DeS: New features announced for FIFA 19
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You can now listen to the entire new Gorillaz album as performed live in Japan. It's a really cool concert! Also, wow this album is so much better than Humanz.


I was not expecting this reply to this dumb comment be the realest thing I've ever read.


If you still like the Squid Sisters more than Off The Hook by the end of the Octo Expansion, you might need to get your head examined.


I love this man.


You guys, this incredible cover of Kill La Kill's second opening is available again in the US! I sure wish they could have used it for the dub!


I would play an entire game of those Octo Expansion 8 ball levels.


These thing are amazing and I need to buy more immediately.


Is it just me or did the music in that Fire Emblem: Three Houses trailer sound more like Xenoblade 2 than Fire Emblem?


The E3 report card is done! It's in the comments so you can read it. Here's some of my favorite games, though. Only picked ones where gameplay was shown.


Visual representation somebody made of the Smash Ultimate stage. You can see how few are left! Orbital Gate has apparently been found now too.


Saw a Treehouse battle on Wiley's Castle with hazards off and it got rid of all the moving platforms too. What's the point, then? They did say they were playing with "all hazards off" so I'm hoping it's more customizable of a setting than I think.


The Xenoblade 2 expansion is so big it's getting its own physical release. I'm honestly really surprised it's so substantial. Whey they called it an "expansion pass" I didn't think they meant it literally!


Pac-Man Champtionship Edition 2 is half off on Switch? Fuck yeah! The time has come!


Smash Invitational players that got to play the game extensively in the VIP room report the game has a stage hazard toggle.


There's more than 80 stages in Smash Bros Ultimate, and less than 30 left that we haven't seen in the game yet. They're adding them all I tell you!


I wonder why they made Ridley look so realistic. His design from Brawl fits the look of Smash Ultimate way better.


Holy shit, you guys. I just spent a long time going through ever picture on the Smash Bros website and found a butt ton more stages GameXplain didn't mention. So many I can't list them here... so look in the comments!


They've already spoiled us with every single character in Smash Bros Ultimate, so now I'm going to be disappointed if it doesn't have every single stage too.


Smash Bros amiibo display had two empty slots. More characters being announced after the tournament?


Notice how much they emphasize the "original" Mario Party experience. Want.


I love how Bill Trinen pronounced English words with a Japanese accent when he speaks Japanese.


Smash 4 had a better theme song.


These leaks are getting out of control!


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