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By the way, those new crystal DualShock 4s are all on sale for $40 starting today. Clear is at GameStop, blue is at Walmart, and red is at Best Buy. I just got a blue one myself.


The two most satisfying moments in competitive gaming for me are being the only survivor of an evacuation in Titanfall, and winning a Splatoon game by this much.


Starting December 2nd, Toonami will be adding Black Clover to their lineup AND will be starting at 10:30!


Skipped Soul Eater NOT! a few years ago because I thought it looked too cutesy. Boy, was that a mistake! How come all these good anime are so short though?


By the way guys, there's a way to skip past half of Mario Odyssey's final level which I will post in the comments.


I don't know why they're even doing this because they clearly don't care about the opinions of readers since they ban people for giving them feedback.


For over 20 years and 1,000 episodes Ash Ketchum had been ten years old. Maybe he'll finally win the Pokèmon League when he turns eleven. After all, he's still a novice trainer with less than a year of experience.


I forgot the Starpocalypse is upon us this week! I can't believe they made an entire episode out of Star sniffing Marco's old hoodie.


I got an NS Magic for my Switch and, true to its word, it was plug and play. I was playing Mario with a DualShock 4 after about a minute.


I discovered a secret alternate version of the New Donk city festival. Also, how the hell have I played Mario Odyssey for 45 hours!?


Whoa... everyone sign up for Sony Rewards! Unlocking trophies now earns you points you can exchange for money!


I wish I could experience the ending of Mario Odyssey again for the first time. I'm so lucky it wasn't spoiled!


Somebody please tell me they are going to make more episodes of New-Game!


I waited all week for Thick Thursday and it was ruined! I just wanted to tell you guys that last week I discovered the always beautiful Lexi Belle put on some weight recently and is now the perfect woman. I'll let you look that up on your own time.


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