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Apparently Netflix had Friends. Was it any good?


I just bought Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes. Current status:


So apparently the winners of the Fire Emblem Heroes CYL poll was accidentally discovered, and well..... I'll link it in the comments.


So. This is a thing. Possibly.


Spicy take lighting round: Star Fox Zero is the second best Star Fox game, Color Splash is good, Yakuza is better than Shenmue, DKC 2 is the best DKC game, Fates are pretty good games, and the Uncharted games aren't the greatest thing ever.


Happy birthday to everyone's favorite mecha based endangered mammal who we all miss and wish to see more of: Robo Panda Z!


Happy birthday to the greatest human being who brings all of us at Destructoid nothing but joy: James Earl Jones!


If you had told me around this time 10 years ago that Fire Emblem would not only get popular, but would get to the point that people would be saying there's too much representation of it in Smash, I don't think I'd believe you.


My face when Smash fans on Twitter say Dante is an edgelord sword user:


I was going to label this as #Darksiders3, but if it'll help Australia from completely burning to the ground, yeah why not?


Sure, I'll play. "This planet... It's very dear to me."


Just finished playing 3 hours of RE 2 Remake. And yeah, you guys were right: it's fantastic and one of the first times I ever felt genuinely scared playing an RE game. And I haven't even run into Mr. X yet!


The next Nintendo Direct will have video games.


Hey I know this is kinda last minute, but since this is the first Friday of 2020, anyone want to Smash Bros online with me? I'm setting up a lobby right now, and will share the info in the comments.


Happy New Year, Dtoid. I'd have wished you all that sooner, but well this is my current status.


Happy birfday to the cutest, sexiest, charming person on Destructoid: Justin Timberlake!


Normally I do a C-Blog about my GOTY, but due to a combination of time, depression, laziness, lack of funds to play a lot of the big stuff, etc., I'm posting my five games of 2019 in the comments.


Happy birfday RiffRaff. You da best. Around!


Merry #Cursedmas ya all! Santa left me something special under the tree this year.


Was busy these last two days, but now I have something new to post for #Cursedmas that makes the wait worth it.


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