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Man, I just bought Onrush for Black Friday and now PlayStation is giving it out for free. That's it, I'm never buying a video game again!


I've seen like 100 comparisons of Darksiders 3 to Dark Souls, but the game is very obviously inspired by Metroid more than anything else.


So, Young Justice returns Jan 4th with an interesting schedule. 3 episodes on Fridays for the first 3 weeks, and 4 on the 25th. Then it takes a break till June for the 2nd half. You only have to pay for two months of that stupid service to watch it!


Darksiders 3 protip: Wait until you've downloaded the patch to play. My internet is slow so I usually don't, but this time there's tons of noticeable improvements. And TUTORIALS. Was just figuring shit out myself, then got hit with like 20 at once after.


Best Buy coming though again! I wonder how long this was sitting in my mailbox today.


Literally everything at ThinkGeek is half off, including sale items, with the code DOTCOM. The backpack of holding is out of stock, though. Everything else is just kind of weird junk.


Okay, wtf is going on in Splatoon 2 today. Everyone is talking about grape surgery...


Hey guys, if you didn't know, Hulu is offering subscriptions right now for $1/ month for the first year. This works if you're a new member or a previous member who hasn't had an active sub in the last 12 months. It's got some ads but for $12 I'll take it!


Anyone want to buy me a Switch copy of Doom for $12? Believe it or not, I don't have a Walmart where I live.


Here's why you should never buy fall game releases before Black Friday.


The Dragon Ball Super manga is continuing, so presumably the anime will be back sometime soon. Next up, Goku fights a goat man.


My new wallpaper.


Wreck It Ralph origins.


Adi Shankar's newest project is an animated Devil May Cry series, so that's pretty awesome.


I just mentioned this five days ago. It happened way faster than I thought it would! Adult Swim/Toonami is only a matter of time now.


Hey guys, The Bit Trip (that's a collection of all the original games) is only ยข99 on PSN right now. Cross buy with Vita! Runner 3 has also been discounted to $10 on all platforms, including PS4.


I recently realized that Sans and Papyrus are named after the fonts used in their dialog boxes and I feel so stupid. It's like when I finally noticed the cities in Earthbound were named after numbers.


VRV has been adding a lot of random Turner and Warner stuff to its catalog lately like Freakazoid, Thunder Cats, and Final Space. Only a matter of time until CN and Adult Swim/Toonami. I wouldn't be surprised if that DC service flopped and was folded in.


PSA: Mystery weapon Salmon Run is happening now till 1pm tomorrow on the new Ark Polaris map!


I really want Tetris Effect, but do you guys think there's a chance of a Switch version? I'd much rather buy that.


This might be my favorite high quality rip yet.


This is the last political thing I'm going to post. Just wanted to show an example of why 3rd party voters upset me.


How the fuck did over 1.5 million people vote against this? I know it won by a landslide, but that's scary...


I Went to my polling place around 11am and it was dead. It's walking distance from my house so I thought I'd walk in case there was no place to park, but I guess there was no need. I think like 5 million voted early here. I had a nice walk, though.


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