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So I completely forgot that I had some eShop credit leftover months ago, which combined with my gold points meant I only had to pay $33 for the Super Mario All Stars collection. Current status:


You think that now that we're getting both Super Mario 3D All Stars and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, that every major game publication is breathing a sigh of relief that they don't have to give best Switch game to AC or Paper Mario?


So I don't know how many people know or care, but its official: The Venture Bros. has been cancelled. As if 2020 couldn't suck any harder.


God, I hope they fixed the Pachinko bonus area in Sunshine, because if not:


This is my new favorite thing ever.


So it looks like preorders can now be canceled on digital Switch games. Neat. https://press-start.com.au/news/nintendo/2020/09/01/nintendo-switch-eshop-pre-orders-can-now-be-cancelled-until-a-week-before-release/


Happy birfday to everyone's favorite family guy and Mrs. Blues' husband, Lewis Black!


I think instead of hitting Gaj in the dick with a Bible, I'm just going to play this video instead.


Was busy all day today, so I just now had the chance to see that Direct Mini Partner showcase. It was limp, nothing too exciting, but nothing that I hated. I'm so sick of the Nintendo fans getting butthurt over it not being the big one though.


What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative!


So I'm playing through The Origami King, and I got to the part where Bobby the Bob-omb leaves the party. And well......current status:


I just beat Viewtiful Joe for the first time in years, and 1) the game still kicks ass, and 2) I'm still really mad that Capcom hasn't greenlit a third game, or at the very least re-release the first two games.


So despite being in a part of my house that had some major water damage a few years back, I'm happy to report that my GameCube still works after all these years. I guess 2020 isn't a complete bust.


I heard that in this Nintendo Direct there will be video games.


It's July 11th over in Japan right now, which means it's been five years since Satoru Iwata passed away.


Finally! I love Natsume Championship Wrestling!


Unlike the last one of these, I know why I made this: to make the world suffer.


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