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I feel that the real reason that we've been getting all these spambots lately is because it's our punishment from above for turning our back on out lord and savior Gardevoir. But if we act now, I'm sure she will find it in her heart to forgive us.


Steamed hams, but it's actually Valentine's Day.


So a couple hours ago, Kamiya talked Bayo and who owns the rights (link in the comments). Short version: Sega owns Bayo 1 (hence the PC port), but Bayo 2 and 3 are owned by both Sega and Nintendo, with Nintendo funding Bayo 3.


2 truths, 1 lie: 1) for two years, I had a "job" as a "game journalist", 2) as a kid I had a dog named Mario and a dog named Princess, and 3) I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay.


So does anyone here own a Switch and a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? If so, you're in luck because I'm about to hop online and start up lobby, so if you want to play, look me up. Friend Code is: SW-6127-5961-3024.


And so the weekend ends, you're favorite sportsball team won/lost and it's time for another work week to start. I myself have to get ready once again for another early class, so here's a picture of some puppies to get you through the week.


So even though I'm on Chapter 9 and at level 70, I'm going to put Xenoblade 2 on the back burner for a bit and play some other stuff. I'll get to it again soon, but for now I need something else to play lest I feel burnout and fatigue.


So I knew the history of Tetris was insane, but holy crap I didn't know how insane it really was.


TFW you're sitting near attractive women in your computer class who will most likely ask you for help, but your low self-esteem makes it hard for you to work up the courage to ask one of them out.


So according to Polygon (so take it as you will), Microsoft is apparently looking to buy a publisher to increase their exclusives. These include the PUBG guys, but also EA and Valve (good luck with that). Link in the comments.


My face when the Quick Posts have devolved into a civil war against Wes:


It's not midnight here, but I'm going to bed soon, since I go back to school tomorrow (longest break ever), and I have to get up super early for my first class tomorrow. So here's an early picture of a pupper to get you through this week.


I went through 40 Common Core Crystals in Xenoblade 2, got a bunch of junk common Blades, and when I finally got a Rare Blade, it was a kung-fu furry instead of KOS-MOS. Current status:


I'm just going to leave this right here.




I'm almost through Chapter 6 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I love the game. I really do. But would it have killed the writers to come up with a better plot twist than "character X is a Blade"? It stopped being shocking back in Chapter 4.


As part of my plan to clean up my room, I decided to open up a couple of my unopened figmas and set them up. 20 minutes after I "assembled" my TP Link, I'm starting to realizing why I don't have many figmas. And why I probably won't for awhile.


So for those of who are still playing it and have a My Nintendo account, Fire Emblem Heroes is holding that Choose Your Heroes event again. Top four become new units down the road, and the four who won last time can't be voted on this time.


Just logged into Pokemon Go for the first time in weeks, and the first Pokemon I caught was a Ralts, which evolves into Dtoid's patron saint Gardevoir. Current status:


So while doing a search for Steam on Google, the second search suggestion was "Steamed Hams." Godamnit Internet.


Oh shit, it's Panda's birthday? Why didn't anyone tell me! Time to party and get down! Happy birfday Panda!


So, this is Nintendo's big thing. Not going to lie: I REALLY didn't expect this.


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