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Another year gone... Getting older and this time I even feel it.


Well, the feels in here are so strong I will have to give up and also play Smash... Brawl.


Seems like Subnautica will be free for a week on the Epic Store. Well, they at least know how to make me not spend money as I planned to get it on steam over Christmas. Good for me.


#FactFriday If I can't win with ability, I'll excel through stupidity.


So I was reading comments for a video game related article outside of Dtoid. This reminded me how much I love being here even when someone posts something stupid every now and then. At least it's not stupid all the time. (unless it's about Siege)


Finally finished Graveyard Keeper. That was way too grindy towards the end and I should have just stopped. I didn't because I don't value my time as much as I probably should.


So many Smash posts ...


I just noticed that the season pass for Battletech is more expensive than the base game at full retail price o.O


I should shave...


So, Sega gave away all DLC to people that own the Medieval 2, Empire or Napoleon base game. And people now demand their money back because they had to buy it years ago... what? And now my 400th post is me head shaking about people being stupid ... great..


Carbot is doing his thing again. Make sure to watch this on your pHoNe if you even have one...


Damn, Disney learned how to get to my wallet...


Hm... Golden Joystick Awards 2018 Ultimate Game of the Year - Fortnite Battle Royale Man, todays gaming community sure has a different taste than me.


So Yesterday I made a post about Hitman and PUBG but somehow the image was missiing ... well, here it is.


Oh Hitman ... law suit from PUBG Corp incoming.


And now we'll never know the real story behind the cameos... RIP Stan.


Yay, Hitman 2 (for me at least) is out and I got an extra shift to work on sunday... Great!


Am I trapped in a groundhog day? Every day the majority of post is happy this and birthday that.


Okay, so I'm playing Red Dead 1 right now. Skinning more than one or two animals and selling stuff to vendors one piece at a time with a delay is kinda getting on my nerves. Instead of hyping me up for the sequel it kills it.


So I just played Red Dead 1 after a long time again. First time in Armadillo I got challenged to a Duel. Got killed while reading the tutorial and revived in a totally different place. Bad design at its finest. Hope RDR2 isn't that bad.


Someone got old. Time to celebrate I guess.


So... After removing fun from the game Siege is now removing depictions of skeletons and slot machines from the game. When will they finally remove the game from the game?


I just played Witcher 3 for the first time with 60fps ...


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