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Popular around the network: an expired contest.


In the season finale of Ducktales, there's a moment when they do a closeup of the moon and they play the classic song from the game's moon level!


What do you think the chances of this happening are?


Obscure song I want in Smash. What do you think the chances are of Bomberman music on the Wrecking Crew stage?


I have a very spiteful eyelash that has decided to grow in the wrong direction and stick to my eyeball. I've been trying for days to pluck it out and I just can't get it!


WOW, somebody pointed out the barrel and rope ladder in front of a wooden wall in the background of the E3 direct and I never even noticed them before. People who think the chairs don't mean anything are fools!


I actually laughed out loud. These Jojo dubs are amazing.


You were expecting Waluigi but it was me, Skull Kid!


Doom Eternal is coming to Switch and it doesn't even run on the same engine as the last game. So apparently Switch supports idTech 7 now!


Apparently, the Mario series is the only one where my taste in music lines up with Nintendo's because I always get the Mario songs I want in Smash and nothing else. So expect Break Free and Steam Gardens in Smash Ultimate!


So what's up with the suspicious purple and yellow chairs that were always in frame?


No Pokefloats would be disappointing, but I weep for Pac-Maze. They have both Sonic stages, so why not Pac-Man? Namco's even making the game! It's got to be coming still, right? Also, why specify Mute City SNES if there's only one? Something's fishy here!


My favorite part of the Smash Bros direct was the PlayStation wallpaper in the music player.


Just to recap, the contents of tomorrow's Smash Direct have already come to me in the form of dreams. Expect Crash Bandicoot and Max Brass as new characters, and a new mode that is just Mario Party 2 but you can play it with any character on the roster.


So apparently Breath of the Wild is at the end of the Zelda timeline. EVERY timeline. As in, it always happens.


I think this guy might be in to something...


I picked up the RWBY anthology vol. 1 yesterday and it's full of little moments that are hilarious to take out of context. I'll share more of my favorite in the comments!


Well, I found my copy of No Man's Sky but I deleted my save file and it wasn't in cloud storage for some reason so I guess I'm starting over. Also, looks like they always start you on some hellscape now. Restarted six times and they all sucked.


In OK KO all of the characters inexplicably pronounce "sorry" the Canadian way with a long o. The official explanation for this is that it's the Ocean dub.


I spent all that time downloading the No Man's Sky patch and now I can't find the disc. I probably stuffed it in some dark corner because I thought I'd never play it again.


(sung to the tune of "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America) Turn my PS4 on, gonna download lots of patches.


Had another prophetic Smash Bros dream. This time Max Brass was announced as a character. Also, the entirety of Mario Party 2 will be playable in Untimate using any character on the roster, so expect that announcement soon along with Crash Bandicoot.


I figured it out! They're streaming the Toonami panel from Comic Con on a loop and they must have screened the episode there. Interesting they didn't cut it out. I can see why there was a lot of negative reception for Alternative. It made sense!


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