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Been doing some Among Us fan art on post it notes. The marketing team behind this and Fall Guys is genius. Dig the ability to interpret this game in a ton of different ways and will do a full sci-fi painting here soon. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


Worked on this for a bit more tonight. Wanted to get more of the background down and ended up just messing around with the Colossus. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


Currently in lockdown, so, I might as well do some work. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions. I live stream at 9 pm est nightly now at twitch.tv/lastkingofhearts


SuperHot is 10 bucks right now on steam. I went in completely blind and love every minute so far.


Been awhile since I posted. In progress shot. Good friend of mine and I were discussing horror games and he told me about this scene. He didn't know how it would work with a painting so I had to attempt it. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


Haven't really worked on anything game related lately because Christmas commissions so here's a JoJo reference


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