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So according to Sakurai, the five DLC characters have been chosen, and the choice was entirely up to Nintendo. Link in the comments.


Happy birfday, Kevin/Deadmoon! I made you a cake, but them I got hungry and ate it. Sorry.


Happy birfday Chris! I made you a cake, but got hungry and ate it. Then when I tried to make you 40 small cakes, Lex Luthor decided to steal them, the dick. Anyways, happy birthday buddy!


So while I'm still excited for Smash Ultimate, I'm not going to lie.....that Direct was kind of dud. I'm glad Adventure Mode is back and it looks awesome (Zelda talks again!), and playable Piranha Plant is hilarious, it still felt a bit limp overall.


So Super Mario Odyssey is one year old today. I didn't really need an excuse to play Super Mario Odyssey, but I'll take it.


Just finishes season 2 of the Castlevania series on Netflix, and overall I enjoyed it. Yeah, most of the villains were bland, which made the parts about them drag at times, but I still had a great time with it. Now to the new episode of Jojo.


So. The composer of Drakengard 3 and the Nier games just did an arrangment of Flash Man's stage for Smash Ultimate. Spoiler alert: it's pretty sick.


I don't need an excuse to talk about how great Panda is, but I'll take it. #Pandatoid


Just came back from the hospital. Old man is in there because his heart rate was dangerously low. Between this and school, i don't think things could get any worse. Man, life can really suck sometimes, you know? Current status:


Happy birthday Mike! You are a crazy diamond, and we love you for that. I'd make you a cake, but I got hungry and I ate it. Whoops.


So I just played some of the Soul Calibur VI online test. It lagged a bit at times, but when it worked, it felt really good and was a blast to play, even when I was losing (which I did a lot). It's nice to have Soul Calibur back.


Happy birfday to Nathan and Ravenclaw! I'd make you guys a cake, but school is kind of kicking my ass right now, so here's this one instead.


So. It turns out that DMC 5 is going to have microtransactions. For character upgrades. Link in the comments.


So famed composer Nobuo Uematsu is going to take a break from making music due to health issues. Apparently, he's had a disease that's affected him for a few years, but now it's really starting to affect his work. Link in the comments.


I'm not a big Animal Crossing guy, but holy crap this new arrangement for Smash Ultimate based on the theme from Happy Home Designer is rad.


My dad works at Nintendo and he says that the biggest announcement for tomorrow's Direct is that Smash Ultimate will change its name to Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Everyone But Waluigi is Playable.


Hey Dtoid, I just want to remind everyone here that if you feel sad or down, just remember at the very least:


Hijacking #CatgirlFriday to make you all aware of this video. You are now a better person because of it. (Song starts at 2:49)


So the Nintendo Direct set for today was delayed due to that earthquake in Hokkiado. I think it goes without saying that making sure everyone is okay is way more important than some random Direct.


The composer for MGS and Zone of the Enders did a cover of the Fortress Boss theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 for Smash Ultimate, and god damnit December 7th can't come fast enough.


I've been playing through Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for the first time in years, and I'm starting to realize why I don't play it as often as I do Aria of Sorrow: it's basically a water downed version of SOTN but with a worst soundtrack.


Oh shit, it's Mr. Blues' birthday?! Happy friggin birthday man! I'd make you a cake, but I got hungry and then I ate it. #Sorrybutnotsorrytho


Shows you how busy I've been: apparently last week marked nine years of me being on Destructoid and I totally forgot. Go me.


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