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just completed my first HUDless, no crosshair run of DOOM Eternal on Nightmare. twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Currently on the drying rack, but I finished this up this morning and it will be on it's way to it's commissioner soon. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions and twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman to see more of my shenanigans.


Ragnarok looks like what I wanted GoW 4 to be from the get go. This portrait of Kratos is for sale. Oil on canvas. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions or twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman to get in touch.


As soon as it launches, I'm doing a no crosshairs, HUDless run at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Borderlands 5 piece Commission set. The final piece is a secret to everyone. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions and check me at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman as well


Natural light makes some things pop a bit more. Saying goodbye to this piece today. Off to it's new home it shall go. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions and check me on twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Fuck Bobby Kotick. Started his portrait. Time to finish it up. Insta- upinsmokeproductions and check me at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Started a new painting tonight. Whatever happens, happens. Instagram - upinsmokeproductions and check the twitch at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Just got the claws back from a buddy. Had him repair and install steel rods in the base. Took a photo and did some edits. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions ... check the twitch too at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Gallery show bound on Monday. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions. Check the twitch too for games without crosshairs and no HUD. twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Minimalist piece from awhile back. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions ... on twitch I run games with no HUD or crosshairs ... twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Anybody else still having issues with Disqus on articles and reviews? The only place I've been able to comment on anything is on Qtoid. Every where else is a no go.


The man behind all the paintings. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions ... check my twitch where I do no UI, no crosshairs, etc runs of games at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Venom painting from awhile back with a small edit. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions . Would you kindly check out the twitch as well at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


About wrapped up with this Carnage commission. Oil on 30x40 canvas. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions. Plug for the twitch where I play games with no crosshairs or UI ... twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


On it's way to it's new home soon. Commissioner is stoked about it. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions. I play games with no HUD, crosshairs, health are etc over at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Update on the Spiderman commission. Had to shoot at this angle because the paint was wet. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions ... twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Recently landed an avatar commission. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions ... shameless plug, I play games with no crosshairs, HUD, etc over at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Got a small model Mewtwo the other day. Turned it into a photography project. I take a lot of my photos and try to edit them to mimic my paintings. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


Peek the Dishonored piece. Didn't know what to do with it for a year. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions. Plug for my twitch where I play games with no HUD or crosshairs (and casual castlevania "speedruns"). twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


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