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Canada's House of Commons adopted a motion in support of protecting net neutrality. Sets it up to work into the Telecommunications Act in the upcoming review from what I understand.


Arkells released a music video today for their latest politically-charged song, People's Champ. Was excited to discover my favourite donut shop featured as a set! #nvgr #donuttoid


In Halo 5, my kill/death differential was down below -600 before I learned the game and dragged it back from hell. My Halo: MCC career is off to a much better start after one match. I can see this getting addictive again.


Is it the weekend yet? Mentally checked out already.


Soooooo....we're not doing it, right? I mean it's pretty funny in a sad, cringey kind of way. You know what I mean.


2013. Round 1. Game 7. Underdog Leafs are up 4-1 on the Bruins with 10 mins to go. They lose in historic fashion. I've been waiting for this chance at revenge for a loooong time. I want blood. Leafs over Jets in the Stanley Cup final. #NVGR #BudsAllDay


I don't say it enough but I fucking love you guys. Just know that literally every single one of you makes this place special. Don't discount your self.


Did some tapping today (a wee bit late getting them in). Hoping for a good harvest πŸ™πŸ


DECIDING A GOLD MEDAL HOCKEY GAME BY SHOOTOUT IS BULLSHIT! But congrats Americans, well earned πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


I'm still incredibly emotional over Virtue & Moir's gold medal ice dancing from last night. It was just so beautiful & passionate, an iconic moment watching the greatest ever on the biggest stage with an unrivalled performance. Also new Onrush trailer!


Was supposed to be fasting this morning like the good Catholic boy that I am but couldn't resist the temptation of coffee, my one true love. Anyways have a SINFULLY FUN VALENTINE'S DAY, Destructoid! Let me know who your Dtoid crushes are in the comments.


*looks at the calendar* So....y'all doing a #Valentoid avatar or what? There's also Mardi Gras and Carnival if that's more your aesthetic.


Nothing but respect for my 2017 Destructoid Community Top Fapper of the Year! Defend your title for 2018, Wes! And mud-wrestle for the sexiest user award!


Pick 2. The rest will try to kill you. PS: they have full power sets. Good luck. #Pick2Toid


Happiest of birthdays, Mr Russow & Ms Fulten! A big, slightly-inappropriate hug from me to the both of you! And here is a little entertainment before the cake


According to Pornhub, Gardevoir is only the 13th most searched video game character on their site and not number one. How did you let this happen, Dtoid!? So tell me, which PokΓ©mon do y'all now find sexiest that you let her slip so much?


Quickly my friends, while the cblogs still load! Vote! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/CelicaCrazed/2017-destructoid-community-awards-of-excellence-471984.phtml


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