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Shoutout to Kelsey Lansdowne who absolutely DESTROYED the role of Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts 3. Maybe the best vocal recast I've ever heard.


Somebody please get Sora some chapstick.


They should make a Kingsom Hearts spinoff game but with all the worlds based on Disney cartoons instead of movies.


So when you select pigtails Videl, sometimes she says "So Gohan, do you prefer girls with short hair?" in a really nervous voice. I'm dead.


This year went exactly how I expected. I barely played any PS4 because I mostly used by Switch. It's telling me I somehow played 17 games, though, which seems wrong.


Amazon shipped this in the middle of the night Sunday and it arrived at noon today. Also, do you guys with the special edition lose out on this amazing box art?


Nintendo lied about no more Splatoon 2 content. Ten more weapons are coming!


I saw this today and it made me crack up for some reason.


So I made a comment on the Steven Universe Reddit the other day about Ian Jones-Quartey having designed a character in the new episode and apparently he saw it and mentioned it on a podcast! It's at 46:33.


I had no idea there was an eclipse going on or I would have looked for it when I was outside with my cats, but that probably explains why they were going fucking insane and running around like maniacs.


Saw Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Best Dragon Ball thing since DBZ. Will be disappointed if future anime look worse. Also, pretty sure they used the FighterZ engine for some fights.


It was time for Thomas to leave. He had seen everything.


This song turned out great, honestly.


Found this picture on Twitter. Looks like it's time to burn down the Internet.


Started watching Night Gallery yesterday for the first time and was immediately taken by theincredible theme song in the pilot, only to be disappointed that it was never used again. Easily rivals Twilight Zone.


That reaction image I posted yesterday was on point. Maybe my favorite RWBY episode ever today!


My dreams have spoken to me once again: The next Smash DLC character is Raiden from Metal Gear. His look is based on Rising.


Tried to write Twitter on my phone and it came out Tittler, so brb inventing Tittler.


Tomorrow's episode of RWBY:


I can't believe Activision terminated their deal with Bungie early. Even though Destiny never seemed like the success they wanted it to be, it also seemed like they were all in on it. Wonder who will scoop up future publishing. Sony?


The new Elder Scrolls Online expansion is being teased, with a reveal for next week. Based on the dragon motif, I'm making the wild guess that we're going to Akavir for the first time in series history, which would be amazing.


Nintendo just dropped a release date for Yoshi's Crafted World in a random trailer out of the blue: March 29th.


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