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I just beat Viewtiful Joe for the first time in years, and 1) the game still kicks ass, and 2) I'm still really mad that Capcom hasn't greenlit a third game, or at the very least re-release the first two games.


So despite being in a part of my house that had some major water damage a few years back, I'm happy to report that my GameCube still works after all these years. I guess 2020 isn't a complete bust.


I heard that in this Nintendo Direct there will be video games.


It's July 11th over in Japan right now, which means it's been five years since Satoru Iwata passed away.


Finally! I love Natsume Championship Wrestling!


Unlike the last one of these, I know why I made this: to make the world suffer.


The competitive Smash community and EVO right now:


So I've been playing TLOU 2, and I have to talk about something in the game. Major spoiler though, so it'll be in the comments.


Happy Father's Day Dtoid. For those of you who had a shit relationship with your Dad or never had a Dad, or if your Dad passed away, I'm your Dad now. That be how it is. I don't make the rules.


Building on what Anthony did, I too am going to say something, but I'll post it in the comments so that we can maintain our strong Christian values here. Okay? Okay.


So a new Crash game is rated in Taiwan. Considering the track record of Taiwan's games, yeah it's pretty legit.


Guys, I have $70 in Target giftcards and I want to buy a game that can help me wash out a 100+ hour JRPG (by the way, I really liked P5R). Any ideas?




So it looks like Persona 4 Golden is coming to the PC this month. Neat.


Siege is free to play this weekend and it's 75 percent off if you want to buy it, I guess.


I did it guys! And it's all thanks to Big Chungus.


With everything going on here in the good ole US of A, and everyone is on edge, with no end in sight, I just want you all to know one simple truth:


Listening to most of Castlevania's music on Spotify made me realize something: Harmony of Dissonance's soundtrack is really, really, REALLY God awful. Like even the "good" tracks sound like the were recorded off an NES that fell in a trash compressor.


I just fell into the part of Twitter where a set of Sonic fans think Sonic '06 should get a pass for how terrible it was because Super Mario 64 has problems. And they were serious. Current status:


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