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1 month membership - 12.99 USD 12 months membership - 99.99 USD NEVER go full Bethesda (I'm not kidding, it's in their official page)


As much as everybody might hate Epic, I think we really have to appreciate their dedication with Fortnite. That thing last night was amazing, and they even decided to "kill" the game for a while for the Hype. Not many BR games have so much passion in them


This sounds truly great. Really looking forward to the whole Death Stranding: Timefall album.


Does anybody remember the Atari VCS, the console that's coming "soon-ish"? Just received an update by mail. Does this means there are no built-in games, just streamed games? Can't tell if that's good or bad, since we still don't know much about it.


So it seems like even Rockstar is getting into the "Battle Pass" wagon for Red Dead Online. Whelp, time to never ever play it again. In my opinion it was never good to begin with, even after the "official" release.


Just got a mail about being selected for Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Online Technical Test for this weekend. Here's hoping it already includes some gameplay improvements from Wildlands, I actually liked that game a lot.


Just received a mail from Rockstar letting me know they've just released part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack, and it's on Spotify and Apple Music! I know what I'll be doing this evening!


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