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The launch star method works for tough 1-on1 spirit fights! Equip one at the beginning of the fight, then throw it off the edge and toss the opponent into it! I also recommend picking Zelda or Isabell so you can wave goodbye.


I don't know what this song is for exactly, but it's definitely more like it!


What the hell is the point of fighter spirits? It's like the most useless collectible I've ever seen.


Anybody want a free month of Rooster Teeth First? You can watch new episodes a week early and get discounts in the store. Its for new memberships only. You can redeem the coupon through March 31st: h30-mozsdjtsgc


Nintendo would like to remind you to buy Katamari Reroll.


So Reggie said Smash DLC would be unexpected, and we all expect Banjo & Kazooie. What if they did something really off the wall and put in a Killer Instinct character like Fulgore instead?


My one problem with Smash Ultimate so far is that they couldn't be bothered to include even two sentences identifying the spirits. I keep getting characters I've never seen from games I've never heard of! How am I supposed to enjoy this gaming museum?


UPS fucked up and my copy of Smash is 100s of miles away. Bought another one at Best Buy and giving the first to my friend. Also, they had so many Ridleys! I was expecting Inklings, not Ridleys.


I'm upset that Geoff the Dorito King threw away that amazing song he commissioned from Marty O'Donnell for The Game Awards. Such disrespect!


Atlas was a surprise to me, but apparently a trailer for it was accidentally made public back in August and promptly removed. I don't remember hearing anything about it!


It looked like we were getting cheated out of a Splatfest this month, but nope! It's Smash Bros themed. Not sure it's the best idea for Marina to be on team villain, though...


These Darksiders 3 reviewers are nuts. Yeah, the game has some technical issues (nothing too bad for me) but why is it actually bad? Because it's hard? Because it's different than the other games? I don't get it.


I like to imagine Golem still isn't out because Marty took a break to write some Halo music in secret. Kazuma left 343 back in July and they don't have a music guy any more. A man can dream.


Missed this four years ago, but now that it's back I have finally tried every Toast Crunch flavor: classic, french, chocolate, frosted, peanut butter, apple cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry, and now sugar cookie! They're all great!


Man, I just bought Onrush for Black Friday and now PlayStation is giving it out for free. That's it, I'm never buying a video game again!


I've seen like 100 comparisons of Darksiders 3 to Dark Souls, but the game is very obviously inspired by Metroid more than anything else.


So, Young Justice returns Jan 4th with an interesting schedule. 3 episodes on Fridays for the first 3 weeks, and 4 on the 25th. Then it takes a break till June for the 2nd half. You only have to pay for two months of that stupid service to watch it!


Darksiders 3 protip: Wait until you've downloaded the patch to play. My internet is slow so I usually don't, but this time there's tons of noticeable improvements. And TUTORIALS. Was just figuring shit out myself, then got hit with like 20 at once after.


Best Buy coming though again! I wonder how long this was sitting in my mailbox today.


Literally everything at ThinkGeek is half off, including sale items, with the code DOTCOM. The backpack of holding is out of stock, though. Everything else is just kind of weird junk.


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