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"Everyone is Here", Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)


Man, I sit down to play some Splatoon and I end up with the same Shifty Station layouts I played on yesterday. Lame!


I want to post that Steven Universe movie trailer, but it's extremeo spoilers X10000 if you're not caught up with the show and I don't want somebody being spoiled by accident. It looks amazing, though!


Never play Splatoon 2 in the middle of the night. There's nothing but Japanese players waiting to destroy you.


A new friend is here! I used to have a little Cyndaquil plushie when I was a kid, but it's long gone now. This one is way higher quality, though!


In case you didn't know, Infinity Train is premiering very soon. August 5th!


When I'm old I will become Kratos.


I don't understand this Disqus star system at all. To me, it looks like you can rate your own comment 1-5 stars before you post it. If that's not what it is then they better fuggin fix it because that's exactly what it looks like.


In the late 90s and early 00s I used to shop at this website thst sold Pokemon import stuff. Got lots of cool junk like cards, figures, plushies, and even a sweet callender. I think it had "pocket monster" in the name. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


Guys, forget Prime Day, Pokemon Center has free shipping today only!


Every time I consider buying something on Amazon, I remember I stopped because they started charging sales tax. Then I buy that thing from Newegg instead.


Looks like my new Mario Maker 2 level is not going to make that roundup post thing. I'm didn't realize that the game doesn't save your collected red coins if you die (why!?) and I built my level around it so I can't clear it from checkpoints. Bah, I say!


I've been waiting ages for any news about this game. It's a new sci-fi FPS from Marcus Lehto, one of the original creators of Halo. There's finally going to be a formal unveiling the first day of Gamescom!


Why the hell do you have to beat your own Mario Maker 2 levels without checkpoints if the level has checkpoints in it!? Literally nobody but you that one time is going to experience the level that way!


The latest episode of my podcast is here! This time we rank chips and discuss growing up without cable tv.


So apparently Intelligent Systems only did design work on Three Houses, not the actual development. I wonder what else they're working on, then.


Weiss is trending on Twitter.




My new 4th of July tradition is to get a "4th of gelati" from Jeremiah's Italian Ice.


Man, screw you SyFy channel! I'll make my own Twilight Zone marathon with blackjack and hookers!


I haven't worn a watch since high school, when I wasn't allowed to have my old brick of a flip phone out during school hours to check the time. I hate wearing extra stuff on my body.


At least in the desert it's cool at night.


I got that frame of Robotnik from this god-tier music video by "iteachvader". Incredibly catchy stuff.


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