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Normally for #Cursedmas, I post Big Chungus in the comment section, but what I found today is so cursed, so vile, that I have to post Big Chungus here just to calm your nerves. But let me tell you: you aren't ready.


Me after watching the Game Awards and not getting a Bayo 3, Metroid Prime 4, or a Smash Fighter 5 announcement.




It's time for another #Cursedmas post, but as per the rules, I'm posting it in the comments.


Look, I know it's Thanksgiving here in 'MERICA, but never forget that it is also Thursday, which means #Thiccsgiving (Shout out to dephoenix for thinking of that)


Thoughts on Pokemon Sword so far: game looks pretty good, it's fun to play, the music isn't really clicking with me right now, Dynamaxing and the raids aren't all that impressive, and Hop is the worst rival ever and I will gladly crush his dreams. 8.5/10


So after playing with him a bit, I think it's safe to say that Terry Bogard is my favorite character in the Smash Fighters Pack, and is easily the one that I want to try to get better with.


Happy birfday, Chirs Moyse! I would have made you a cake, but then I got hungry and ate it. Then when I tried to make you 40 cakes, Lex Luthor stole them! Oh well, enjoy yourself on your big day.


If God is real, then why is this a thing that exists? Checkmate religion.


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