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WHY!? They could have made a new animated series!


I have never in my life heard somebody do a good impression of Donald Duck.


This is my favorite Isabelle meme.


This is so incredibly stupid.


Tomorrow is my birthday, so I can guarantee today's Nintendo Direct is going to be awesome, as a gift to me. Source: Nintendo is my uncle.


Hot Nintendo Direct leak!


Lesson of the day: never stop binge watching. I was watching Lupin The III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine on Funimation recently but I stopped halfway through and started watching something else. Now the license expired and it's gone forever.


Toonami is slowly taking over! Pretty sure this is the longest it's ever been.


Have you guys heard this!? It's insane!


Me watching the 1st episode of FLCL: "Wtf is happening?" Me watching the 1st episode of FLCL Progressive: "Wtf is happening?" Me watching the first episode of FLCL Alternative: "I like this. This is nice."


Since a bunch of people were asking, the SN30 Pro+ that I posted earlier is't available for preorder yet. It's supposed to come out this winter for $50. The one I pictured before was the classic Game Boy style, but they will also have a SNES one.


Now this is how you do a 3rd party Switch controller! Rumble, gyro, and them handles!


Everyone is a cock now.


Biggest mistake they ever made with Adventure Time was not having Zack Shada voice Fern. I was so disappointed when it was just some random dude.


Seriously, Amazon? I preordered this like a month ago!


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: THE WITCHER 3 VINYL WILL BE BACK ON SALE TOMORROW ON SPACELAB9 AT 1PM ET. It's the 4 LP version with the expansion soundtracks. Only difference is the discs are clear instead of colored.


The Google translated names on the Japanese Smash Bros website are cracking me up.


The first takeout.


Man, I didn't get to splat at all last fest, and my team won too! I went a year straight participating in every Splatfest, and now my streak is broken.


Remember when I said they should just call these "shared world" games MMOs because that's what they are? Here's my proof. Torchlight Frontiers is, in fact, an MMO. Probably the one Runic cancelled to make Hob instead.


There's that longstanding rumor about Elma for Smash and I wonder if her being in Xenoblade 2 means anything.


Super Mario Party apparently doesn't support Pro controllers, so it's time to load up on these I guess!


Meet me by the playground after school if you want in.


>sees Facebook notification< "Oh boy, somebody interacted with me!" >Dick Fucknuts posted a picture of his breakfast burrito< "THANKS FACEBOOK. THIS WAS VERY IMPORTANT."


I was super excited for free A Hat in Time DLC in a few weeks, then I noticed it was only the PC version's date which isn't the one I have. THEN I remembered I didn't even back the Kickstarter for this game!


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