NE: I played Pokemon Lets Go, and it was MEH
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I don't really mind Fallout 76 being an online game. I play ESO like every day and I love it. I do, however, mind other random players attacking me when I'm trying to explore. That doesn't really jive with the "Bethesda gameplay style" Todd mentioned.


Phil Spencer basically confirmed the rumor that Playground is making Fable 4.


Will history repeat itself?


I have no idea what is going on in FLCL Progressive, so I guess it's doing something right.


According to the almighty Twitch stream schedule, Microsoft's E3 doodad is also only 45 minutes long. So either they're going to pull a Nintendo with nonstop trailers for games, or they just have no games to show.


I can't believe every character in the new Smash Bros is Ridley!


Alright! I spent a stupid amount of time on this. The template posted here was too small so I found a bigger one that had the conferences ordered differently. Replaced the PC show because I don't give a crap. Make sure to right click and expand the image!


If Arc System Works was going to release four free characters for Cross Tag Battle on launch day THEN WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DLC!? Just include them in the game to begin with, ya dopes!


GameInformer's new "modern" website is yet again a bunch or random squares of information floating around in no particular order and a menu bar that follows as you scroll. Blech.


Shrine to Mephala


Had this song stuck in my head since Saturday. What a great choice to open a show.


Holy shit, Platinum is savage!


It is bizarre to think that there are people in Japan now probably watching an anime in English with Japanese subtitles because the Japanese dub hasn't been released yet.


So apparently I woke up in the middle of the night and took a note on my phone because I was dreaming up my own stupid anime.


I like everything about Mario Tennis Aces except the generic soundtrack. What happened to the RPG battle music?


Nobody's posting this other Gorillaz song that reminds me of Electric Shock. (Also can they please release Electric Shock too?)


Destructoid, you guys are slacking!


Yeah, comments are completely broken. Somebody fix!


I just watched all of FLCL in a row during that Toonami marathon and it was a lot better that way. I still don't understand why it's one of the best anime ever, though.


Darkwing Duck looks AMAZING in the new Ducktales art style! In fact, I think it looks better than Ducktales does.


Anyone else notice this?


I was just going to complain that nobody reminded me about the Onrush open beta because it's taking me so long to download (11 gigs!) that it'll be over by the time it finishes... BUT it's now been extended by 2 days so I guess I'm playing it after all!


An informative video that seems like it was made specifically for you guys.


I don't know who the fuck Zazie Beetz is or why she has such a goofy name, but she was incredible in Deadpool 2.


Was playing some Splatfest battles and ended up getting a quad kill and splatting the entire other team. Clip in the comments!


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