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All the flavors, and Don Jr. chose to be salty.


Okay, this legit cracked me up.


Happy birfday Wes! You da best.....around!


Happy birthday to Dtoid's Siege playing, piss drink-I mean G-Fuel drinking all around cool guy, Sir Anthony Hopkins!


So I don't know if you guys heard, but Hades is actually a pretty great game.


Happy birfday RiffRaff! I got you a cake, but Gaj ate it (Bibles will be chucked at his crotch and he will be flogged with rowboat paddles at once). So here's this substitute.


#Cursedmas, but it's NSFW and is so messed up that it'll make anything Mike posted look like Care Bears in comparison. You have been warned.


I was today years old when I realized the level in DKC 3 called Skidda's Row is a play on the phrase "skid row". #Cursedmas


My favorite part of the Smash event was Sakurai telling the competitive community to piss off.


Disqus down for anyone else? Time to post Big Chungus.


Yo, it's Sunday! Yo know what that means? Time to head over to Ma's house (safely and practicing social distancing) for some #SpaghettiSunday.


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