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The Messenger arrived today! Haven't played it yet, as I was waiting for this physical edition. I have to say, Special Reserve absolutely destroys Limited Run when it comes to quality. Fancy box, HARD BACK manual, reversible cover, and stickers!?


Let us all take a moment to appreciate surf rock Gobi's Valley.


I swear, the music in Smash Bros always finds some way to disappoint me. How the hell are you going to put the Banjo-Kazooie universe in Smash finally and not have Gruntilda music!? Pretty petty complaint all things considered, I know.


I demand an answer as to why "leakers" ever thought there was going to be content from Minecraft in Smash Bros. There's no character, stage, spirits, assist trophy, costume... nothing! Where did that come from?


Last minute Direct predictions: Microsoft Mii costumes for Smash. Minecraft Steve sword fighter, Mumbo sword fighter (fights with the wand), Joanna Dark gunner, Fulgore brawler, and Conker hat or suit. That's what I think!


They've finally shown what's in the Borderlands 3 collector's edition, and it sucks. I cancelled mine.


thy sensored the butt on the boxart this is a outrage 0/10 worsst game evr


Well, I guess I'm playing Astral Chain this weekend. I have to leave town tomorrow because of the hurricane and I'll only have my Switch, so decision made!


The internet is now trying to destroy Funimation because nobody has a sense of humor any more. I hate the world today. I can't just enjoy things any more. Everything I love has to be ruined by a mob.


Disney Classics Collection: Destructoid Edition


Damn it, now the physical release of Night in the Woods was delayed. I was really looking forward to buying two of my favorite games (this and A Hat in Time) physically this year!


Now that I've finished Fire Emblem, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to play Control or Astral Chain next.


I looked up Edelgard's S support, and I have to say it probably would've been the most satisfying for me. I honestly felt the closest to her by the end of the game, though I married Bernie anyway. BUT, Bernie's epilogue was AMAZING and totally worth it.


I will say one thing I didn't really like about Three Houses was the inconsistency of the cutscenes. Not sure what they were trying for there. Some were 2D animated, some CG trying to look 2D, some just illustrations with narration.


I ended up finally finishing Fire Emblem: Three Houses exactly a month after it came out, which was definitely on purpose and not coincidental. It took me almost exactly 100 hours. What a fascinating game. I might have to write about it.


Last night, Toonami aired an amazing trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie just because they felt like it. Obviously don't watch if you're not caught up!


Edelgard is such a dork.


Cursed image of the day.


This is a good meme.


Man, FUCK Aniplex! Are you kidding me with this!? I weep every time they get an anime license. Guess I'll never own Kill la Kill, and that makes me sad.


This literally just came in the mail today. Please don't let the last issue ever be Call of Duty!


What if Sony let this Spider-Man thing get blown out of proportion to get people riled up so Disney would give them a better deal?


Damn, that choice in Fire Emblem I mentioned earlier apparently cheated me out of a cool cutscene that didn't have an equivalent for some reason. I still stand by it, though!


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