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Virtual Bass was right, the Bass Awards were great! It's the most innovative award show I've played in years. Well done @TheBlondeBass! Very evident how much heart and soul you put into it.


Stole this from Instagram who stole it from 9gag who stole it from who knows.


I don't think I was processing what exactly they meant when they said that Xbox Game Pass and xCloud are going to merge and be available on mobile devices. My internet is nowhere near good enough to handle this but I can see some value in it.


Important PSA for my fellow Canadians before the long weekend: the COVID Alert exposure app is now available! I was suspicious about data collection but it looks like it just trades anonymous non-identifiable codes over Bluetooth. Consider it!


Happy birthday Torch! I hope you had a cake and it was delicious!


Happy birthday Gus and belated bday Sam! I hope you both were able to enjoy it splendidly!


I'm now on day 3 of a slight fever. Didn't think much of it at first but now breathing is becoming worrying. Hoping it's just in my head. Finally given me time to play Yakuza 0 at least. Kiryu is the most likeable protagonist I've played in a looong time.


Wasn't aware Yakuza 0 doesn't autosave so it looks like I'll need to replay the beginning. Also played as Glaz for a change since I never pick him and turns out he has frag nades, not impacts. Whoops! #SiegeTuesdays


Happy birthday from the crew & me, @Vxxy! Consume all the cake!


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....IMPOSSIBLE! First match got double-teamed by shields. Figured they were prooobably going to try that again. Took some cosmic alignment to actually pull off the counter. #SiegeSaturdays


Happiest of birthdays, Wes! Much love from me and the boys.


While disqus and Sakurai sow chaos throughout the land of Destructoid, let's check in and see how the tube-toiders are holding up so far to start the year:


Mine just reminded me I never got around to picking up Valkyria Chronicles 4.


Question: anyone get the warranty w/ their Switch from Best Buy and was it worth it? Doing research ppl made it sound like it included accidental damage but the website makes me think otherwise. I know they're usually cashgrabs but switches gonna switch.


Looks like practicing all that online tailing in Watch Dogs paid off. He didn't suspect a thing! Significantly less Kemono Friends decals than I would have expected though.


After Pokemon GO launched, the Canadian Armed Forces issued a warning for players to keep off of military bases. CBC filed an access to information request and had a fun article about the confusion. Link to story in comments:


Happy birthday @Soulbow! May the good Lord Tachanka bless you with the sweetest gfuel, dankest bud, and various legendary-grade BL3 weapons.


Why would they design it like that!? (stick-tap to Boxman for the inspiration)


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