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Well... not sure what to say. Guess France has the high ground now...


When the hell did that happen?


Of all those HD remasters companys throw at us this is something I would actually care about for a bit. Too bad it will probably disappear in a bit thanks to Disney/EA. Skip to 5 mins for moving stuff.


How did I miss this for so long? Time to reinstall good old Ufo Enemy Unknown.


My favorite starter pokemon.


So it's Limo this time? Guess I'll mix it with #catgirlfirday because I'm pragmatic.


And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I don't have a girlfriend... Never again!


I need to try the Hitman 2 Sniper coop mode and this Ghost mode one of those days ... too bad I don't have friends.


This pretty much shows my whole use of free time I have at the moment. Could be worse.


Nice try Epic. I'll still take the free Slime Rancher in two weeks though. I get the impression they try to empty my steam wish list and feel like I shouldn't buy games anymore till this promotion is over just to be save.


I need to share some wisdom before I go.


#shelftoid I guess. I'm to lazy to take a picture of a real one though.


The moment when you realize that instead of watching only 1-2 scenes on Youtube you ended up watching the whole series in one go...


This is no Zaku boy, #NoZaku!


And that was the last time I used a fandom wiki site ... an unskippable ad with no volume option firing up on every visit is a death sentence for every site.


Never change Dtoid, never change.


Wait, did Sega just add the two missing DLCs to my account for free? Is it just me or a general thing? Did I miss something? Is this an apology for the delay? Anyway, yay! Edit: Answer in the comments.


Ah, cute. I want her as a Season 2 character for FighterZ now...


Okay ... episode 12 of Young Justice S3 broke me.


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