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Teta draws some Destructoid (repost)

Repost: I wrote this cblog last night, but Youtube didnīt want to upload my video so when i made it live this morning it was damn buried. I was in some drawing mood yesterday, and since Destructoid is on my head, i decided to draw somethin...


Audiosurf in your cblogs

Note before reading: This will be my first try to rant a game in English, hopefully i will not rape the language. I played the beta, for like 20 minutes, and that was it! No more fun, nothing new, nothing epic, nothing to blog how awesom...


NARP drawings

Last night on stickam i decided to draw a bit since my English isnīt very good and took me a little longer to understand the jokes ppl were making. (I have no scanner so i took a photo with my camera and then tried to tweak the colors on Ph...


Dragon Ball Online video bonanza

After more than a year of waiting we have the first trailer and some gameplay videos. Trailer: Gameplay videos: I am really excited for this game. I was mad stupid with the anime, watched every movie and tv episode. Had toys, posters,...


TF2: Pyro custom figure

Surfing Kotaku i found this sweet sweet TF2 custom figure. From the creator of Alex Vance custom figure, Quasimodox brings us another figure based on the Pyro from TF2. I want it badly.


Interview with the Penny Arcade Game Producer

The guys form Epileptic Gaming (yeah that video game site with Summa) had an interview with Joel DeYoung, producer of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Not bad at all, i am really interested in this game.


Angry Video Nerd: Rambo

Lateley the Video Game Nerd has been very boring. But meh! At least there is something to do besides getting angry about my fucking internet connection that doesnīt let me play mi TF2 Tuesdayīs the right way. Havenīt watched it, gonna do ...


Penny Arcade gameplay video

If someone asks me: Are you interested in that game? I would respond: Yes, i am, so what? It has nice art, and you can somehow create an avatar of yourself Penny Arcade style. And yeah, i have nothing else to write, so iīll just post it:


Waiting for Zero Punctuation?... Old videos then.

I am waiting for my Wendsday Zero Punctuation, and i am bored... So how about his first videos not related to the Escapist Magazine? I enjoyed then, they are the same thing, but with no intro of the Escapist Magazine. The darkness demo for...


Illegal Danish 2: Escape From Ogrimmar is actually out

Old news is old? Well the point is that after 2 years of waiting, the sequel to the fantastic Machinimia Illegal Danish is finally out. Released on January 1, Myndflame presented their highly anticipated WoW based movie. Hopefully this doe...


Top 10 Baddest Bad Guys

No i am not copying Excremento on his lists, I want to show you the video Angry Game Nerd made. James Nintendo Nerd makes some other series of videos, apart of the Angry Nintendo Nerd ones, from his Cinemasacre brand or thinggie. This tim...


Tetaīs Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest i tried entry

After 5 minutes of searching, and then like 30 minutoes of fighting with my camera (that is no longer working), i present you the worst entry EVAR! I have a really bad webcam so here is the internet proof i found it: Lemon is a bit nervo...


Nonsence Cbloggin: I am playing Old Schoolīs Tonight

Tonight, since my new VGA isnīt here, i am playing an old piece of gold in game history. DAY OF THE MUTHERFUCKING TENTACLE From Tim Schafer himself, ppl say heīs good making games. And i bealive them cause i alreay beat it when i was yo...


Red vs Blue is having a new Mini-series

Yeah, iīm a bitch for Red vs Blue. I hate their special chapters, i almost donīt laugh at their jokes, but when they make me laugh, they really do, and what is more important itīs just fun to watch. Well after a long stupid and boring intr...


Tetaīs stupid videos: Haloz sticky Edition

I really liked the unbelievable plasma granade toss posted on the front page the other day. And watching more of those videos i found this plasma granade toss: And then i found the most amazing stupid haloz video iīve ever watched: Halo P...


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