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Disney Classics Collection: Destructoid Edition


Damn it, now the physical release of Night in the Woods was delayed. I was really looking forward to buying two of my favorite games (this and A Hat in Time) physically this year!


Now that I've finished Fire Emblem, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to play Control or Astral Chain next.


I looked up Edelgard's S support, and I have to say it probably would've been the most satisfying for me. I honestly felt the closest to her by the end of the game, though I married Bernie anyway. BUT, Bernie's epilogue was AMAZING and totally worth it.


I will say one thing I didn't really like about Three Houses was the inconsistency of the cutscenes. Not sure what they were trying for there. Some were 2D animated, some CG trying to look 2D, some just illustrations with narration.


I ended up finally finishing Fire Emblem: Three Houses exactly a month after it came out, which was definitely on purpose and not coincidental. It took me almost exactly 100 hours. What a fascinating game. I might have to write about it.


Last night, Toonami aired an amazing trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie just because they felt like it. Obviously don't watch if you're not caught up!


Edelgard is such a dork.


Cursed image of the day.


This is a good meme.


Man, FUCK Aniplex! Are you kidding me with this!? I weep every time they get an anime license. Guess I'll never own Kill la Kill, and that makes me sad.


This literally just came in the mail today. Please don't let the last issue ever be Call of Duty!


What if Sony let this Spider-Man thing get blown out of proportion to get people riled up so Disney would give them a better deal?


Damn, that choice in Fire Emblem I mentioned earlier apparently cheated me out of a cool cutscene that didn't have an equivalent for some reason. I still stand by it, though!


Wow, I was not expecting game altering Telltale-style choices in Three Houses. Although I wish the game warned me ahead of time so I didn't waste an entire free day by accident. Regardless, think I made the right decision. Time skip, here I come!


Fire Emblem: Three Houses (2019)


I was right! Infinity Train ISN'T just a mini series. I have a feeling the creator accidentally misspoke during that interview and revealed it early. Seems like it was supposed to be a surprise at the end of the last episode today.


I don't want to mislead anyone, so I'd like to clarify that nobody actually knows how long Infinity Train is. The show's creator has made conflicting statements about it. So if it ends Friday don't blame me!


Maybe the worst theme song I've ever heard, but great video. Will is hilarious!


Grip Clip Kickstarter has been canned and I'm mad. Literally nobody else makes split grips! Up for only 11 days and over 50% funded but he decided to cancel it b/c pledges slowed down. Told people to 3D print their own and is now selling the blueprints.


Hey guys, don't forget Infinity Train premiers tonight at 7:30!


I have heard the highest support you can get pre-timeskip in Three Houses is B. Can anyone confirm this? If so, I'm going to stop pestering Bernadetta for now.


So this happened to me the other day. I'll admit, it was tough at first lying to the students about our budget. "Sorry kids, we're all out of money. No more spending for us." Worth it, though.


Ko Takeuchi is a treasure


Check out the comments for the greatest tweet of all time.


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