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Listening to most of Castlevania's music on Spotify made me realize something: Harmony of Dissonance's soundtrack is really, really, REALLY God awful. Like even the "good" tracks sound like the were recorded off an NES that fell in a trash compressor.


I just fell into the part of Twitter where a set of Sonic fans think Sonic '06 should get a pass for how terrible it was because Super Mario 64 has problems. And they were serious. Current status:


All this talk of #90sToid and not one mention of Haddaway's magnum opus? Shame on all your houses!


Against my better judgement, I got the Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Special Edition (and it cost me nothing thanks to gift cards). God help me.


Aw yeah! Panel de Pon AND Wild Guns!


So while I do agree that it's kind of lame that the new Paper Mario is still using generic characters......I still think this one looks fun. And if it isn't your cup of tea, there's also that rumor about the remasters coming, so everybody wins!


So Evo just announced its new lineup for EVO Online, and RIP in pepperoni Smash Ultimate.


Happy birthday to everyone's favorite Gundam obsessed, shitty waifu having Dtoid member: Billy Joel!


So after playing it for fifteen minutes, I came to two conclusions about The Wonderful 101 Remastered: 1) the soundtrack is still amazing and 2) good God I can't play a game like this with a mouse and keyboard!


A random white guy on Twitter called me racist for calling him a dumb white guy and accused me of posting black face when I responded with this gif. #Darksiders3


I'm the guy that likes getting physical. I see it is as well spent resources and efficient fun times. Let's get physical! #Physicaltoid


#UnpopularOpinionToid I like Brawl more than Melee (though tripping sucks), I really don't like Waluigi, Mario Party 3 is the best in the series, and Final Fantasy XV is way better than the XIII games.


Happy birfday to Absolutfreak! Your love of Final Fantasy VI shows you are a man of culture.


Technically, my first QPost is blank, so we'll say that one was a mulligan and that it is my first QPost. Okay? Okay.


I just found my old copy of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga after I thought it was lost. And then I found out it doesn't work. Current status:


Happy birfday Occams. One day we'll get that no good Spider-Man for failing to catch the killer of JonBenet Ramsey.


These are awesome changes, but fuck all that THE KOOPALINGS ARE BACK BABY!


Personally, I wouldn't even put 7 in the top three, but I still think this is hilarious.


Me and Gaj's relationship in a nutshell:


Happy birthday to everyone's favorite lovable funny person, David Letterman!


So after pulling an all nighter playing Persona 5 Royal (it's alright), I've decided that the new girl Kasumi is in fact the best girl, and anyone who disagrees with me better learn sign language because I'm throwing hands.


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