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Teta draws some Destructoid 10

I know I missed drawing last week. So today, I grabbed my pencil and video camera and started drawing. Samit Sarkar here is your drawing, I know you wanted one: Well, I off to bed.


New Ghostbusters footage

I am really excited for this new game. Being a 25 year old guy means that one of my childhood heroes were the Ghostbusters, and after being raped by developers with the NES versions, I expect something good. The new footage is ok, itīs not...


I have a new obsession: My brain

For the last two weeks thereīs one game that have been around my mind all day long. No, itīs not GTA and his mass murdering and crazy driving. Itīs not a black and white game that uses Ash from the Evil Dead Trilogy. Itīs not me, being a ...


Teta draws some Destructoid 9

So last week I didnīt draw anything, cause I was in a real bad mood. Thatīs why this week I draw for you, and more than usual. First: Some old guy that used to have a beard: Also, I love you Hamza. And this week was Phoenix Bloodīs b-da...


Letīs make another GTAIV cblog post

Itīs 4:13 in Peru, and I have a lot of trouble sleeping. Somehow I managed to grab a pencil and drew something I have been reading all day long, GTAIV. Also, I need a scanner so I can get clear images and not messy gray pcitures with my sh...


Penny Arcade TV - Do you have a lot of free time?

Gabe didnīt upload his videos last week, but today I found 2 of his videos up there. So grab something to drink, a videogame, maybe work, idk but there is a lot of footage if you have a lot of free time: (Hopefully videos are uploded ri...


Penny Arcade TV - do you have 1:30 hrs?

Looks like this is going to be a regular thing. At least for a while like his blog art: Grab some food, turn on some games, or work like I am doing right now. I really enjoy watching him draw, itīs really amazing how he can control the ...


Teta draws some Destructoid 8

This week, after fighting with my laziness and my hangover, I finally finished drawing. For my favorite hat maker on the whole internet: Also, I canīt believe I am enjoying again a FF. After playing FF X and X2, my love for the genre dis...


Teta draws some Destructoid 7

I asked for Sterling pics and I got Sterling pics. So grab your cup of tea, fish and chips and your picture of the Queen cause i am drawing some Englishman in this blog: Oh and i got a new pencil, and it was like magically perfect, soft ...


Warhammer 40K MMO

This is pure copy and pasta: "" Why would i be excited for such a shitty news? Two words: Joe Madureira. OH GOD! He is like my favorite artist ever, he is like the reason why i draw hands squarish, sqeeeee. Now i am mad gay for this gam...


Demigod is getting pushed back... Demiwhat?

Demigod is a RTS/RPG game being developed by Gas Powered Games. So, if you want to know a little bit more about the game, visit Aetyrīs blog. The reason of this blog is the press note concerning the push back of the game: To fully support...


My compl.. Teta draws some DESTRUCTOID 6

Xbox live melted, and i couldnīt play COD 4. So, since i have no 360 i decided to read DTOID and realized once again Wardox is a cry baby and no body should read his blog and should mute him when he talks on Podcastle. But since he has a ni...


Teta draws some Destructoid 4

I have been hanging out on stickam lately and decided to draw the egocentric: Tazar. He totally deserves to go to CANCUN and should win the contest. Also, i hate Youtube cause it took like 1 hour to upload my video. So here it is:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIERO - Teta drew you something

First of all: Happy Birthday And congratulations for making a blog that has 2 years old now, and itīs filled with great people and content. I had to draw some Destructoid for this occasion, and i was planing to do it for a long time. The p...


Teta draws some Destructoid 3

I had a lot of trouble drawing this week. First i wasnīt feeling well (iīm catching a cold), then i couldnīt find someone to draw, after drawing i didnīt like the drawing and finally Youtube was a dick to me cause it refused to upload my mo...


Penny Arcade nailed it today

Yeah they totally did: So speaking of Army of Two, i really really really wanna play this game. I donīt know if you guys celebrate a long weekend now in march, some Cristian festivity, thatīs tends to fuck my birthday cause nobody is aro...


Teta draws some Destructoid 2

I had fun last time, and now i decided to draw MOAR! I tried with a lot of DTOID ppl but FAILED horribly in most of the attempts. Today i was browsing my blog to remember what stupid crap i posted before and found my papermodel post. There...


Playstation Home Beta Videos

I found this videos browsing YouTube and doing a quick search of the cblogs i couldnīt find a link. Well the thing is that this annoying guy (electro lemon in 6 years?) goes around the Home Beta showing itīs content. After 30 seconds i jus...


Surf games, where are you?

DISCLAIMER: English is not my main language, so if you donīt want to read raped English you can click away. Let me start talking about one of my greatest loves: Boards. I loved to Snowboard the year i was able to, i love to sand board wh...


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