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Happiest of birthdays, Mr Russow & Ms Fulten! A big, slightly-inappropriate hug from me to the both of you! And here is a little entertainment before the cake


According to Pornhub, Gardevoir is only the 13th most searched video game character on their site and not number one. How did you let this happen, Dtoid!? So tell me, which Pokémon do y'all now find sexiest that you let her slip so much?


Quickly my friends, while the cblogs still load! Vote! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/CelicaCrazed/2017-destructoid-community-awards-of-excellence-471984.phtml


Bumped the Community Awards blog a little earlier. Great job on the entries so far! If you haven't voted already do so soon as I'm going to start working on the final blog for it.


Soooo....how about those World Cup draws, eh? Lol @ Portugal & Spain. Not thrilled with Mexico stuck with Germany & the Swedes. What will England's excuse be this time? #FootyFriday #WorldCup2018


It's Friday. You don't want to be working/studying/partying/fapping right now. Why not spend some time casting your votes in the Dtoid Community Awards of Excellence instead? https://www.destructoid.com/--471984.phtml


So how about those new N64 Classic rumours, eh? Get ready to preorder! Link in comments...


Happy Halloween, Dtoid! Well done with the month-long celebration. Y'all are amazing & make this place so special! Helps remind me to have fun w/ day-to-day life, finding any reason to party. Here's the pumpkin I carved. I made a kitty. A gato-lantern!


Part of the Problem: a Visceral Reaction

Figured I might as well blog this instead of qpost + comment my rambling thoughts. The news about Visceral Games being shut down put me in a bad headspace yesterday. I’m disappointed in EA and their bullshit reasoning….bu...


We lost a good one today. Rest in peace, Gord. Canada weeps.


DESTRUCTOOOOOOOOOID! Your boy CelicaCrazed is back on his bullshit!


2 truths & a lie: A) I once got ticketed for driving around a police barricade. B) I have 32 cousins with only 4 being younger than me. C) I once skipped my volleyball playoff games just to play with a kitten. #LiSBtS

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Everybody Is Golfing....on Xbox?

[There's been a surprising amount of buzz surrounding Everybody's Golf. Long time community member PelicanPrazed (yes, this has always been his name) decides to give it a whirl on Xbox One for himself, to hilarious results. ~Bass] I w...


I've had enough of this whole no-hockey-on-saturday-nights-malarkey. This is agony! Help! Anyways...finally beat DOOM tonight. What a fun experience! Somehow even with all the praise, I wasn't overhyped in the slightest. Here's my dog and cat being weird:


Kind of surprised how much Pokémon Shuffle has influenced my choices. Couldn't choose all 1st gen. I also will take any opportunity to reunite my Smash Bros brawlin' boys when I get the chance. #Poketoid