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Smash Ultimate menu music is here! The Melee slap bass is back! Personally, I'm a big fan of the first 30 seconds or so and I think I'd like it more if it just looped after that.


Here's the trailer from yesterday that everyone should be able to watch now.


A little bit disappointed that Promare is just a movie, but still excited. Sawano is back too!


Yep, Alternative is the FLCL for me. It was fantastic!


I just found out that there is an alternate version of the Mega Man 11 soundtrack that was preorder DLC. Capcom, why u do dis?


I just ordered delivery and the delivery guy said to me "You ordered dinner, good job" and gave me a thumbs up as he was walking away.


Why aren't these amiibo out in time for Splatoween!?


Super Mario Party just feels right, you know? In a game last night, I had my only star stolen on the last turn but then I ended up with both bonus stars and won the whole thing because I had the most coins.


One thing I don't like about Super Mario Party that I haven't really seen anyone mention is that you can't play a team game with classic rules. It's especially weird since party mode specifies that it's a 4 player battle as if you could change that option


Here's some quality cosplay for you guys from Kinpatsu. She's my favorite!


I don't know if anyone cares, but the episode of FLCL Alternative tonight was incredible. Best one in any of the series by far. So many interesting themes to unpack!


:O I'm glad I put off watching this!


You know what? I think I'll be Pumpkin Spice next month. Now, is spook time.


Mark your calendars, guys. The Salmon Run shift this weekend is all Grizzco custom weapons!


I just realized The Game Awards is the day before Smash Bros comes out, so expect either the final character or first DLC character to be revealed then.


I thought we were only getting the two songs with the new Splatoon 2 update, but there's MORE! (second song in the comments)


Not only do I like FLCL Alternative, I love it. It's not over yet, but based on the four episodes so far I don't think my opinion is going to change after the next two. Crazy considering it and Progressive were written by the same guy.


I got a copy of NES GALF in the 450-copy white variant. I'm rich!


GALF for NES will be available from Limited Run tomorrow if you want one!


Help, I can't stop watching this.


Spent $12 and now I have my own Smash Bros dock.


I can't wait for THQ Nordic to pick up all those Telltale licenses, then hire the people who used to work on them to make new entries.


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