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The 3rd Party Memory Card Index

In an effort to further rip off Ch- ... err, I mean, provide people with an easier way of reading my c-blog, here is the index of all my 3rd Party Memory Card articles, starting with the most recent. I'll update as I write more entries, h...


I'm getting lazy

Man, it's already been a week since I wrote anything on here. I meant to do It's A Secret To Everybody #3 last week as well. I need my own computer, trying to share this one and get anything done and browse my usual sites is too hard. I ne...


It's A Secret To Everybody is running late

For everyone who was looking forward to my second installment, rest assured the series is continuing. I haven't been near the computer long enough for the last few days to get anything done, and to top it off I like to do things the hard w...


Posting From My Wii: I Beat Sonic

Yesterday I finally sat down, gathered some patience, and beat the original Sonic The Hedgehog for the first time. Having never owned a Genesis, the first time I played it was a few years ago when I got the Sonic Mega Collection on the Game...


Smash Bros. Dojo: Trophies are back!

As if there was any doubt. Biggest news: Now you can arrange them on a table any way you want to make rude scenes, and probably take photos. What I want to know is: what the hell is the banana thing in this image?


It's A Secret To Everybody #1

Secrets. Those bits of information hidden from public view. Some are closely guarded, never meant to become common knowledge. Others are kept with the intention of some day being revealed, or, as often as not, discovered. They're all prot...


Tristero's Hobby, let me show it to you

So Tristero just let everyone know that in his spare time he's a scalawag and a vandal. I mentioned I had my own story of signage vandalism to tell, with pics, and so now I shall relate the story. Fresh out of college last year, my first j...


Fun with City Of Heroes' costume editor

NCSoft released a free standalone version of the City of Heroes character editor a while back to promote the launch of the game in Korea. Shortly after putting it up on the Korean site, however, they locked out people in other nations from ...


Virtual Console Gripes

I love it. You love it. Nintendo loves it. The Virtual Console makes maxing out your credit card fun and easy. I can spend hundreds of dollars before even leaving my bed in the morning (or afternoon as is often the case.) Yet despite the ap...


About A New Challengerone of us since 3:56 PM on 04.15.2007

You may have seen me commenting on things. I'm a nerdy dude in my mid 20s. Shocking!

My Articles:
The 3rd Party Memory Card- In which I rip off Chad the C and expound upon my favorite moments in games.

It's A Secret To Everybody- In which I highlight and babble on about various Easter Eggs, cheats, and so on.


I own:
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I like:
Fighting games, scrolling shooters, puzzle, platformer, racing games, adventure.... actually, a little bit of everything, including an occasional sports game. Also, pinball. Pinball rules.