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Me after finding out that Reggie is retiring.


Fallout 76: the gift that keeps on giving.


Well, I just pulled the trigger (HA!) and bought DMC 5. Stuck with the standard edition, since the Deluxe is sold out on Amazon, so no vibrator arm for me. Yet. Oh well, it only cost me $1 so that's cool. Current status:


Today while I was in the bathroom at Chili's, I heard a guy at the urinial say "yeah, good boy. Take your time. That's good." I have no idea if he had a son or if he was talking about his dick. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.


Just heard the Metroid Prime 4 news. As disappointed as I am that they're starting the game from scratch, I'd rather they take their time and release something that's a quality game than something half assed. Retro coming back helps a bit too.


I know I'm SUPER late to the party on this, but hot damn you guys weren't lying about how great into the Spider-Verse was. Easily my favorite Spidey movie and one of my five favorite comic book movies of all time.


So I finally completed World of Light. It wasn't great, but I wouldn't call it terrible either. As for whether it's better than Subspace, I'm kinda of in the middle. I'll explain more in the comments.


Happy birfday Panda! Hope you take it easy today and have fun playing video games and being awesome.


Happy birfday Wes! I would have made you a taco cake, but that would have been nasty and awkward eating your fellow tacos. So here's a picture of your fursona, taco cat. Did you know taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat? #MindBlown


So this happened. And it'll probably never happen again.


So some dataminers looked into the NES Online app, and it looks like we might getting SNES games a lot sooner than expected, with one of the games being Star Fox 2 (which was exclusive to the SNES Classic).


So. Apparently Gearbox's ex lawyer, who is being sued for fraud, has counter sued Randy Pitchford, saying that he gave himself a $12 million dollar bonus....but that's not the worst part. Link in the comments.


2018 was definitely a year that has now ended. Yeah. That about all I can say about that. Happy new year!


Happy birthday Soulbow. You're alright for a Siege player.


I know I'm super late to the party on this, but hot damn Spiderman on PS4 is fantastic. Not just "fantastic for a Spiderman game" just a fantastic game in general. I doubt it'll knock Arkham City as my favorite comic book game, but it's up there.


So! I am now the proud owner of a PlayStation 4, but while I'm waiting for it to reformat (got it from my sister), I figure I ask for some game recommendations (outside of the obvious ones). I have like 5 years to catch up to.


Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. Just kidding, I love each and every one of you. Happy holidays.


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