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The most pointless sale in the world.


Today, you guys have been exposed as a bunch of fake Anna Kendrick fans. Where is she on your lists, huh? WHERE IS SHE!?


I assume the cancellation of E3 will not change Nintendo's Direct plans, but I hope they still do three days of live demos. That's my favorite part of E3!


Happy Martin Day, I guess.


Damn it, I don't know why I thought the 6th was tomorrow. Now I missed new Steven Universe episodes!


Surprise delivery!


I'm the latest Dtoider to see Birds of Prey, and I enjoyed it! I have to say, though, I don't understand why they went with that title because it was literally a Harley Quinn movie.


Eggs are just meat fruit.




New Gorillaz song of the month! Really good!


Ever go though your old YouTube favorites and rediscover solid gold like this video?


Well, it finally happened. I couldn't update a game because my PS4 had insufficient space. It's a 2TB drive! Game are way too big now, man...


It all makes sense now.


Cindered Shadows is 8-10 hours according to the devs, which means 16-20 hours minimum for me since I'm the slowest gamer alive. Seems like a good deal for $25, especially with the other extra junk they've thrown in.


They need to stop adding things specifically to the Crimson Flower route in Three Houses, because that was the first one I finished and I'm probably not going to play it again for years.


I FINALLY beat World of Light thanks to very easy difficulty, after doing half of it on normal. Still took ages to finish, but I gotta say it was worth it for the ending. Dunno how it wasn't spoiled for me, but it's the coolest thing Smash has ever done!


For the person asking about The Wonderful 101 tech specs the other day, it's in the Kickstarter FAQ now.


RWBY volume 8 is going to be nutso bananas crazy. Also, be sure to grab a nutso bananas crazy at your local Goofy Goober's. Now two for one on Goober Tuesday!


I wish that Smash Ultimate let you pick specific sections of transforming stages when you turn hazards off. I want to play on the SS Flavion only! Probably not something they'd ever add, but I can dream.


Gorillaz doing a behind-the-scenes web series for what I assume is a new album.


Trailer for Trigger's new furry anime directed by Yoh Yoshinari.


This is my new favorite picture.


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