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Pitched a concept PC mouse to the guys at Razer. Doubt I'll hear anything back, but it's always worth a shot.


Video games to a Francis Bacon recreation. Commission life is cool. Sorry for the poor lighting, hookah lounge and what not


Commission I'm currently working on. Ring ring bois.


Had a comment about how a DBZ piece would look cool. Here's a commission I did from a few months ago. The lighting is a little brighter than the actual piece. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions thank you all for the support and love on here for my work.


Jonathan Holmes posted an article about castlevania. Felt compelled to create this. Castlevania is pretty awesome. This is just the underpainting after an hour in. Updates will come.


Cuphead and Nissin Noodles should team up to create a character.


So how long before we see the announcement for Stygian Zinogre in Iceborne


Hot Take : Three years in, Overwatch is fairly balanced finally.


Punch Out remake for the switch would be pretty cool. Just throwing that out there Nintendo


Hot take : Soulsborne games make you earn easy mode by beating them first. NG+ is always leagues easier.


Gonna drop random pieces I've done through out the day. Here's my Childish Gambino piece.


Started this piece tonight since the others are still drying


Staying busy on a Friday night. Stoked for the new movie.


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