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So after playing with him a bit, I think it's safe to say that Terry Bogard is my favorite character in the Smash Fighters Pack, and is easily the one that I want to try to get better with.


Happy birfday, Chirs Moyse! I would have made you a cake, but then I got hungry and ate it. Then when I tried to make you 40 cakes, Lex Luthor stole them! Oh well, enjoy yourself on your big day.


If God is real, then why is this a thing that exists? Checkmate religion.


I've been down in the dumps lately, so I'm going to perk myself (and by extension you guys) by bringing back #WaifuWednesdays, this time with a special spoopy theme in time for Halloween.


Hey guys, so remember earlier when I asked for cash last week to help with funeral expenses? Well, my sister set up a GoFundMe to help out. Link is in the comments. (Morning bump, seriously, any little bit helps)


Hey guys, I hate to post this, but I think I'm going to need some finicial help. More info in the comments. (Weekend bump, thanks to everyone who has donated so far)


Well, I can say it officially: at 12:27 AM Pacific Time, my father passed away. We said our goodbyes, and now begins the long road of getting him buried and what I'm going to do now. But that's for later: now I sleep.


I've spent my entire day in the hospital saying goodbye to my elderly father, dealing with family politics, and the possibility that I'm probably gonna be homeless. Current status:


Going to be honest: I'm totally okay with downvotes being on Disqus again. If nothing else, it makes looking over my past comments hilarious.


Happy birfday, Ravenclaw and Nathan D! I'd give you a cake, but I got hungry and ate it. Oops. But I'm sure this one will be just fine.


I'm using my 800th Quick Post to tell everyone that I'm having a hard time writing this paper about Star Wars: A New Hope's music. Mostly because I'm tempted to write in bold letters "IT'S RAD AS HELL AND MAKES MY DICK LONGER AND HARDER THAN A LIGHTSABER"


Since DMC 2 is coming to the Switch, just a friendly reminder that the quality of the games is: DMC 3 > DMC 5 > DMC 4 > DmC: Devil May Cry > DMC 1 > DMC 2. And Bayonetta 2 is better than all of them. #Factoid


So yeah. That Direct was pretty rad.


You know what, instead of posting some moderately safe for work porn, kinkshaming Torch and Soulbow, or generally shit posting, let's spice things up here and be positive: it's Friday over here Dtoid. What are you most proud of this week? #Proudtoid


Today I learned that the Super Mario 64 soundtrack is on Spotify, and now I'm chilling to Dire, Dire, Docks.


Me after playing Fire Emblem Three Houses and killing an enemy unit that was a student from a rival house.


Today is the one year anniversary of Simon, Richter, Chrom, Dark Samus, and K Rool getting announced for Smash Ultimate. But more importantly, it's the one year anniversary of Luigi dying for our sins. #Pray4Luigi


Happy birthday to Kerrik and my disappointing weeb son Gaj. One of you is pretty cool and the other is Gaj.


Damnit, Fire Emblem Three Houses! Why do you do such a good job making me care about my students and the staff?!


I've been spending the last 10 minutes in Fire Emblem Three Houses to pet the cats and I can't. 0/10, this game sucks.


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