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Smash online sharing page is a glorious meme hell. I was lucky to get in early enough to download the stage "climax" which is literally two people having sex, complete with, uh, moving parts. Also found this gem and almost choked from laughing so hard.


There's always a price.


Banjo-Kazooie confirmed


Sony didn't even have anything going on today and they showed up Microsoft. The next year is going to be interesting.


Somebody recreated Haloid. Fantastic work!


Had nothing to do today so I went to see Captain Marvel. Probably the best superhero origin movie I've ever seen. Really well paced. Any other movie would have spent half the run time explaining how Carol became a pilot.


My Gamers Club Unlocked expires June 1st and I've been thinking about all the games I might want to buy or preorder before then to get the discount and I'm freaking out.


My whole life is a lie.


Finished Tales from the Borderlands yesterday. I've had a copy for years but never played it. It was excellent! Also, now convinced that every character we want to see will be in Borderlands 3. I mean, who ever expected to see Shade again!?


They changed Moze's class name from "bot jock" to "gunner" which is super lame, but literally every other leak was right. Gonna pat myself on the pack for being correct about Zane's drone.


This is some Elder Scrolls alchemy shit.


When April Fool's gets too real:


I cannot express how happy I am with this opening.


First episode of The Twilight Zone is free on YouTube. Haven't watch it yet, but slightly concerned it's 55 minutes. The 40+ minute episodes of the classic series were way too long, in my opinion.


Best news of the year so far!


Here's the code for 100 golden keys they sent out in the chat before the Gearbox live stream: C3W33-RZ6ZJ-TFJ6C-TTJ33-RFHX5 Works in Borderlands 2.


So Panic Button is brining Hob to Switch, so hopefully it'll run well this time since the PS4 port was terrible. Also, in "never thought I'd see the day" news, Torchlight 2 is coming to consoles this year! Assuming that means Switch also.


Waiting at the doctor's office and they're playing Frozen. Feels weird that Sora, Donald, and Goofy are missing.


How come Destructoid is constantly reporting on FFXIV but never ESO? You guys didn't even post about the Elsweyr expansion coming this year!


I kept wondering why Stadia sounded familiar, and then it came to me: the Bandai Playdia. You think Google was even aware of this? Probably not.


Dude... this looks awesome!


I don't know, guys... the Switch is great, but is it a nut you can play with outside?


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