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Tried to get the Skyward Sword joy-cons and Metroid Dread, but they sold out before I could get them (Godamnit Walmart). Oh well, at least I got the Dread amiibo.......from the UK.


The special edition of Metroid Dread and the amiibo are sold out everywhere I look. Current status:


So apparently WayForward are working on Advance Wars Reboot-Camp, with Nintendo and Intelligent Systems supervising. Makes me wonder if they didn't have this planned last year at some point.


I made a mistake of looking on Twitter after the Direct, and if I took a shot of whiskey every time someone complained about "no news on Bayo3/AC/etc." or "another lame Smash character", I'd be dead of kidney failure.


So I think we can all agree that Nintendo won E3, right?


Come on, Big Chungus for Smash!


You ever just feel so miserable and lousy about how your life is that you text your mother apologizing for how much a failure you are? No? Just me? Okay then.


So far, E3 has been kind of not good, but at the same time I'm willing to cut the industry a little bit of slack considering this is the first E3 since a pandemic kneecapped the world


The only thing I cared about during that Ubisoft event was the new Rabbids game (never thought I would say that), and everything else was kind of meh.


Big Chungus is my favorite Japanese anime.


Even with the site down, there's still time to post something a little spicy on Qtoid. But I'll post it in the comments, just to be safe.


We need to bring back YouTube Poops.


The best part about the site being in the state it's in right now is that I can post stuff like this, and no one will ever know! *Evil laughter*


Dtoid is being redesigned and Qtoid isn't showing up on the FP. Post Big Chungus!


This is the best fight scene ever, don't @ me.


Hey guys, do you like reading? Do you have nothing better to do? Well, I'm back with a new edition of Games That Time Forgot, this time talking about Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. Link in the comments. Weekend BUMP!


To the surprise of no one, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest XII. That logo is pretty sick.


RIP Kentaro Miura. I often joked about how the story would never get finished, but this is still so sudden and tragic. We lost a legend.


Just came out of watching Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (in an actual theatre!), and it was pretty good! I laughed, I cried, and was blown away by the fights. So you know. Just like a regular episode.


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