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Went to the asian market to get some of those fresh meat buns and they didn’t have any. That’s the only lunch plan I had so I settled for a “sausage bun” instead which is just a giant pig in a blanket. On the plus side, I did get Vegeta soda.


Took a look at the Splatoon 3 hub. The variety of loadouts in the demo alone is crazy. With the number of weapons, subs, and specials it truly will be chaos.


Yep, Whisper is definitely one of my favorite Sonic characters now.


Started reading the Sonic comic. I like Whisper a lot. She looks like she's in constant pain and I find that relatable.


The upcoming Batman animated series, the Gumball movie, and a couple of Looney Tunes features that are in production are now being sold to other networks and will no longer stream on HBO Max. The new business strategy is "watch someone else"???


I was watching a VOD of someone's Xenoblade 3 stream and it said that a portion had been muted for copyright, which I thought was weird. Turns out they showed two minutes of Kingdom Hearts and that was why. OF COURSE.


Randomly went on YouTube in the middle of the night last night and happened to catch a certain space girl live streaming trying to pull a character she created for Arknights. Made me happy.


30 original shows are disappearing from HBO Max this week. Luckily, my subscription runs out in a month anyway. It was fun watching shows in the highest quality on my big tv, but I guess it’s back to bootleg websites like the good ‘ol days.


The real adventure was the friends we made along the way.


Xenoblade 3 post-game has unique music tracks. There is an insane amount of music in this game!


Something I learned finishing Xenoblade 3: When you continue with a completed save file, you gain the ability to freely change your level without starting over in NG+. If you want to do a lot of side content, maybe wait till you finish the story.


I have finished Xenoblade 3! Truly the longest final boss battle I have ever experienced, so take that as a warning when you get there. In the end, the story wasn’t at all what I expected, and it didn’t click till the end, but it was’t bad.


100 hours and I finally have a use for all those odd shards!


Mio does the same thing with her hands that Pyra did, and it's adorable. Also, did anyone else notice that Juniper inherited Rex's goofy pants?


They didn't mention it in the direct, but you can now change primary abilities on gear in Splatoon 3! Also, if you have Splatoon 2 save data you can play ranked right away with your rank from that game, and get 3 tickets that unlock any weapon.


Nintendo of Europe finds some really great up-and-coming talent for the Xenoblade series. I don't know who does the casting over there, but they sure know what they're doing.


Today will be chill sidequest day in Xenoblade 3, after yesterday's insanity. Still thinking about chapter 5.


I’m on chapter 6 now but I still need a hug.


Gonna need a hug after Xenoblade 3 chapter 5.


I really want to take my time and savor Xenoblade 3, but part of me wants to blast through to the end to see how it all comes together.


I can’t believe the mad lads at Monolith created an entire gameplay mechanic for Xenoblade 3 with its own tutorial and UI element that is used in the first chapter for an hour at most and then disappears forever.


I can't believe I missed Sana's graduation stream because of time zones! Of course it was on the 31st IN AUSTRALIA!


Yep, no other big releases today. Nothing else to get excited about.


Riku has the best casting in the entire Xenoblade series. This is not up for debate.


I wonder how they determine which music videos get animated in GC and which ones are hand drawn.


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