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just bought super smash ultimate. hate it. i see the love put into the game, but it just feels like mashing buttons for a few minutes in order to see cool charachters do cool things. posted it in craigslist. sigh.


you know why i REALLY love my switch?

because nintendo has zero bs on it. it doesn’t force me to have a stupid NHL icon for a service i don’t want yet makes me have to go into a separate menu just to access youtube like ps4.  none of that bs. when nintendo...


any “modern” (last decade) rpg suggestions? i love ff7-9, ni no kuni, super mario rpg, chrono cross, persona 3-5. i strongly dislike suikoden 2, tales of, dragon age, witcher, skyrim, and ff12-15. just got dq 11 and digging it so far. ps4/switch/3d


inspired by iconoclasts review

tedium.   the first rule of game design is to make a fun experience.  that, above all, should dictate every decision in the development of the minutia of every game.  we are all familiar with the tedium of grinding, the ...


rpg rng solution

now first off, i want to say that this idea is so simple, so obvious, i'm almost positive it's already been implemented in an RPG before... or at the very least suggested by someone with more followers than me. Here's my main issue wit...


psvr is the rebirth of the coin arcade

i'm the kind of person that keeps their 3ds on 3d mode all the time, battery drain be damned. this weekend i finally got the chance to try out the psvr. i've read about it, i've watched videos about it, i've listened to podcasts about ...


stop motion sackboy

so like many of my fellow destructoid readers, i entered that fucking taco bell contest. unfortunately, my entry still hasnt been "live" and the contest is pretty much over so i give up on ever winning one. but i DID spend a minute on...


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