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Trying to actually buy food at Whole Foods while everyone else is having air conditioned sex and shoving cucumbers up their ass in the bathroom and back alley. #MyBattlefield


Soooooo.......this is a video game. That you can buy on the Nintendo Switch. And the description for it is.....well....something. I'll post a link in the comments.


After much debate and going back and forth, I've decided to pre-order Octopath Traveler. It looks fun, I liked the demo, so it made sense. Also I pre-ordered Smash. Because you know.......it's Smash.


You know all those E3 report cards everyone did? Yeah, well get rid of them, because I'm here to totes give the downlow on who the real winners and losers are this year at E3.


Whether or not you thought Nintendo's E3 event was amazing is based on how much you like Smash. If you aren't a fan of it, then it's safe to say you left this lukewarm. As someone who loves Smash, however, this was me afterwards:


Me after Sony's E3 press conference:


Oh yeah I totally forgot, thanks to Microsoft's press conference we now know the one thing Wes fears the most: giant fish. So without further ado, I present #WesIsAfraidofGiantFishSunday


Okay yeah, the pacing sucked at times, and not every game that I want is an Xbox exclusive, but this has honestly been Microsoft's best E3 press conference in a very long time.


That feeling when you have enough in Amazon giftcards to get Mario Tennis Aces or Octopath Traveler but not both.


Mike "I like Minions" Sounders wants us to post pictures of Spider-Man. Who am I to say no?


It's been awhile since we've done #Striptoid, so I'll bring it back with a vengeance by posting some more SMBC (slightly NSFW one in the comments).


I think I'd enjoy the Mario Tennis demo more if the online tournament portion wasn't such ass. Every lost I've had so far is because I'm lagging like crazy, and every victory is because my opponent lags worse than me.


Quick PSA: the console download codes for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon are being sent out; I just got my Switch code. I mean, I already played it on the PC, but now I can play it on the Switch! Check your FanGamer pledge page to get the code.


Unpopular opinions then? Okay, here we go: Waluigi sucks, Fire Emblem Fates, Star Fox Zero, and Metroid Other M are good games, Nier Automata is overrated, BOTW's story is good, Sunshine is one of the worst Mario games, and DKC 2 > Tropical Freeze.


So I just beat Curse of the Moon, and I liked a lot, if it was a bit rough at times. I don't know if it's my favorite Castlevania game (shut up, that's what it is), but I can see myself playing this again on its own.


And so my spring term has ended. I passed all my classes, and now I can take it easy. I have summer classes to get ready for in a few weeks, but for now I'm just going to sleep, eat, play video games, and touch my wiener to anime boobs. I earned it.


So I'm playing through that Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon game (the limited time version, since the regular version isn't live yet), and I really like it. It can be frustrating, but I would totally by this if I didn't already get it for free.


I mean, this DLC looks great and all, but the fact that we're getting a Rabbid version of Cranky Kong is something I never knew I wanted.


Happy birfday Parismio! May you eat a lot of cake and play all the video games.


Elevator pitch for a new show: interview famous VAs of various video game and anime characters, and at the end of the interview, you have them autograph a body pillow of the character they're most famous for. Bonus points if it's really lewd.


Ihstar was the only new character I wanted in the new FE Heroes banner. Guess who I got on my first run.


Happy birthday Torchman! I dunk on you a lot, but I do it out of love. I made you cake, but I got hungry and ate it. So here's this Minion one I made at the last minute. <3


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