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What's in the box?


Can we not argue about waifus on Blake Belladonna’s birthday?


Got a surprise email with a code for a closed beta of a particular game that was announced at the game awards last month. AMN (ask me nothing)


Welp, Wikipedia has finally gotten me to create an account so I could change it's awful new interface back to the old one. So incase you didn't know, that's a thing you can do.


Among those out at 343 Industries is Joseph Staten, who was not fired but has been moved to Xbox Publishing. There goes any hope for future Halo campaigns, though.


Pepsi has discontinued Sierra Mist and replaced it with a new soda called Starry which is supposed to appeal to zoomers but was clearly designed by a bunch of old men in suits because looks like a brand of household cleaner.


Have any of you guys just randomly lost your ability to whistle? I tried to whistle yesterday and I was literally just blowing air. Freaked me the hell out. I had to practice for like an hour straight to get the ability back.


Apparently everyone on earth reported on those GameCube joycon yesterday after I coincidentally discovered them, and now they're sold out. So there should be plenty of them floating around for reviews/impressions now.


This is so stupid I kind of want to try it out.


Well, they fixed the problem of not being able to find tricolor battles during Splatfests. Now the problem is that the matches don’t count for anything because I only fight my own team!


I just spent like five minutes laughing at this.


I found the original picture I took with my flip phone of the Toasted Head bottle, some time around 2004 probably. This was my profile picture online for many years.


Fantastic conversation with Marty O'Donnell.


Before Christmas is over, you all must partake in my tradition of watching this Christmas classic.


It's time... to have... a MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


It's almost time...


Recent acquisitions! KlK I had been eyeballing for like three years. On sale for the first time at $20 off, but still way overpriced. Kipo was from my secret Santa! Everybody watch it on Netflix, it's great!


Did you know that actually Florida is in the southern hemisphere and it's summer right now?


My one concern for Metroid Prime 4 is that Kenji Yamamoto won't do the music. That's an absolute necessity for a Metroid Prime game.


I had literally given up on this! They announced it three and a half years ago!


The comments were moved back to normal... at the exact same time Disqus changed the whole design!


Wow, I spent the most time playing three big RPGs. I can't believe it.


Here's your proof that Splatoon 3 catalog items don't disappear forever. The Classic Straw Boater was level 69 (nice) in the last catalog. I didn't even get close to that, but here it is now in the shop for a mere 1500 money.


Damn, this has been a long-standing tradition!


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