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So after pulling an all nighter playing Persona 5 Royal (it's alright), I've decided that the new girl Kasumi is in fact the best girl, and anyone who disagrees with me better learn sign language because I'm throwing hands.


Hey I know I didn't say it sooner, but thank you all for the birthday wishes. It meant a lot and reminded me why I love this place so much.


I've been 31 years old for an hour already, and my balls itch. So it's nice to see some things stay the same after all these years. Oh and here's a bunny I guess.


In this trying time of sin, debauchery, and reminders of that one FMA, here is something wholesome to comfort you in this trying time. BUMP BAYBEE!


Happy birthday to two of the most beautiful, talented people ever: Quentin Tarantino and Mariah Carey!


So I caught up on that mini Direct, and I was happy with it. Nothing that wowed me, but enough solid stuff to keep me using my Switch as the world burns. I'm guessing the next big Direct will be in late May or June.


Oh shit, I forgot that it's someone's birthday today! Happy birthday to everyone's favorite beefcake: Adam Levine!


Last night I tried to play Sonic Forces again, and I couldn't. At best, it's a decent character creator with meh levels and story that tries too hard to be edgy, and at worst it takes everything terrible about 2D and 3D Sonic and amps it up to 11.


Happy birthday to Destructoid's very own magical cat girl: Oscar Isaac!


Happy birthday to Destructoid's lovable. charismatic and all around great person: Bryan Cranston!


So I just finished playing the FF 7 Remake demo that everyone's been talking about. And I'm of the opinion that it's just...


Apparently Netflix had Friends. Was it any good?


I just bought Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes. Current status:


So apparently the winners of the Fire Emblem Heroes CYL poll was accidentally discovered, and well..... I'll link it in the comments.


So. This is a thing. Possibly.


Spicy take lighting round: Star Fox Zero is the second best Star Fox game, Color Splash is good, Yakuza is better than Shenmue, DKC 2 is the best DKC game, Fates are pretty good games, and the Uncharted games aren't the greatest thing ever.


Happy birthday to everyone's favorite mecha based endangered mammal who we all miss and wish to see more of: Robo Panda Z!


Happy birthday to the greatest human being who brings all of us at Destructoid nothing but joy: James Earl Jones!


If you had told me around this time 10 years ago that Fire Emblem would not only get popular, but would get to the point that people would be saying there's too much representation of it in Smash, I don't think I'd believe you.


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