sure, doesn't matter, don't care.


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