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This Doom-style reversible cover is awesome!


Also, why does God of War use the Roman spelling of Heracles? It's the only one they fucked up! How did that even happen? Didn't they have somebody double checking that stuff?


Just finished God of War 3 for the first time- the only one I've played. It's an alright game, but it came out the same year as Bayonetta and Darksiders. Even Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (also 2010) was superior in some aspects.


It just occurred to me that, as of this year, there are people doing porn now that were born in the year 2000. What the fuck.


Speaking of vinyl soundtracks, I'm super pissed I missed The Witcher 3 last year. Why the hell was that a limited release!? I wanted Deus Ex Human Revolution too, but I think that was only a first pressing.


The actual best comment of the week

I said that if this comment wasn't featured in the next Comments of the Week, I'd make my own post featuring it exclusively. So, congradulations to zatoseyes! You may not have been "officially" chosen, but perhaps this is an even great...


God of War is coming out and this song is all I can think of.


Man, what a great boss theme this is. I couldn't really pay attention to it while I was playing because the fight took a lot of concentration but even then I remember thinking it rocked. Best song in A Hat in Time and everyone knows it!


You ever get a trophy but the prerequisite ones don't unlock? I got all 40 time pieces in A Hat in Time, and the trophy for that, but the only "world clear" trophy I got was for Subcon Forest. The rest of them never unlocked!


Why is there a vinyl record of the Golf Story soundtrack? That was by far the worst part of the game. I'd even go as far as to say the music was bad.


Toys R Us still has copies of Doom. However, the games are 15% off and the whole store is still up to 30% after two weeks. Most stuff is only 10%. They keep restocking from the warehouse and they have more merchandise than ever. It's never gonna close!


Man, you guys really want to know if science has gone too far, huh?


I started A Hat in Time the other day and it's fantastic! But why does Hat Kid sound exactly like Ruby?


I literally just discovered yesterday you can type on the PS4 by using the touch pad. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure that out.


This is going into my all-time favorite comments collection.


Actual picture of me waiting for the Switch version of Doom to go on sale.


Alright, FINE, I'll buy the stupid game. Jeez!


Man, I didn't see a single place report on this. It was a random YouTube recommendation! Cool parody, actually playable joke character on Steam, real announcement at the end too. 10/10 April Fool's gag.


It's a joke, but also its not a joke.


That Toonami April Fool's gag was amazing, as was the one 6 years ago that brought the block back, but I missed the surprise both times and I'm sad. April Fool's 2023, I'm coming for you!


In case you were concerned because Dragon Ball Super ended.




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