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Sweet Baby Jesus: Direct Feed MGS4

Normally, I wouldn't bother posting this when there's already shakey-cam footage on the main page, but this is just too much awesome to be experienced with washed-out colors and ambient noise. This kind of depravity deserves better. Appa...


Who Is John Galt? (And Pelagic Death)

When I first read about BioShock, I picked up on the Atlas Shrugged references almost immediately, Ayn Rand geek that I am. Over time, I became worried that the game's ties to Objectivism were mere lip service and wouldn't factor at all int...


Dtoid Member Links To Own Blog, Spamming Ensues

Sup, kids. I just started writing for game discussion/critique blog The Game Slant, which is part of a larger editorial site called The Daily Slant. Our number of writers is slowly increasing, and in the next few weeks we should be up to at...


Silicon Knights Blows A Gasket, Sues Epic Games

Wow. I mean, just WOW. By now, many people know about the tragic history of Silicon Knights and their oft-delayed Too Human. Silicon Knights Main Dude Denis Dyack (SKMDDD?) has spent no small amount of time harassing any press or industry ...


Gamers For Gaming - ESRB icons

HEY KIDS! Are you pissed off that no one seems to know why we have ESRB ratings? Not even the ESRB? Do you seethe with rage when onlookers gaze in bewilderment at retail boxes, blissfully unaware that they are purchasing adult games for ...


Aristotle obsolete, sez Crysis writer

So I went to the IGDA game writing panel last night. The discussion was pretty straightforward, nothing particularly new coming up - at least nothing that hasn't already been said several times over. Mostly reiterated platitudes like "stori...


Questions 4 Teh IGDA?

Sup, kiddies. As a member of the New York chapter of the IGDA, I'm going to be attending a game writing panel at the New School in Manhattan at 6:30 tonight. Among the attendees are Daniel Greenberg (Lord of the Rings Online), John Boomer...


I ARE LIVE (and the case for specificity).

LIVE ARE ME. Sup, kiddies. I'm Lord Regulus (of Rev. Anthony's "LOL, Discussion Piece" fame), and you're watching Lord Regulus. With your host, Lord Regulus. On the Lord Regulus Network. All Lord Regulus, all the time. PRO TIP: Regulus wa...


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